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351 Ye Mo’s Wife

Chapter 351: Ye Mo’s Wife

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Li Mumei didn’t know why Ning Qingxue would suddenly change her mind, but she had already been wanting to tell her about this subject. Since Ning Qingxue had changed her mind, she wouldn’t have to pretend she doesn't know anything.

However, Li Mumei asked instead: "Qingxue, if we were still in Beijing and if the Song family were as strong as before, if that Song Shaowen would force you to marry him, what would you do?"

"..." Ning Qingxue hadn't expected Li Mumei to say this. If that were indeed the case, then she really wouldn’t know what to do. The power of the Song family wasn’t something their Ning family could compare with. The Ning family was nothing compared to the Song family. If the Song family were still like before, then even if her whole family were to come to Yu state, they would only need one word, and their family would be doomed.

Ning Qingxue sighed. Although she didn’t answer Li Mumei’s words, she still felt relieved. Luckily the Song family was over. She knew how much Song Shaowen had wanted her. It was her luck that the Song family had gone down.

"Before, Song Shaowen wanted to force a marriage with you and other than your parents who didn’t know, all the Ning family members agreed without telling your parents. However, your cousin Ning Yang secretly told you about it, and I happened to be there as well," Li Mumei said slowly.

"Huh... that happened?" Ning Qingxue was dazed. She knew that Song Shaowen didn’t have good intentions for her but understood that big families like the Song family cared about their face. She already had a marriage pact with Ye Mo, so it was unlikely they would intervene. She didn't expect that to have happened.

Li Mumei continued: "At the time, you were very helpless as well, because everyone knew that if the Song family proposed, the Ning family wouldn’t be able to reject."

Ning Qingxue fell silent. Although she knew she hadn't married Song Shaowen, she still felt a little scared now.

"Then, I proposed that you marry Ye Mo and live with him. At the time you agreed. Coincidentally, Ye Mo rented a house in Ning Hai, so we moved over," Li Mumei continued.

Ning Qingxue said slowly: "So that’s how I met him, but wouldn’t the Song family exact their revenge on him?"

"At the time, I was also afraid that Ye Mo would be targeted by the Song family, but I still persuaded you saying that the Song family wouldn’t do such a shameless thing," Li Mumei sighed. She knew that even if the Song family didn’t take action against Ye Mo, Song Shaowen would. Yet, she didn’t mention that at the time. She didn’t know how Ye Mo had resolved the situation nor how Song Shaowen had suddenly died.

Li Mumei looked at Ning Qingxue who was still in disbelief and said: "Later on, I spread your photos with Ye Mo online and made a marriage certificate for you two. Then, you moved in with Ye Mo. As for what happened between you two, I don’t know, but twenty or so days later, Song Shaowen suddenly crashed and died at midnight.

I went to Ning Hai to pick you up and was planning for you to divorce Ye Mo, but before you left, you saw a small medical case. When you opened it, you rushed into the room and closed the door. I heard you crying but I couldn’t open the door."

Ning Qingxue looked at Li Mumei in disbelief: "Why would that be?"

Li Mumei shook her head, "I also don’t know, but after a long time, you finally opened the door and hugged that medical case. Ever since that day, that little case has never left your sight. But since that moment, you adamantly refused divorcing Ye Mo and stayed in Ning Hai. Afterwards, when your parents came to visit you, you still didn’t want to leave Ning Hai."

"You’re saying that I’m still Ye Mo’s legal wife?" Ning Qingxue was completely shocked. How could things be like this? She was actually married.

Li Mumei nodded and said: "Yes, you are indeed his wife in a legal sense."

"What about that small case?" Ning Qingxue asked.

Li Mumei answered: "Ever since you were injured a second time, that small case was left in Ning Hai. Although you bought the house Ye Mo rented before, you never went back to see it again."

"In Ning Hai?" Ning Qingxue frowned and asked again: "Why was I injured for the first and second time?"

Li Mumei shook her head: "You need to ask Xu Wei about exactly why. Xu Wei was by your side both times. She had been living in that house before. She was renting with Ye Mo."

"Xu Wei?" Ning Qingxue thought of this name but couldn’t remember anything.

Li Mumei saw that Ning Qingxue really couldn’t remember anything, so she could only continue: "After Song Shaowen died, the Song family hunted Ye Mo. You even went to Flowing Snake to search for him and went to the desert with Chi Wanqing. I also know that you went to Shen Nong Jia, but I don’t know if that was related to Ye Mo."

"Who is Chi Wanqing?" Ning Qingxue found that more and more strangers had been involved.

"She’s in the army and went to do a mission in the borderlands. She met Ye Mo there. I think she also likes Ye Mo and wanted to find him. However, somehow, you two met and went to the desert together." Li Mumei only knew approximately what had happened.

Ning Qingxue was even more confused. Someone like that liked Ye Mo?

As though noticing Ning Qingxue’s confusion, Li Mumei breathed calmly and said: "No matter what decision you make, I feel much better after getting it off my chest. At least my heart can rest easy. Otherwise, I would feel I’m doing you wrong. Qingxue, no matter what, I think the past is in the past. If you still want to find those memories, you can go to Ning Hai and ask Xu Wei and Su Jingwen. They know some things. If you don’t want to continue wondering, then stop thinking about it."

Ning Qingxue nodded and said: "Mumei, I know you wouldn’t lie to me. I feel very indifferent in terms of emotions. Perhaps Master Wu Guang is right; the moment before I almost died, I really must've sealed all my emotions in my soul. No matter what, I will go to Ning Hai once. Maybe you’re right."

"No, Qingxue, you’re not indifferent because you sealed your memories. I understand you. For some time, I felt you were more stubborn than anyone when it comes to feelings. When you didn’t like someone, you tended to be very cold, but if you did like someone, that person would be your everything. You would be willing to give them anything including your life. Perhaps you’re such an emotional extremist. That’s why your mom doesn’t want you to remember that past," Li Mumei shook her head.

Hearing Li Mumei’s words, Ning Qingxue sunk into silence. She felt Li Mumei was right, she was that sort of person. What had really happened between her and Ye Mo? She remembered that time Ye Mo spat blood in her mother’s office. If there really was nothing between the two of them, why would he be like that?

Despite how real all of this sounded, Ning Qingxue still didn’t dare believe that there had been something between her and Ye Mo or that she might have fallen in love with him. That sounded impossible. She believed that she had been using Ye Mo and that that’s why she had married him. It had nothing to do with love.

No to mention, it had been less than a month. Even if Ye Mo was suave and had written 100 love letters to her each day, she wouldn’t have had any good impression of such a young master, much less loved him.

"Mumei, thanks for telling me this. Although I know you wouldn't lie to me, I will still go ask Xu Wei." Ning Qingxue had made up her mind. No matter whether this was real or fake, she had to face it.

She had never expected that she would be Ye Mo’s wife. If Li Mumei hadn’t told her today, she wouldn’t have known about it at all. So, after she had clearly investigated things, she would still divorce. However, she felt a little regretful for having made Ye Mo spit blood. Whether or not she used him, she was still his legal wife.

Li Mumei’s face showed happiness and she quickly asked: "Then, Qingxue, are you going to Ning Hai or Flowing Snake first?"