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413 Saving on the Ocean

Chapter 413: Saving on the Ocean

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Ye Mo walked up to those men he had killed and searched their bodies. Ye Mo found a diary. He opened it, there were multiple ocean maps in it. He could almost be sure that they were looking for Ning Qingxue.

Although Ye Mo didn’t understand the words on it, he still recognized the name Ning Qingxue.

Ye Mo found on the diary the location where the parachute was found. However, these were marked with longitude and latitude. He picked up the radar from the ground and realized he didn’t know how to use it.

He searched the entire coral island but didn’t find anything about the Black Sun Empire.

He could confirm two things so far. First, Ning Qingxue was safe when she jumped down, at least the parachute had opened. Second, Ning Qingxue hadn't been found by these people yet, which meant that she was still in the ocean.

Although Ye Mo hated the Black Sun Empire a lot, he knew his priorities. Even if he wanted to look for trouble with them, he had to find Ning Qingxue first.

Ye Mo carefully left his spirit sense mark in the room, as well as on their black sun symbols, before leaving on the fishing boat to search for Ning Qingxue, while learning how to use the radar.

It took Ye Mo only two hours to figure out how to operate it. Using the radar to look around, Ye Mo was able to know which regions have been searched. That way, the search went much faster. It was way better than him flying in the air without a clue. The main thing was that he could conserve larger amounts of chi.

Ye Mo tried to focus on the places the four men hadn’t been yet. After half a day, a fog billowed over the ocean. The air also seemed colder. Many glaciers started to float by Ye Mo’s ship. Ye Mo realized he seemed to have come to a group of glaciers.

The more Ye Mo searched, the more he was worried. Not only was the weather cold, there were no islands nearby. If she had fallen there, then even if she hadn't starved, she would still have frozen to death. The incident had occurred many days ago, who knew if Ning Qingxue was still alive?

Ye Mo was getting more and more worried.

Near midnight, Ye Mo heard a voice calling out for help. Although Ye Mo could tell it was a male voice, Ye Mo still came to his rescue.

It was a white male in his 30s sitting on a very small flotation hoop. He seemed like he was about to die, his lips were cracked and his skin was pale and soaked from staying in the water for so long. From his lifeless eyes, one could see he was not far from death. Ye Mo sighed. He hadn't found the person he looked for, instead, he had came across someone else in need for help. He didn’t understand how someone could appear in the middle of the ocean all by himself.

But Ye Mo wasn’t heartless. He approached him and pulled him on the ship. He gave him a pill before tossing him food and water.

He could see this person was in this state due to dehydration. For the time being, he gave him a heart-saving pill, food and water. This man was saved.

After the pill melted in his mouth, the white man didn’t have time to thank Ye Mo before quickly drinking a bottle of water and eating two cans.

He had to admire the man’s perseverance to live. After eating the food and water, he was obviously in better state. He kept on saying "thank you" to Ye Mo. Other than "thank you", Ye Mo couldn’t understand anything else. He just knew the man was talking in English.

Seeing that he couldn’t talk to this man, Ye Mo lost the interest to say anything and just kept fidgeting with the radar.

The man saw Ye Mo take out the radar and muttered something again.

"Do you know how to use this equipment?" Ye Mo asked subsconsciously.

"Are you Chinese?" unexpectedly, the man spoke very fluent Chinese. Then he said excitedly, "I thought you were Korean or Japanese, I didn’t expect you to be Chinese."

As though the man thought his sentence had made Ye Mo unhappy, he quickly said, "Sorry, this is the Pacific Ocean, Chinese people rarely come here. But once again, thanks for saving my life. I’m Eden, American but I like Chinese culture."

After finding out that Eden could speak Chinese, Ye Mo was interested. He really wanted to know how Eden had got to this situation.

As though he knew what Ye Mo wanted to say, he started telling his story without Ye Mo having to ask.

Eden was a professional US golfer, he fell in love with a wealthy man's daughter, Daphne. However, Daphne didn’t have feelings for him.

Eden was a very persistent man, when he changed from a sprinter to a golfer, no one believed he would succeed, but he managed to make a name for himself through his talent and hard-work. Although he wasn’t really famous now, he believed he could reach the level of Tiger Woods.

However, his sports career didn’t bring him much wealth and Daphne was the daughter of a wealthy US businessman. Eden found it hard to even go to the same venues she did, much less pursue her.

But Eden didn’t give up, he had found out that Daphne was taking the luxury cruiser Bema from Los Angeles to Canada. He immediately used all his savings to buy a ticket. He wanted to copy Jack from Titanic and get Daphne’s heart on the Bema. It’s said that the Bema was the most advanced luxury cruiser in the world. But contrary to the Titanic, this was already the Bema’s 3rd journey.

Those who have taken the Bema all believe it could beat any 8 star hotel in terms of comfort. However, the ticket price was also absurd. Only someone like Eden would use all his savings to get on it.

Originally, this cruiser was very safe, but on the 6th day after leaving from the US, for some reason, it suddenly changed direction. It’s original route was very safe, but an incident had happened to the Bema. The US forces had detected an alien invasion in the Pacific, the aliens had even taken out a US submarine. Eventually, all the military power was drawn to the spot of the alien invasion and no one cared about the Bema after it left it’s original route.

When people aboard realized that they had been abducted, the ship had already gone significantly off its original course. The first thing that Eden did after knowing the ship was hijacked was to go protect Daphne. But at that moment, the ship was filled with terrorists. Not only did they disable the alarms, they also steered the cruiser deep into the ocean.

The basic bunker Eden was at and the luxury bunker which Daphne was at were separated. Eden could only worry.

The captain and many crew members were killed as well as those who resisted. Even those who looked a little bulky were killed. Not only did these people take the money, but also the women. Other than some old and ugly women who were killed, the younger ones were taken onto a ship with an upside down skull on its flag.

Eden managed to jump down into a flotation hook at first notice. Because there were too many passengers at the time and he wasn’t the only one who had jumped, the terrorists didn’t have time to care about all of them and so he escaped.

After hearing Eden say this, Ye Mo sighed. He didn’t expect to hear about pirates hijacking a luxury cruiser. The US brags about its military power all the time, but they let pirates capture a luxury cruiser at their doorstep while they were still trying to capture aliens.

However, Ye Mo also felt guilty, he had indeed attracted most of the US’s military power in the sea allowing the pirates to have an opportunity.

But even so, these pirates had unusually big balls. It was like hanging their heads on their belts, trying to hijack a ship going from Los Angeles to Canada!

Ye Mo knew these pirates weren’t ordinary ones. They couldn’t have known for sure that he would attract the US military forces. Since they didn’t know, but they still dared to make a move, that meant that even without him being a distraction, they might have succeed.

"Other than that pirate flag, did you see anything else?" Ye Mo wasn’t too interested in this, but this had happened at the same time Ning Qingxue jumped. Hence, this made him want to go ask the pirates about it.

Eden immediately said, "At the time, there were two ships with sails. To be honest, I really couldn’t believe there were ships with sails on the Pacific Ocean. I saw the pirates kick the women onto the two ships as they robbed everything. I desperately wanted to escape to get someone to save Daphne, so I don’t know what they did to the Bema.

"Were there two ships?" Ye Mo repeated.