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395 Ye Mo’s power

Chapter 395: Ye Mo’s power

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Qiu Zhixue looked dumbly at the Flying Leopard squad that came and left. Witnessing Zhu Hongsheng’s respect for Ye Mo, even an idiot would know that Ye Mo was no ordinary person. At this moment, he was actually getting scared.

Li Qiuyang gave Qiu Zhixue a cold look. There weren’t a lot of people in Beijing that he considered significant, but Qiu Zhixue was definitely one of them. He was cool-headed and fulfilled his tasks with great skill, but to Li Qiuyang's surprise, he had made such a critical mistake today; offending Ye Mo. This made him very happy.

Qiu Zhixue could see the ridicule at his adversity in Li Qiuyang’s eyes.

Just when Qiu Zhixue was at a loss of what to do, a ringtone broke the tense atmosphere at the scene.

"Second Uncle? Yes, I’m already at Wu Tong Bar-" Qiu Zhixue’s voice stopped there.

The reason being his second uncle’s desperate voice, "Zhixue, you mustn’t do anything. Quickly tell the people you've mobilized to get back ASAP. I’ll be there in a moment. That person isn’t someone our Qiu family can afford to offend. Do not touch him; he’s Ye Mo.

Qiu Zhixue’s mind buzzed. There weren’t many people the Qiu family couldn’t offend in the Beijing area, but the number 1 person not to touch was Ye Mo. He was dumbfounded; who would've thought this person would be that Ye Mo.

Qiu Zhixue was a prideful man. Ever since coming to Beijing, he had been hearing about some Ye Mo but had never minded it much. After all, no matter how strong Ye Mo was, he was just a single person.

Although according to the rumors Ye Mo had taken out the Song family all by himself, Qiu Zhixue had investigated the Song family’s situation. It was because the Song family itself was so scared that they disbanded most of the members, causing the family’s power to decline, that they got eaten up by their political enemies.

Although Ye Mo had some impact, he wasn’t the main cause. Afterwards, Ye Mo faded from the Beijing upper society and disappeared for a long time. This also made Qiu Zhixue not take Ye Mo very seriously, which led to him not connecting this 'Young Master Mo' to the Ye Mo.

Today, he had witnessed firsthand Ye Mo’s power. Even the Flying Leopard captain was extremely respectful towards him. This made Qiu Zhixue reevaluate Ye Mo. Even if his second uncle hadn’t called, he would've wanted to retreat.

A black Mercedes raced over, stopping next to Qiu Zhixue. Two people got out of the car.

"Grandpa!" Noticing the people who had gotten out, Qiu Zhixue was shocked. Other than his second uncle, there was also his grandpa, actually coming in person. His expression didn’t look too good. Qiu Zhixue immediately knew things were very serious.

The old man walked over to Qiu Zhixue with a green face and slapped him.

"I thought you would be able to mean something for the Qiu family, but it turns out you’re still hopeless."

After slapping Qiu Zhixue, he didn’t even look at Qiu Dongchen who was on the floor and just walked up to Ye Mo’s room.

"Are you still not going to tell the police to retreat! Do you want the entire Qiu family to be wiped out?" the man following the old man yelled.

"I understand, Second Uncle." Qiu Zhixue knew that things weren’t as simple as he had imagined. He had been too inexperienced, not being able to control his emotions.

Seeing Qiu Zhixue disperse the police, the second uncle grabbed Qiu Zhixue’s hand and pulled him in, following the old man into Ye Mo’s room.

Li Qiuyang stood up and greeted politely, "Old Man Qiu..."

Ye Mo quickly figured out that this had to be the leader of the Qiu family. He also understood why the old man had come over, but as for those old men who thought themselves superior to everyone else, Ye Mo wasn’t a fan of them. He didn’t think that this old man would have been unaware of Qiu Zhixue’s actions in Beijing.

If he hadn’t met him today, would Shi Xiu have been abused to death? This world seemed more and more similar to the world he was in before.

He waved his hand and said, "My principle is not to offend those who don’t offend me. If someone else offends me in the future, the result will be the same as today.

"Young Master Mo, don’t worry, there won’t be a second Qiu Zhixue from the Qiu family. Zhixue, hurry up and apologize to Young Master Mo!" Qiu Zhongxin looked at Qiu Zhixue and yelled.

Ye Mo scanned Qiu Zhixue: he really didn’t like this guy, but he couldn’t just do something to him for no reason either. If it wasn't because he was a cultivator, he wouldn’t let him live no matter what. This guy was scary.

Receiving Qiu Zhixue’s apology, Ye Mo said plainly, "No need for apologies, your Qiu family just wasn’t careful when making friends. Someone tricked an idiot like Qiu Zhixue to attack my friend. As for that Hu Peng, there's no need for him to go to Xi Tong Town anymore. Someone else will take care of it, thank you."

Although Ye Mo didn’t say it very conspicuously, Qiu Zhongxin could comprehend that the guy their family had arranged to go to Xi Tong Town would be replaced by Ye Mo. He didn’t comment anything anymore and just brought the other two with him, leaving Wu Tong Bar.

From the start to the end of this whole situation, Cheng Changhui and Zhou Ping couldn’t believe their eyes. Although they didn’t understand why Ye Mo could act like a god, they knew that Ye Mo was someone they had to look up to in awe and stood on the side not daring to talk.

Everyone who had appeared today was someone they could usually only gaze at from a distance, yet these people all had to behave in front Ye Mo. This made Zhou Ping make up his mind to get on Shi Xiu’s good side. But Shi Xiu was also completely dumbfounded at this moment.

After all of the Qiu family people had left and the scene was cleaned up, Li Qiuyang stood up and asked, "Brother Ye, what is it you need from this little brother?"

Wu Ze carefully sat besides them, and from Li Qiuyang’s approving glance at him, he knew he had hit the jackpot today. He had made the right decision. As long as he didn’t make any mistakes in the future, his path would be a bright one.

Ye Mo smiled, "I indeed need Young Master Li to help me with something. Mayor Wu, explain my idea to Young Master Li."

Wu Ze quickly told Li Qiuyang what Ye Mo wanted. Even if Ye Mo wouldn't let Luo Yue enter Xi Tong, he would still do his job nicely for Ye Mo.

Not to mention, with Ye Mo’s reminder, the Qiu family absolutely wouldn’t send Hu Peng to Xi Tong Town. This way, the arrangements for Shi Xiu would be much easier to make.

Shi Xiu looked at Ye Mo in joy and disbelief. He didn’t expect Ye Mo’s words to become true. Ye Mo had really just made him a vice-mayor with merely a few words. Although as a deputy for now, it was only a matter of time before that 'deputy'-part would be gone.

Today, he had come to feel distant from Ye Mo instead. Ye Mo didn’t have such temperament before. He had been like him, the most unwelcome person in class.

Things had gone unexpectedly well. Ye Mo promised, "Young Master Li, I owe you one for today. I will definitely remember this."

Li Qiuyang quickly raised his wine glass and said, "Just a small matter. Whenever you need me, just ask. And if I have your approval, just call me by my name."

Ye Mo nodded and turned around to Zhou Ping, "Mayor Zhou, you will be staying in Xi Tong the longest; my friend here was maltreated and even forced to take a loan at a very high interest. I suspect this concerns a local underground power, what is your opinion?"

Hearing Ye Mo ask him, Zhou Ping quickly stood up and replied, "Such underground powers are a main target for the government to attack. Mayor Shi is about to become my colleague. We will need his cooperation to pull this organization from its roots in order to ensure a brighter tomorrow for Xi Tong Town."

This was exactly what Ye Mo wanted to hear. Wu Ze would be new to Xi Tong Town and he would be unfamiliar with a lot of things. Shi Xiu would be even worse. Now with Zhou Ping’s help, Ye Mo believed punishing those people who harmed Shi Xiu would be a piece of cake now.

Li Chunsheng stood up at this moment and raised a cup in front of Ye Mo, "Young Master Mo, I didn’t think Shi Xiu would be going to Xi Tong Town this quick. I happen to be stationed in He Feng City, so perhaps we will be working together in the future. I propose this toast to Young Master Mo. Then, I will propose a toast to Mayor Shi too."

Li Chunsheng, as the mayor of a big city, said that he will be in contact with Shi Xiu a lot mainly due to Ye Mo. He was glad to have come today. Who didn't know who Qiu Zhongxin was? Yet even someone like him had to lower his head in front of Ye Mo. Ye Mo’s power was far greater than he'd anticipated.

Ye Mo had come to help pave the road for Shi Xiu, so since Li Chunsheng was the mayor of He Feng City, he couldn’t neglect him and also raised his cup.

No matter how dumb Shi Xiu were, he wouldn’t let a mayor propose a toast to him. He quickly raised his cup and walked in front of Li Chunsheng, "There are still many things I don’t understand; I hope Mayor Li will help me in the future."