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427 Caused Big Trouble

Chapter 427: Caused Big Trouble

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Xiao Lan didn’t have to wait long for Ye Mo to came out. He didn’t let them live, Ye Mo was no merciful person. Letting the four brothers live would mean bringing himself endless trouble. Even though Ye Mo had transmigrated onto earth and his usual means of dealing with things had become less aggressive, he still would kill those who needed to be killed without hesitation.

That night, Ye Mo had things to discuss with Xu Yuehua, so Ning Qingxue went to sleep first. Due to the reencounter with Ye Mo, Ning Qingxue had been in some sort of state of excitement, but due to her constant worry and fatigue, when she finally relaxed, she fell into extreme fatigue.

Perhaps because of having Ye Mo by her side, Ning Qingxue fell asleep on the bed immediately. Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue agreed with Xu Yuehua to have them together on the same room arranged. The two were already married and no longer had the conflicts from before. Furthermore, Ning Qingxue had already lived with Ye Mo before, so in her heart Ye Mo was already her husband. Of course, she wouldn’t object to this.

When Ning Qingxue fell asleep, Ye Mo closed the door and started discussing about Flowing Snake issues with Xu Yuehua. They started a video conference, allowing Yu Miaodan and Zang Jiayan to participate.

Yu Miaodan was already too busy with the company’s managing, although she knew there were all sorts of people coming into Flowing Snake, she didn’t have the time nor man power to investigate. Even if Ye Mo hadn’t found someone to be responsible for this, she was planning to find someone. Now that Ye Mo had found Xu Yuehua, it was of great help to Yu Miaodan and the others. The people from Luo Yue could also tell from Ye Mo’s attitude towards Xu Yuehua that she was valuable.

When they finished planning the company’s issues, it was already 12am. Ye Mo made Xu Yuehua end the video conference and then asked, "Sister Yuehua, have you ever heard of the Northern Sand?"

Xu Yuehua nodded, "I have, it is a very mysterious organization, they have their branches all over the world. I heard their ambition is also very great, they want to establish a country more democratic than America. I don’t know anything else."

Ye Mo nodded. It was quite meaningful that Xu Yuehua could even know that. After all, this organization was very mysterious and took every means necessary to achieve their purposes. Ye Mo didn’t believe at all that they wanted to establish a country more democratic than US.

"Sister Yuehua, when you arrive at Flowing Snake, while you investigate those infiltrators, you must also investigate the Northern Sand, you can get the funding you need from Sister Yu", Ye Mo said seriously.

Ye Mo was very uncomfortable with the existence of Northern Sand, of course, this was related to Dongfang Xi. Although he had killed Dongfang Xi, he still had some unsolved matters with the Northern Sand due to the Space Sunflower blueprint. He had even promised Han Zaixin that he would get the other part of the blueprint.

Xu Yuehua fell silent. She knew that with her power, it would be a joke to try to investigate the Northern Sands.

Seeing this, Ye Mo knew what she was thinking and smiled, "You don’t need to intentionally send people to investigate, just keep it in mind in case you hear something. I believe that since you have an ancient martial arts cultivation method, you have quite an important origin. I don’t know what happened to you, but as long as you stay in Flowing Snake, I believe you can reach Earth level in 3 years."

"What?" Xu Yuehua was completely shocked. She had spent more than twenty years in order to reach yellow level middle stage, and now Ye Mo said she could reach earth level in 3 years. If this had been a week ago, she would think Ye Mo was lying to her but now she was sure that Ye Mo wasn’t.

Xu Yuehua stood up. Her abandoned thoughts of revenge had risen up once again. If she could reach Earth level, then she wouldn’t even need Ye Mo’s help to annihilate that small sect.

"Brother Mo, if this Yuehua can really reach earth level and fulfill my dream of getting revenge, Yuehua is willing to sell myself to you for life." Xu Yuehua changed her title. Even though Ye Mo was younger than her, if Ye Mo could really help her get revenge for her family, then she would be satisfied even if she died. She had given up revenge before because she knew that with her current power, it would mean suicide.

"Sister Yuehua, you don’t need to. you just need to do intelligence work for me, and I will be very happy", Ye Mo said.


Ye Mo went back to his room. His conversation with Xu Yuehua that night made very happy. He was sure that Xu Yuehua was enticed by his conditions, he knew she had had her doubts before, but it was simply because she hadn’t known how powerful he was power.

Ning Qingxue slept very sweetly. The smile on her face meant that she must have been having a good dream. Ye Mo couldn’t resist to peck her on her face and sat down by her side, cultivating.

On that spirit chi depleted earth, if he didn’t work hard cultivating, his journey would be over.

But Ye Mo was not only hard working, also very lucky. He had kept encountering good things, otherwise, he might still be at chi gathering stage 1.

Ning Qingxue had said that Tang Beiwei was back and stayed in Ning Hai. He had decided to bring along Qingxue to see Beiwei tomorrow. If Beiwei was willing, he was prepared to take Beiwei to Flowing Snake.


The morning afer, Ning Qingxue woke up and found that Ye Mo was still cultivating,she felt warm inside.

Ye Mo saw that Ning Qingxue had woken up and immediately stood up saying, "Get up. After we eat something, we’ll go back to Ning Hai, and you also can go to Yu state to visit."

Ning Qingxue agreed. When she got off bed, she walked naturally to Ye Mo and hugged him. She liked that warm feeling. Ye Mo had just finished cultivating, and because of being embraced by Ning Qingxue, who was still in her sleeping clothes, he felt fire at heart.

Ning Qingxue’s body was soft and aromatic, making him have an irresistible desire.

As though she could feel Ye Mo’s reaction, Ning Qingxue blushed and buried her head in Ye Mo’s chest. She knew she hadn’t been thinking about that, but by acting this way, had she been seducing Ye Mo? It didn’t seem to fit her character.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to say something to Ning Qingxue, someone knocked the door.

Ye Mo frowned. It was early in the morning and Xu Yuehua’s was experienced in social conventions in this world, how come she disturb him and Ning Qingxue? Unless there was something important.

With these thoughts, Ye Mo smiled. In his eyes, as long as everyone around him was fine, then everything was good. Unless the planet was about to explode, nothing can be too important. Xu Yuehua had just met him and so she didn’t understand his personality.

Ning Qingxue separated from Ye Mo and stood up, brushing her hair aside, and smiled. "Yuehua sister must have some business to talk about with you. You can go out first, I’ll come out after I finish getting dressed."

Ye Mo opened the door and saw Xu Yuehua standing nervously at the door. When she saw Ye Mo come out, she immediately said, "Just now, CEO Yu has called saying she has something to report."

Was it Yu Miaodan who had called? She had called quite early in the morning, was there really something?

Ye Mo immediately rung Yu Miaodan. As soon as the call connected, Yu Miaodan’s sounded worried as she said, "CEO Ye, this morning two men came to Flowing Snake, they are both heavily wounded. They said they were looking for you. One is called Guo Qi, the other was called Fang Wei. I’ve taken care of them. I was planning to wait for you to come back first, but I just saw online a first-grade wanted post to capture those two. They are both from the special forces, they killed two military officers and ran away. I don’t know what their relationship with you is yet, so I didn’t do anything to them."

Guo Qi and Fang Wei? Ye Mo immediately remembered when he had been at the borderland forest, both of these men were from the Eagle Squad. Their captain was a woman called Lu Lin, and Chi Wanqing was a part of this team. Ye Mo had found them and saved them.

It was due to this that Ye Mo was friends with them. He had even told them that he was at Flowing Snake.

But Ye Mo was sure that those two hadn’t come knowing that Luo Yue belonged to him.

What he didn’t understand was that those two were in the military and were skilled men from the special forces, why would they kill military officers?

Ye Mo had a good impression of Guo Qi, he had even taught them some simple fighting techniques. Thinking about this, Ye Mo said, "Tell them to stay in Flowing Snake, they’re my friends. I’ll come back in a while."

In this moment, Ning Qingxue came out. She walked to Ye Mo at asked caringly, "Is it about Luo Yue?"

Ye Mo felt comforted and said, "It’s not much, let’s go back to Flowing Snake first."