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358 Join The Luo Yue Corporation

Chapter 358: Join The Luo Yue Corporation

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"Okay, I’ll remove it for you, but you need to cooperate. Also, your qi must follow the direction of my chi." Eventually, Ye Mo decided to help her for two reasons. One was because he wanted to see the power of this restriction and another was to understand the way of cultivation of the inner hidden sects. Since once he tried to remove this restriction, Luo Fei would have to use her qi to cooperate with Ye Mo, he would get to know her cultivaton method this way.

Luo Fei hesitated a little and agreed. She understood what it involved.

But now, what secrets did she have in front of Ye Mo. Ye Mo knew everything about her and even things she didn’t dare think about. Besides, if she didn’t agree, she would die.

Ye Mo didn’t care about what Luo Fei thought. He just grabbed her wrist and started to use his chi to remove the restriction. Luo Fei used her qi to follow the movement of Ye Mo’s chi.

One hour later, Ye Mo carefully enveloped that hidden qi inside her body and pulled it outside. Luo Fei also felt that qi that did not belong to her, and her face was scared pale.

She was different from Ye Mo. Ye Mo was an outsider, and his qi was far beyond Luo Fei’s strength. When Luo Fei felt that qi, she immediately knew that if this qi were to go berserk, she would be blown to dust.

"Such a heartless man," Luo Fei thought of Qi Yulin. That man didn’t even care if she lived or died. He was prepared to dump her somewhere outside by herself after he'd finished using her.

As though feeling the nefarious intent of Ye Mo’s chi, the qi inside of Luo Fei’s body started to rustle. Ye Mo suddenly used his qi to kick this qi out of her body.

Luo Fei didn’t even have time to think before feeling this lacerating pain in her dantian. She immediately spat out blood. By then Ye Mo had already enveloped that qi and condensed his chi fire. He was going to burn away this qi. Even though if the qi dissipated, the owner wouldn’t know it was forced out by someone, Ye Mo really didn’t have the time yet to fight these guys, so he might as well be careful.

Rumble -The qi made a huge sound under Ye Mo’s qi fire. Ye Mo retreated a few meters, and the place he had stood at became a huge ditch.

Luo Fei looked at that huge ditch in shock. If that qi had exploded inside of her, what would have happened? She looked gratefully at Ye Mo and felt more envious of her little martial sister. Why was her life so much better than hers? Even the man she found was countless times better than hers.

Envy? Luo Fei quickly stopped her thoughts. The reason Ye Mo saved her other than her telling him about the inner hidden sects was primarily thanks to her little martial sister. She should be thanking Luo Xuan, how could she envy her?

Ye Mo turned back and looked at Luo Fei saying, "Luo Fei, I believe you are fine now. All I want now is for you to find a place with no one else and hide. I believe the inner hidden sects won’t be able to find you."

Luo Fei hesitated for a moment and said, "I don’t know where to go now either. Although I haven’t been out for long, I do have some expertise in herbs. If you agree, I can join your Luo Yue Corporation. I believe there are few people who know more about herbs than me."

Ye Mo felt moved, "Yeah, she came from the inner hidden sects and the ancient martial arts system. She isn’t someone that Xu Ping can compare with. If she could help, it would be of great assistance to him."

Ye Mo wasn’t someone who did things with fear. Since he agreed, he wouldn’t care about the revenge of the inner hidden sects. The 3 year’s time was almost up, and even if it wasn’t, he wouldn’t be afraid of the inner hidden sects. Moreover, he had a feud with Tai Yi.

"Okay, in that case come to Luo Yue Corporation with me. There’s still two days before our company will hold a conference in Beijing. You can come with me to have a look at that time. Follow me to Yu state first. It’s about to be daylight, let’s not stay here."

Hearing Ye Mo agree to her request, Luo Fei rejoiced. If Ye Mo hadn’t agreed, she really wouldn’t have known where to go. She didn’t have any survival skills. Although she knew a little bit, it was very hard to survive in this society, much less earn enough money to buy the beauty pill.


Mao Yuan building, room 808. The office of the CEO of the Fei Yu Corporation Ning Qingxue. It was Monday, and usually there would be a discussion about the new plan for the week. Qingxue would usually participate in this meeting, but today, she didn’t tell her secretary to have a meeting. Instead, she dozed off in her seat.

Li Mumei walked over bringing some data and looked at Ning Qingxue in contemplation. She said worriedly, "Qingxue, this is the data I compiled last night for the conference. Have a look and see if there have to be any additions."

Ning Qingxue rubbed her forehead but didn’t answer to Li Mumei’s words. Instead, she asked, "Was the night club we saw last night Yuan Ge World?"

Li Mumei nodded, "Yeah, what’s wrong Qingxue?" She didn’t think Ning Qingxue had changed her view of Ye Mo after her words. Not to mention, Ning Qingxue had also stated that what Ye Mo did had nothing to do with her.

Ning Qingxue frowned and said, "I went by there in the morning and found that it was under lockdown. Can you go over and check what happened?"

Li Mumei was shocked. She didn’t believe that Ning Qingxue would walk past there accidentally, because she didn’t need to go that way from her house to the company. Since she went there, it meant she did so intentionally.

Ning Qingxue had clearly said she had nothing to do with Ye Mo, so why did she still go there? Now, she wanted her to scout information about it. Clearly, she wanted to be aware of Ye Mo's things. Had she remembered something?

Thinking about this, Li Mumei asked, "Qingxue, did you remember something?"

Ning Qingxue shook her head, "No, I just heard that there was a murder case there."

Li Mumei immediately understood. She knew Ning Qingxue too well. Even if the entire night club exploded into rubble, she wouldn’t care about it. Yet now, she was sitting here in contemplation. She was obviously thinking about whether the murder case was related to Ye Mo.

"Okay, I’ll get someone to ask about it later." Li Mumei realized that Ning Qingxue wasn't as indifferent as she claimed to be. Did she really not care about what happened last night at all?

"Mumei…" Ning Qingxue seemed to want to ask Li Mumei something, but in the end she shook her head, "Nothing, go ask. I’ll have a look at the data."

Afterwards, Ning Qingxue picked up the data Li Mumei had put on the table. However, although her eyes were on the data, the pages were turned upside down.

Li Mumei saw that Ning Qingxue was absent minded and sighed as she walked out of the office. She saw the secretary waiting outside and told him, "Cancel this week's meeting. I will give out notice when we have another one."

After Li Mumei had left for a long while, Ning Qingxue took out the necklace and looked at it before muttering, "Does he really have something to do with this necklace? How can that be? Master Wu Guang said this necklace was related to a qian bei he knew, and master Wu Guang was in his 70’s. His qian bei would have to be over 100..."

Knock knock. -The secretary Xiao Yan came and looked at Ning Qingxue hesitantly.

"What’s wrong, Xiao Yan?" Ning Qingxue came back to herself and asked.

Xiao Yan said carefully, "Just now, the Ti Feng Corporation of Yu state came. Manager Tang believes they are here to cancel the agreement they just made with us. Manager Tang is having negotiations with them at this moment."

"Ti Feng Corporation? Didn’t we just sign an agreement with them? Why are they cancelling it?" As soon as Ning Qingxue asked, she realized she was asking the wrong person. She said, "I understand, you can go out first."

Just when Ning Qingxue was prepared to go have negotiations with them, Manager Tang who was responsible for sales came in. Manager Tang was called Tang Lianshui, a past worker of Ning Zhongfei’s.

"CEO Ning," Tang Lianshui’s face was full of guilt.

Ning Qingxue said indifferently, "Take a seat first, did they already revoke the agreement with us?"