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Chapter 349: Sensation

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It has been almost half a year since Ye Mo left Flowing Snake.

During this half a year, a piece of huge news has been circulating amongst the upper class at the international level. That news being that the arrogant hitman organization Earth Fiend had been completely destroyed overnight due to offending a certain strong person. Royalty and the wealthy alike all felt fear upon hearing the name of Earth Fiend. At the same time, in the remaining big hitman organizations, this person has been listed as someone they musn't touch at all costs.

However, in the hidden sects the most shocking thing wasn't this, but that Dian Cang and He Liu sect were almost annihilated. These two sects were the bourgeoisie of the hidden sects but due to offending some youth, they were almost eradicated.

If Elder Qu of He Liu sect hadn't returned in time and sealed the sect, then perhaps they would be gone now. Also, if the new sect leader of Dian Cang hadn't picked the right opportunity to apologise, and if Wu Dao Qian Bei hadn’t intervened in time, perhaps they would’ve been annihilated too. Even so, these two sects were greatly damaged and were no longer as strong as the other 4 big sects.

Of course, in the mafia, the most prevalent news was the annihilation of the Amphibian gang and the retraction of Metal river. Even Nan Qing was stunned that all of this could be caused by offending one and the same person.

Everything seemed to be related to one person. Some people knew who this person was, but most didn’t.

However, this wasn’t what normal citizens cared about. These things were unrelated to their daily lives. They didn’t care about it. Instead, they were more interested in the newly risen Luo Yue Pharmaceutical Company.

Although the name Luo Yue was very strange, a name wasn't too much cause for concern. What people cared about the most was that the company still hadn’t even pushed out their products. People didn’t even know what the company was producing, but two super companies were already willing to cooperate with it.

One was the leading family entrepreneurship of Hong Kong, Mo Corporation. The other was the world renowned England Barry Corporation.

Whether this company was created as a hoax or not, their first product, the beauty pill, received a lot of heated debate.

The instruction manual said the beauty pill could not only slow aging but also remove marks and wrinkles on the face, while making the skin white. Long term use could even increase one’s life span.

At this moment, all sorts of commentary, suspicion, cursing and anger were pointed at the pharmaceutical regulation institution. This obviously fraudulent product could actually reach the market. Even idiots could tell this was a fake ad. All the ad was missing was saying the pill was an immortality pill. Yet the institution clearly supported the beauty pill’s legitimacy saying there had been no backdoor dealings.

Despite the pressure of such criticism, the beauty pill was still put on the shelves on the foreseen date. This made a lot of the dubious citizens confused. Some people were even prepared to buy one and give it a try, but many soon gave up the thought.

This was because one bottle was being sold for 100k. And there were only 6 pills in a bottle.

The price was decided on after much consideration by Zang Jiayan and Yu Miaodan. The effects of the beauty pill were undoubtedly there. Of course, this batch of pills couldn’t be compared with the batch Ye Mo had made. Those had been made with Ye Mo’s essence chi and the ingredients had been much more precious.

And now, the beauty pills used less precious ingredients and were mass produced so the price was a little lower.

Although the current 6 pills together were less potent than one of the original pills, the effects were still obvious. After consuming a bottle, there will be results.

Although it had been marketed as magical, no one bought them because no one believed it and because the price was so exorbitant.

At the Gui Lin distribution point, 30 bottles were sold at once.

Xi Yuerong also hadn’t expected that she would be able to see the beauty pill again at Gui Lin. Ever since she bought one for 200k at the Luo Cang social night, she had never seen it again. Although she went back to Luo Cang a few times afterwards, she didn’t find anything.

She hadn’t expected to see this at Gui Lin. Although it didn’t smell as good as the one she bought last time, it smelled quite the same. Xi Yuerong immediately realized that it came from the same place as the one she bought last time.

Ever since she had eaten that beauty pill, not only had her face become shiny and smooth, her skin had also become white. A lot of people who knew her asked her where she'd bought the pill, but when they went to Luo Cang again, Ye Mo had already left.

So this time, she didn’t hesitate to use up the 3 million in her card. If it wasn’t that she didn't have enough money, she would've bought more.

With a first customer buying, furthermore buying so much at once, people started to buy the beauty pills. Although it was still only one bottle at a time, that was much better compared to nothing being sold yesterday.

However, this situation didn’t last long. A week later, almost all the distribution points were full of people. Just a few days had passed, and the beauty pills that had been stacked for a week were sold out, and large amounts of orders were sent to Luo Yue Company.

The beauty pill was authentic. It was more authentic than what it said in the instruction manual. There was really such a thing in the world, such a magical pill. Almost everyone who had first bought the beauty pill saw a business opportunity and it was they who bought them like crazy. They knew that this price would multiply in the next month.

Over the course of one short month, all sorts of reports showed that the beauty pill was heavenly and magical. This new pill not only shocked all levels of China but also the rest of the major pharmaceutical companies throughout the world.

Instantly, everyone knew why the international big companies England Barry Corporation and Hong Kong Mo Corporation would cooperate with Luo Yue Corporation. Such an out of this world company, only an idiot wouldn't cooperate with them.

But everyone was disappointed when Luo Yue Corporation announced that they do not accept any orders nor cooperations with other companies. Even the beauty pills were only sold at certain chosen places.

This was madness. The entire earth was shaken into a frenzy by Luo Yue Corporations. What pill could have such an overwhelming effect? What company can be as dominant as Luo Yue? They’re not even receiving orders! On top of that, the announcer also mentioned that they will be bringing out more products.

In this short time, the deserted Flowing Snake became busy with people. But, Flowing Snake was the borderland between two countries. This land was disputed territory. No one had wanted to stay here in this chaotic land but after the popularity of the beauty pill, it became popular too. The factories of the beauty pills were heavily guarded though. No one could come close.

At a normal restaurant in Yu state, an emaciated young man sat drinking just a Mao Tai. He was Ye Mo. During this half a year, Ye Mo had been to many places and even went to a few hidden sects, but he still had no news of Luo Ying.

Some places were hard to reach for other people, but they were nothing to Ye Mo. No matter how hard to get to the place was, he only needed to step on his flying sword to reach it.

This time, he passed by Yu state and remembered Ning Qingxue. Eventually, he couldn’t resist the longing in his heart and wanted to come and see Ning Qingxue. He wondered how she had been lately. Although he knew it wasn’t good to do this, he didn’t hate Ning Qingxue. Perhaps one day when she remembered what happened between them, she would feel more pain than him. So, he had never hated her. He was waiting for her to remember.

Sometimes, Ye Mo wanted to drop these things. But once he thought about it or saw something that triggered the memories, he could no longer resist the longing in his heart. He couldn’t just calmly walk past Yu state this time. He chose to stay. Regardless of whether he could see Qingxue or not, he still wanted to go have a look.

There was a connection which couldn’t be severed or set aside. Ye Mo couldn’t be carefree, he wanted to, but he couldn’t.

Yu state Mao Yuan tower was the headquarters of Fei Yu Corporations. At the CEO’s office nr. 808, the CEO was listening to Vice CEO Li Mumei’s report. Li Mumei was talking about the recently popular beauty pill.

"Mumei, you’re saying the headquarters of this Luo Yue corporation is in Flowing Snake? Isn’t Flowing Snake very chaotic?" Ning Qingxue heard Li Mumei’s report and asked with a frown.