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400 Incident at the Mansion

Chapter 400: Incident at the Mansion

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"Since you're here already, why don't you stay? Ziwei, this is the trash doctor that kicked you last time?" the tall man said scanning Ye Mo.

"Hmph, it’s him! He ran quite fast last time, so I didn’t notice him. Zhang Que, this is my private matter. You don’t need to intervene," Ziwei said coldly.

Ye Mo looked at the two. Weren’t these two together? Why was Xia Ziwei so disrespectful to the man?

As soon as she finished speaking, she straightaway jumped from her seat and kicked towards Ye Mo. This time she didn’t hold back. Last time because she'd underestimated Ye Mo, he had broken her leg.

So this time, she figured she should be able to hurt him. Some mortal doctor had the guts to challenge her? No matter how strong he was, it would be child's play for her to kill him.

Seeing this kick, Zhang Que's face was colored in contempt. No matter how strong Ye Mo was, if this kick landed, he would be dead meat for sure. Maybe, if he was lucky, he would 'only' be crippled.

This woman sure was cruel, going for the kill so easily. Ye Mo didn’t hold back, kicking just like her.

A hideous scream was heard, and Xia Ziwei was kicked far away, landing on the grass outside. She slumped to the ground, and it was unknown whether she was dead or alive.

Zhang Jue suddenly stood up. He understood Xia Ziwei’s power quite well; it was worse than his, but only by a bit. He didn’t expect her to be flung away just like that.

He was definitely no match for this guy. Zhang Jue didn’t dare to go up to Ye Mo or even to say anything anymore.

But that didn’t mean Ye Mo was going to let him go. He went up to him and threw out a kick as Zhang Jue’s terrified expression could clearly be seen.

"Doctor Ye?" Mo Kang looked at this scene in shock.

He knew that Ye Mo had probably learnt ancient martial arts, but didn’t expect him to be this strong. Xia Ziwei and Zhang Jue’s power was strong. He understood this clearly.

"Brother Mo, just call me Ye Mo. What happened?" Ye Mo waved his hand and said.

Mo Kang sighed, "Let me tell you everything then. Brother Ye, after you'd cured me, I listened to you and never went out other than going to your company. I always stayed in this mansion. Yet this morning, Xia Ziwei and Zhang Jue suddenly came here and realized that I’d been cured. Zhang Jue beat up all of my security guards and was going to take me away but was stopped by Xia Ziwei. Then, they sat inside waiting for something."

"Hold on, let me save your bodyguards first... No matter who they are, even if they’re the number one hidden sect, I can still tell them to fuck off if I want," saying this, Ye Mo went to save Mo Kang’s bodyguards. However, two people had died due to being sealed for too long.

Mo Ping’s face showed his anger, "Uncle, how can they kill people so easily like that?"

Mo Kang smiled bitterly, "Our lives are worth nothing more than that of insects to these people," he remembered his life at the Xia family and sighed.

Then, Mo Kang asked Ye Mo, "Brother Ye, why would you suddenly come here? What about them now? I feel like this thing won’t end too well."

Ye Mo waved his hand, "Don’t worry about those two; since I don't mind beating them up, it means that I‘m not scared of the power behind them. I said I will help you, so don’t worry. I came to Hong Kong mainly to investigate that missing passenger jet..."

And so, Ye Mo told him what happened.

"You’re wife was also on the plane?" Mo Kang was shocked. He knew that the plane had gone missing for quite long already. No one was entertaining the hope that the people on it would still be alive. But since Ye Mo had saved him many times, he had the responsibility to help him investigate the matter.

"Ping'Er, immediately go investigate this case, including the people working aboard," Mo Kang ordered.

Mo Ping nodded. Soon, he left with people from the mansion.

Although Ye Mo didn’t come to Mo Kang for help, one extra person helping meant one extra reason to hope.

"Let me ask these two what they’re doing here first." Ye Mo walked out onto the grass and dragged them inside.

Ye Mo patted Xia Ziwei awake. She looked up at Ye Mo in terror.

"Tell me why you came here. What is it you wanted to do? Mo Kang was the first man your sister met. She has hurt him for more than 20 years, and you still come to harm him in the mortal world. Where is your conscience?!" Ye Mo’s voice was very cold.

"My sister harmed him? Bullshit!" there was irony in Xia Ziwei’s eyes and she wouldn’t talk anymore.

Ye Mo didn’t dare use his usual means to interrogate, because as to these strong-willed people, they may make them become idiots straightaway.

Seeing Xia Ziwei was unwilling to talk, Ye Mo patted Zhang Jue awake. He couldn’t use harsh means on Xia Ziwei, but he could on Zhang Jue.

"Tell me your motives; if you don’t speak within 3 seconds, I'll be killing," Ye Mo’s voice went cold. Although Zhang Jue had good talent for ancient martial arts, for someone who couldn’t even control his lust, his will wouldn’t be very strong.

"Keep dreaming! I’m from the Hong Martial Sect. Zhang Feng is my uncle, what do you dare do to me? Our sect will demolish your entire hometown- Argh!" Before Zhang Jue could finish, Ye Mo stood on his kneecap.

The frightening cracking of bone sounded, and Zhang Jue howled out in pain. Xia Ziwei looked on from the side in fear; this doctor sure was cruel. There would be no cure for Zhang Jue’s knee like that.

"You’re heartless!" Zhang Jue cried. That bone-carving pain made him want to die.

Ye Mo commented bleakly, "I’m cruel? Look at those two bodyguards that are already dead - why don’t you call yourself cruel? I haven’t even killed you yet; how am I cruel?"

"They’re normal people, how can they compare to us. They’re just some insects-" Zhang Jue truly believed he was right. Them ancient martial artists were obviously vatly superior to those mortal world insects.

Ye Mo couldn’t be bothered to speak anymore and just stood on his other kneecap, "Hmm? I was asking you something, why are you changing the topic?"

"Don’t step, I’ll speak!" Zhang Jue really hadn’t been changing the topic, but he didn’t dare speak anymore bullshit. This doctor Ye was too cruel.

Zhang Jue said, "Not too long ago, because Luo Yue’s beauty pill was cashing in way too hard, many hidden sect people started sending members to Flowing Snake, wanting to control this business."

Hearing about this, Ye Mo felt shocked. That's right! His business earned so much, how could the hidden sect people just let it be? Ye Mo knew that the hidden sects also needed money, large amounts of it actually, just like those people who had gone to the Wu Liang Mountain auction. If they didn’t have businesses in the mortal world, how could they possess that much money?

Although the pills and magic artefacts also sold for a lot of money, that was a limited resource. His beauty pill was earning this much, there was no way the hidden sects wouldn’t be greedy for it.

Ye Mo almost sweated a bit. Luckily, he realized this fact today and could now set up defenses. Otherwise, after things would have happened already, it would be too late. Just like what had happened with Qingxue.

Still, the hidden sect people dared prey on his business? They must not want to live anymore. He wasn't so easily harassed! But what has this got to do with Mo Kang?

Seeing Ye Mo’s eyes go cold, Zhang Jue shivered and continued, "During our investigation, we found out that Luo Yue had received financial help from Mo Kang Corporation, so we came back to check on Mo Kang and realized that he hadn’t died, hence, my uncle quickly sent me over to take Mo Kang away."

"If that’s the case, then why are you still here?" Ye Mo wouldn’t have expected it to be his company that would expose Mo Kang in the end.