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Chapter 396: Song Xiaotan

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After leaving Wu Tong Bar, the person who felt like this day couldn't possibly have been real the most was Shi Xiu. He would’ve never thought that in a few hours time, he could go from that person with nowhere to go to a deputy vice-mayor. This was something he didn’t even dare dream of before, yet it had happened to him.

"Ye Mo, I-" Shi Xiu was so excited that he didn’t even know how to express himself.

He knew that with the power Ye Mo had shown today, it would be very easy for him to help him get revenge. However, Ye Mo didn’t say anything about it and just arranged for him to be a vice-mayor. This meant that he had to get his own revenge.

Shi Xiu was truly grateful. Even though all his friends had left him, there was still one friend who could help him. Getting revenge for his parents personally was the best result for him anyway. What surprised him even more was that he wouldn’t even have to manage it himself. Because of one sentence from Ye Mo, Qiu Zhongxin had already sent that Tong Jie and his family to hell.

Ye Mo patted Shi Xiu’s shoulder, "Don’t worry; when we were in Ning Hai University before, you were the only one to help me. Now, it’s only right that I help you take care of something. I don’t understand politics, so you need to rely on yourself, but if you get mistreated in any way, just tell me."

Shi Xiu clenched his fist.

"Ye Mo, I really didn’t help you that much in the past. If you have some time, I'd like to invite you to eat in Ju Wei Lou again. Although I don’t have the free pass anymore, I can pay for us." The shadow in Shi Xiu’s heart slowly went away. Remembering the time when the two of them were at Ning Hai University, eating with a free coupon, he brightened up even more.

"Of course! As for politics, Wu Ze is experienced in them. It’s good if he helps you, but if he tries to give you a hard time, don’t be soft on him," Ye Mo advised Shi Xiu. He felt like this guy's political instincts weren’t good sometimes.

Shi Xiu nodded. He knew what Ye Mo meant; he had been in a daze at Wu Tong Bar. There was no way for him to think of talking and connecting with Li Chunsheng, Zhou Ping and co. That wasn't what mattered, he could take care of that later on.

"By the way, Ye Mo, how will you manage to bring Luo Yue into Xi Tong Town?" Shi Xiu finally got to ask this question.

Ye Mo smiled, "Because Luo Yue is my company! If you don’t wish to be in politics, you can always join my company, you know?"

"What?!" Shi Xiu was once again shocked by Ye Mo’s words. How could he not know about Luo Yue Corporation? It was even better than a money printing machine.

After a long while, Shi Xiu sighed, "Ye Mo, I didn’t think you could make so big an achievement in such a short time. I really am proud of you."

Ye Mo touched his chin speechlessly. If it wasn’t for collecting herbs, he really wouldn’t have created such a company. That company meant nothing to him.

"Ye Mo, I'd like to go to Beijing and have a look," Shi Xiu said with a sliver of struggle in his eyes.

Ye Mo knew what Shi Xiu was thinking about. His Tan Tan; she was studying in Beijing. Even when the tables turned for him, he couldn’t dump the girl he liked, even though she had betrayed him.

"Need me to go with you?" If it had been before, Ye Mo would've tried to persuade Shi Xiu to give up. What’s the point of having such a woman? He hated women who committed betrayal the most.

Yet now, he didn’t stop him. Tan Tan was to Shi Xiu like Ning Qingxue was to him. Although Ning Qingxue had forgotten about all that had happened between them and even detested him, Ye Mo couldn’t forget about her. This was still different from betrayal, but he could understand how Shi Xiu was feeling.

"Why aren’t you stopping me from looking for Tan Tan?" Shi Xiu looked at Ye Mo strangely. He thought Ye Mo would stop him from looking for such a woman for sure.

Although he knew that he shouldn’t go look for her, he couldn’t help it. When he was going through the toughest time of his life, Tan Tan hadn’t betrayed him. He couldn’t understand why when things had gotten better, she did betray him.

"I think, she might've had something in mind…" Ye Mo sunk into silence. He suddenly badly wanted to go see Ning Qingxue. Perhaps he should really have a good talk with her.

Luo Ying seemed to have disappeared, if Ning Qingxue left him too, he would truly feel lonely. So what if she didn’t remember? At least he remembered how Ning Qingxue had gone looking for him all by herself in Shen Nong Jia.

"Go check up on her then," Ye Mo murmured as though giving himself some excuse.

"I think you won’t have to go to her school. Tan Tan is in that sports car from before," Ye Mo pointed at a red sports car not far away.

Shi Xiu exclaimed and immediately recognized that was the one Tan Tan had gotten on. He didn’t even think before stopping a taxi and following.

Ye Mo was afraid something would happen to Shi Xiu, so he followed behind as well.

The red sports car drove for a bit longer, stopping outside a bar. Ye Mo somehow felt this bar to be familiar, and he soon remembered. This was the bar he had come to with Yun Bing. Yun Bing had rushed into this bar and then later on he had seen Nie Shuangshuang and Zhuo Yangqing.

After the red car pulled over, that fat guy pulled Tan Tan into the bar. Ye Mo saw Shi Xiu clench his fists and walk in. He sighed and followed.

Before the door even closed, the fat man’s voice sounded, "Song Xiaotan, how can you believe you’re worth that much? You're just a worn shoe!"

Bang! -The door was shut and there seemed to be the scream of a girl.

Shi Xiu couldn’t resist it anymore and kicked the door open. The girl called Tan Tan already had a red palm mark on her face, and her clothes were also ripped.

But the fat man didn’t have it easy either. He had had an ashtray smashed to his head. The two seemed to be arguing over money.

"Why are you here? Piss off, leave!" Song Xiaotan saw Shi Xiu with a green face and yelled hysterically. She didn’t want Shi Xiu to see her like that.

Shi Xiu didn’t say anything and just smashed down on the fat man’s head with the trash can next to him. The fat man tossed Song Xiaotan to the floor and charged at Shi Xiu.

Seeing that the fat guy was about to hit Shi Xiu, Song Xiaotan went crazy and started smacking the fat man’s head with the ashtray.

Ye Mo witnessed the scene and was speechless.

The security at the bar soon came, pulling them apart.

"Ye Mo, you’re here too?" Shi Xiu noticed Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded and didn’t speak, because there was also police here.

"What happened-" just when the short policeman started saying a few words, his voice quietened down. He recognized Ye Mo. He still remembered clearly what happened a year ago. Ye Mo had told him to piss off, and if his mate hadn’t told him to leave, perhaps he would be in jail now. Today, he saw the person he didn’t want to see the most again.

The fat man wiped the blood from his head and pointed at Song Xiaotan, "This bitch is cheating me out of 480k and smashed my head with an ash tray."

"Tell us properly." The policeman next to the short one looked strangely at his partner. This was the first time he had seen his partner act so lame.

The fat man calmed himself and relayed, "She agreed to sleep with me, but before getting in bed, she asked me to give her 480k. What woman is worth that much money for one night?"

"So this means you’re hiring a prostitute?" the police officer asked casually. He saw his partner look fearfully at Ye Mo, and Ye Mo stood by Shi Xiu's side. It was obvious he was involved in the fight, so when he started questioning, he sided with Song Xiaotan.

The fat man immediately screamed, "No, we mutually agreed to this."

"Since it’s a mutual agreement, why are her clothes ripped apart?" the officer continued asking.

The fat man was at a loss for words but still quickly said, "Asking for that much money, of course I disagreed."

"So you were going to rape her instead?" the short policeman came back to his senses and asked seriously.

"Why are you interrogating me like this? Do you believe me when I say I can pull that uniform off of you?!" the fat man got angry and yelled.

Shi Xiu walked in front of Song Xiaotan and pulled her up. He asked with red eyes, "Tan Tan, are you trying to get 480k to pay back my debt?"

Song Xiaotan just looked down and kept rubbing her eyes, not saying anything.