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Chapter 363: Like Water

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"Big brother, why are you here?" Ye Zifeng was very happy to see Ye Mo had come to visit him. Ye Mo usually disappeared for a year or half, and you could rarely ever meet him. He didn’t expect Ye Mo to come see him now.

Ye Mo smiled, "I came to see you and Ye Ling. Where is Ye Ling?"

Ye Zifeng said helplessly, "She had arranged to go mountain hiking with friends. Should I call her?"

Ye Mo stopped him, "No need, let her go play."

"If Ye Ling knew that you came back, and she didn’t see you, she'd be sad. She's been hoping for you to visit every day, and when you finally came, she went hiking," Ye Zifeng smiled.

Ye Mo saw Ye Zifeng’s state and knew he had been living quite well recently, so he asked casually, "Zifeng, how’s life for you here?"

Ye Zifeng nodded, "it’s quite good, probably all because of grandpa. No one is trying to trouble me, and I’ve also entered the political scene. Grandpa is starting to transfer things to me, both big and small."

"In that case I can rest easy," Ye Mo nodded and said. He was worried about Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng the most. Since Ye Zifeng had found what he wanted to do now, he could rest assured. Otherwise, he might've brought Ye Zifeng to Flowing Snake.

"Big brother, don’t worry. Although our Ye family isn’t the biggest family in China now, no one can attack us in the dark. Not only is grandpa close with a few international leaders, but Elder Tan and Feng also come frequently to chat with grandpa. Still, grandpa said that it’s mainly because of you standing behind the Ye family. If it wasn’t for you, then we wouldn’t have such glory," Ye Zifeng declared without any concern.

Ye Mo nodded. He could tell what Ye Beirong was trying to do, but he didn’t mind. After all, Zifeng and Ye Ling were also here. It was fine if they borrowed his name.

However, Ye Mo didn’t think that they were afraid of him. Ever since Elder Tan and Feng appeared, he would never underestimate the power of a country again. He was only going to be concerned though, he wouldn’t be afraid.

The thing was, if he didn’t reach stage 4 in time, facing the revenge of Tan Jiao, his entire family would perish.

He had no chance of victory against Tan Jiao at level 3. He wouldn’t even be able to get away. And Ye Mo believed that if he was no match for Tan Jiao, then even if Han Zaixin and co. wanted to help him, they wouldn’t do it directly. These people were very realistic. But he wouldn’t look down on them due to this. It was already very great that Elder Han spoke up for him when Tan Jiao was looking for trouble.

So he was very careful. Since there was a Tan Jiao, who knew if there wouldn't be a Li Jiao or a Zhang Jia? Would a country not have any backup? Was the government really being suppressed by the hidden sects? Ye Mo doubted this, but he wouldn’t go investigate. His principle was to not mess with those who didn’t mess with him. Plus, he was more unwilling to act against a country.

"Elder Han said if you came back, you should have a chat in his house if you had the time. Aside from that, Zhang Jue and brother Li Hu have come for you many times. They keep saying they can’t reach your phone," Ye Zifeng continued.

Ye Mo nodded, "I have some business this time. I’ll go see them the next time I come back. And, if Ye Ling comes back and doesn’t like living here, tell her to go to Flowing Snake. I have some assets there."

"Oh…" Ye Zifeng asked, "Are you leaving already?"

"Yes, I still have things to deal with. By the way, the bracelet you told Ye Ling to bring last time was left for me by my mother, correct? Did she have anything else to say to me?"

Ye Zifeng confirmed, "Yeah, when father left, you and Ye Ling weren’t there. He told me to give you the bracelet saying your mother left it behind, but he didn't say anything else."

Ye Mo frowned, "Did he say where my mother had gone?"

Ye Zifeng shook his head: "No, but…"

"But what?" Ye Mo asked immediately.

"When I was very young, I heard my parents argue once. Then, my mother said, 'why don’t you go abroad and find that bitch,' after which, dad and mom separated. A few years later, mother also left the Ye family. I don’t know if my mom was talking about yours," Ye Zifeng said sadly. After his mom had left, he searched everywhere with Ye Ling but didn’t find her.

Ye Mo said, "Okay, since you've got more resources now, spend some more time looking for your mom. I’m going, but after I come back, I’ll come visit you and Ye Ling again. Also, give this pill to Ye Ling for her to eat."

Then, Ye Mo passed a bottle to Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng took the bottle in shock and asked, "Big brother, don’t tell me this is the beauty pill?"

Ye Mo smiled, "Tell Ye Ling that after she eats this, she’ll no longer need to eat a beauty pill again. This is countless times more precious than the beauty pill. Well then, I’ll be going."

Ye Zifeng was frozen on the spot for a long time. What pill could be countless times more precious than the beauty pill? How could big brother have such a precious recipe? He suddenly thought of the pill Ye Ling gave him to eat last time. After he ate it, his wounds recovered very quickly. Where did big brother get these pills from?

"Zifeng, did your big brother come back just then?" Ye Beirong’s voice sounded outside.

Ye Zifeng came back to his senses and quickly walked to the door, "Yes grandpa, big brother came to visit me and Ye Ling, but Ye Ling has gone hiking. Big brother said he’s busy and would come again. However, he said if Ye Ling didn’t like staying in Beijing, then she should go to his place in Flowing Snake. Apparently he has some assets there. Hmm, Flowing Snake?"

At this moment, Ye Zifeng reacted. Wasn’t the HQ of Luo Yue Corporation at Flowing Snake? That was the home of beauty pill production. Ye Zifeng looked at the jade bottle in his hands and seemed to understand. He almost screamed, "Is Luo Yue Corporation big brother’s?"

Ye Beirong sighed. He was sure that Ye Zifeng was right. Ye Mo had created such huge success in such a short time. How astounding this was.

Luckily he stopped his schemes on Ye Mo in time. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be the current Ye family now. Perhaps they would be gone like the Song family. Everyone in the upper class knew why the Song family was shattered and why the Ye family was prosperous. It was all because of Ye Mo.

Ye Beirong was in a daze.

"Grandpa, did big brother really create Luo Yue Corporation?" Ye Zifeng was more shocked. He had seen big scenes, but he also understood what the beauty pill was. This was an absurdly lucrative product. He didn’t think it would belong to his big brother. His brain short circuited. He didn’t even dare think about it.

The reason why there were so many people in Beijing these past few days was all because of the conference Luo Yue Corporation was holding there.

Ye Beirong nodded and said, "Zifeng, you’re right. Other than him, no one would have the guts to open factories at a place like that. Remember, you need to learn from your big brother. He’s a dragon amongst men. The slightest advice will benefit you greatly. However, however…"

Ye Zifeng quickly nodded and said, "I know, grandpa, however what?"

Ye Beirong sighed, "Your brother does things based on his heart and isn't affected by any other external factors. He treats people based on how they treat him. Although this is the true colour of a man, but being too stiff means being easy to break. Although his fortune is good, and he’s strong, he’s just one person after all. Zifeng, you need to remember; Stiff equals brittle, only the soft yin can do as they please in this world. The softest thing in the world is water. You need to be like water. This is the highest mental state in any career. If you have the opportunity, try to persuade your big brother. As long as he has the beauty pill, he can go anywhere he wants. There's no need for him to station his base in Flowing Snake. Sigh, your big brother probably isn’t someone you can persuade."

"Why?" "I heard brother Zhang Jue say that my brother is practically invincible. How could anything happen?" Ye Zifeng asked confusedly. He really cared about his big brother and didn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

Ye Beirong said slowly, "Invincible? There are many capable men in China. Who can claim to be invincible? Not to mention, Flowing Snake is on the border between China, Vietnam and Luo Se. And, the place Luo Yue is at is pretty much Vietnam’s land. Originally, it was a deserted and chaotic place, so that that. But now, due to the expansion of Luo Yue, it is growing more prosperous. A prosperous place without the protection of an army, what do you think will happen?"

Ye Zifeng suddenly stood up and said worriedly, "Grandpa, you’re saying that Vietnam and Luo Se will attack Flowing Snake? Are they not afraid of China?"

Ye Beirong said plainly, "Scared of China? One, Luo Yue isn’t registered in China. Two, their territory belongs to Vietnam. What reason does China have to send reinforcements? Furthermore, a lot of people feel threatened by your big brother. Who would be willing to mobilise troops for him? Of course, this is just my guess. After all, this sort of thing might cause international conflict, thus even Vietnam and Luo Se need to be mindful."