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375 You Dare Play With Flying Daggers?

Chapter 375: You Dare Play With Flying Daggers?

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Seeing Ye Mo remove a seed-sized thing from his clothes, Zhu Hongsheng immediately realized that this young man had offended the Grey Alliance and had a tracker planned on him.

Zhu Hongsheng’s expression turned very bad. If Johnson weren’t here, he would’ve attacked Ye Mo already. So it was this guy who exposed his hideout. He no longer wanted to recruit Ye Mo that much. Although he was capable when it came to fighting, his brain wasn’t that agile.

Ye Mo’s face wasn’t good either. The thing had been small but very sticky. When he chocked the big bearded fella, he didn’t realize he was actually calm enough to put a tracker on him. Ye Mo ripped at it, and the tracker turned to nothing.

At this moment, a tall white man walked into the underground room, which wasn’t small. Despite there being 60 or so people in here, it didn’t seem squishy.

When Johnson came in and saw Ye Mo, he was sure it was him even though the tracker had disappeared. He didn’t expect there to be this many people here. Nonetheless, his shocked face quickly went calm.

Jordon and those five Grey Alliance members were killed by you? Lucian was also killed by you? You also took our things?" This Johnson knew how to speak Chinese and was much better at it than that driver. Anyone could see the anger on his face.

Ye Mo smiled, "Yes, I killed them. I also burned your crate of cocaine, and I found a case full of cash."

Shi Kaigen hadn’t imagined at all that Ye Mo would also have offended the Grey Alliance.

He had never heard about anyone offending the Grey Alliance and still being able to live. That might've been the case before, but what about now?

Just when everyone thought Johnson was going to rampage, Johnson turned to Zhu Hongsheng and said, "Mr Zhu, he has a death feud with the Grey Alliance. What is his relationship with you?"

Zhu Hongsheng immediately wanted to say he wasn’t related to Ye Mo. They were going to fight the Mountain Gang now. He didn’t want to offend the Grey Alliance at this critical moment.

However, Zhu Hongsheng was stopped by that average looking woman. For the first time, this woman spoke of her own accord, "This person called Ye is a friend of our gang. If your Grey Alliance wants to attack him on our land, that is the same as mocking us. Even if you have any feud with this friend, please deal with it after leaving our place."

Both Zhu Hongsheng and Ye Mo were shocked. Ye Mo imagined that Zhu Hongsheng would cast away any connections to him, and he could confirm this from Zhu Hongsheng’s expression, but this woman said otherwise. Did she realize something?

This woman wasn’t simple. No matter whether she had realized anything, Ye Mo felt that this woman was much more calculating than Zhu Hongsheng. It was a no-brainer to say such a thing at this situation. The only result of those words was to make Ye Mo have some good impression towards them. After all, she didn’t say they would protect Ye Mo.

"Hmph, I can agree to not kill him here, but we must take him away." Johnson raised his hand and a flying dagger suddenly appeared in his hand. No one could see where he took it from other than Ye Mo.

"No, you can’t take him by force. You can only allow him to walk out freely. As for what you do after he walks out, that's up to you," the woman continued.

Johnson sneered, "Do you think we’re scared of your Hong Martial Gang? You’re a mere woman; are you the gang leader or something? Gang leader Hong, what is your will? Be straightforward."

Zhu Hongsheng was troubled. From the bottom of his heart, he didn’t agree with her words, but he didn’t know how to answer.

However, the woman continued, "Of course I’m not the gang leader,. If I was, I would state the Mr Ye is someone our gang protects and that no one can touch him."

Hearing this, Zhu Hongsheng was shocked. He looked at Ye Mo who was still very calm. To be honest, ever since it was discovered that Ye Mo had been tracked, he had blacklisted Ye Mo as someone he must kill. He didn’t understand why Huang Zheng who had always been very cunning would make such a huge mistake for someone so young.

For the first time, Zhu Hongsheng rebuked Huang Zheng’s words and said to Johnson, "This person has nothing to do with our gang, Johnson. Do as you wish. We won’t interfere."

This felt like succumbing, but Ye Mo was someone he was going to kill anyway, so now, he was just letting Johnson do it.

Huang Zheng stood up and looked deeply at Zhu Hongsheng before saying, "I’m a bit tired. I want to go rest."

Zhu Hongsheng thought Huang Zheng didn’t want to see blood or wasn’t too happy because of him rejecting her proposal and didn’t mind. He waved his hand, "Go take a break, and think before you speak next time."

After Huang Zheng walked out, Johnson threw around the flying dagger in his hand and spoke in fluent Chinese, "A Chinese person taught me how to use this and it has drunk the blood of countless Chinese. Today, there will be one more."

"Where is the one who taught you the flying dagger?" Ye Mo asked calmly.

"Him? Hahaha, the first to die to my flying dagger was that guy. Where do you think he went? Perhaps you can meet him before God." Then, Johnson waved his hand and the flying dagger disappeared. No one could see where it was.

Ye Mo caught the flying dagger and spoke coldly, "If you hadn’t killed the one who taught you, I would have. Luckily, you saved me some trouble. But with your petty moves, you dare play with flying daggers in front of me?"

Even if Johnson hadn’t killed his master, Ye Mo wouldn’t be bored enough to go kill this person, but as someone who couldn’t see the character of his disciple, he deserved to die.

"You…"Johnson was dumbfounded. He clearly saw Ye Mo catch the dagger he just threw out with two fingers. Someone could catch his flying dagger with bare hands? His brain couldn’t process this reality.

His flying dagger was far faster than a bullet. He could even use it to take down bullets, yet today, someone caught his flying daggers with his bare hands. This was unfathomable.

Everyone was shocked. Johnson’s dagger was definitely faster than a bullet. If someone could catch it, did that mean bullets could no longer threaten that person?

Zhu Hongsheng’s heart skipped a beat. He understood that he had made a mistake today.

"You have the guts to play with flying daggers, huh? Your daddy will teach you how to properly play with flying daggers today. Look, I, your father, will pin you to the ground. Protect your left foot." After these words, the flying dagger pierced straight into Johnson’s left foot into the ground in a beautiful arc until even the hilt was touching his foot.

Arghhhhh! -Johnson howled and wanted to raise his foot, but he couldn’t move it at all. He was really pinned to the ground by a small dagger, not to mention, it was his own dagger. He clearly saw Ye Mo throw it, but he just couldn’t move.


The entire meeting hall was silent.

The Three Breath Flying Sword was pinned to the ground by his own flying dagger. One could read the terror on his face.

Zhu Hongsheng felt his hands shaking. He was sure that if Ye Mo were to throw that at his throat, he wouldn’t be able to dodge it.

A few breaths later, Johnson’s men finally realized what had happened to their boss and pulled out their guns and swords.

Ye Mo sneered and a long sword appeared in his hand. After a round of clattering, Ye Mo charged into this group of people.

To be exact, Ye Mo just walked amongst them and walked out. By the time the others had reacted, Ye Mo was already standing at where he had stood before. The long sword disappeared from his hand, and it was as though he never moved.

At this moment, everyone started to see the people around Johnson begin to fall and spew out blood.

Other than Johnson, everyone from the Grey Alliance who had come were dead.