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344 You dare to go to Dian Cang

Chapter 344: You dare to go to Dian Cang

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The night was quiet. Jing Xian stood outside the tallest temple of Serenity looking out into the boundless cosmos. Serenity was passed on from her master to her, but was controlled by her little martial sister for many years. If Ye Mo didn’t come, this stalemate would continue.

Countless times, she wanted to warn Jing Xi not to cross the line and do things for the good of the sect but she couldn’t say it much less do anything. It was because Jing Xi was her martial sister and saw the things between him and her with her own eyes.

Although Jing Xi didn’t know that man was Jing Xi’s brother. Before he died, he asked her to take care of Jing Xi. But she hadn't been able to do it. She could resist not taking action herself but she couldn’t stop Ye Mo from doing anything.

She originally thought that Ye Mo would be no match for Jing Xi and she would come out to mediate the fight in the end. But she didn’t expect things to turn that quickly. Jing Xi was actually killed by Ye Mo. She felt she owed him and didn’t do as she promised.

After Jing Xi died, she cast these thoughts aside and wanted to improve Serenity but then Dian Cang came. Jing Xian sighed. Perhaps she really wasn’t suited to being the sect leader.

A purple ray shot over from not far but Jing Xian was shocked. She rubbed her eyes as she thought she was seeing things but after looking carefully, she found out her eyes were right. It was real. That purple ray was a broad sword and standing on top of the sword was Ye Mo and his sister Tang Beiwei.

"He can flying on the sword? Great Heaven? Or surpassed Great heaven?" Jing Xian was dumbfounded. She finally understood how Ye Mo came over but she was more confused. Was there really such thing in the world? This had surpassed the realm of ancient martial arts.

Even great heaven masters hadn’t being said to be able to fly on swords. It’s said that the Da Mo ancestor, cultivated ancient martial arts to the extreme and crossed a river with a blade of grass. But even so, he couldn’t fly on a sword.

"Brother, are you saying I can do this as well?" Tang Beiwei stood on the flying sword and was lost in this endless sky. Her melancholic mood also lightened up.

"You can." Ye Mo nodded.

Ye Mo was arranged to stay in Luo Ying’s room. This was also what he wanted. He liked where Luo Ying lived before. It gave him too many memories.

The second day, Ye Mo felt that the way Jing Xian looked at him wasn’t quite right but he didn’t care.

3 days passed quickly as Ye Mo taught Tang Beiwei cultivation. During this time, other than Jing Xian coming to talk to Ye Mo occasionally, no one else came.

Then, the Dian Cang people arrived outside exactly on time. This time, there were 5 here. Other than one who was black level middle stage, the rest were at least earth level middle stage. These 5 people were enough to annihilate the Serenity.

However, these people were stopped from entering by a young man.

"We Dian Cang people are here to present the marriage gift. Who are you, daring to stand in our way?" The leading man was in his 50’s. He was bulky and had a silky white robe seeming very tightly.

"I am Tang Beiwei’s brother. I don’t agree to the marriage for my sister. You may leave. I’m standing here not to let dogs in in case they go around biting people." Ye Mo smiled.

The white man didn’t even have time to react to the first half of the sentence before his face developed into rage by the second half of the sentence. Their sect was ranked 6th in the outer hidden sects but was still one of the 6 big sects. This arrogant young man dared to be so cocky calling them dogs.

"You've got balls! What right have you to dictate to us? So what if you disagree? What sort of thing are you? Even if our young master wants your mother, you’ll have to agree much less your sister." The weakest man yelled and was full of contempt in his eyes.

Ye Mo’s eyes went cold. He took a step forward and shot out a windblade. The white clothed man reacted quickly. He saw Ye Mo come over and before Ye Mo could get near that man, he punched.

Ye Mo sneered and also punched after the windblade. The white robed man felt an intense pain making him retreat many steps back. There was still huge pulsating pain in his arm.

Splat, blood shot high and that cocky black level warrior was cut in half from head to toe.

Blood and organs flew around writhing with the body making the scene very eerie and terrifying. Everyone was stunned.

"Animal, you’re asking to die. How dare you kill our Dian Cang people." At this moment, the two slightly weaker middle aged men reacted and charged to Ye Mo. One kicked to Ye Mo’s knee cap, the other kicked to Ye Mo’s dan tian. Obviously, they wanted to break Ye Mo’s leg and abolish Ye Mo’s power so they could torture him slowly.

They could tell that although Ye Mo killed their companion, that was due to the ambush attack and that companion was the weakest. Thus, they were very confident in themselves. They were sure two kicks were enough to break Ye Mo.

The leader man was shocked instead. He didn’t expect Ye Mo to be this strong at such a young age. Even so, he still wasn’t a threat to him. Although that punch was strong, it was at most earth level primary stage power.

Now that his two companions attacked Ye Mo, there was a jeer at the corner of his mouth. No matter how strong Ye Mo was, he couldn’t avoid that. No matter who Ye Mo was to Tang Beiwei, he couldn’t act cocky in front of Dian Cang. There was only death for those who killed the Dian Cang people.

However, if he knew that Ye Mo didn’t even use a tenth of his power, what would he think? Ye Mo due to anger used 90% of his power for that wind blade but only used 10% for his punch.

Seeing the two kicks, Ye Mo knew that they underestimated him but even so, he wouldn’t have mercy. He swooped out with his leg.

Crack, two crisp sounds and the two men’s legs were broken.

By the time the leader realized that his men broke their legs, Ye Mo already kicked twice again.

The two were kicked flying and splashed blood all over the sky falling into the distant cliff.

Dead, two earth level warriors dead. Including the one before, 3 of the 5 of them had already died. The remaining two looked at the cliff in astonishment.

The other man beside the white robed man looked in rage and howled as he charged at Ye Mo.

The white robed man pulled him in time, "Zhong Dan, don’t be impulsive." Although his two companions didn’t use full power, he could tell Ye Mo got an unfathomable depth of ability. He wasn’t just an ordinary earth level. At least Zhong Dan was no match for him because his hand was still hurting now.

The Zhong Dan guy came to his senses. He immediately understood that if he charged up, he would still be kicked off the cliff. Although he didn’t charge over, the fury in his eyes was burning. One of the dead was his brother Zhong Ding.

"Friend, no matter who you are, you killed on attack without asking anything. Is this what your master taught you? How do you place us Dian Cang? Do you think you can take on our entire Dian Cang by yourself? I’m Hu Nuoping. If you don’t give a good explanation today, then even if I die, I will fight you to the end." The white robed man sneered. If he wasn’t concerned that he was no match for Ye Mo, he would’ve long charged up.

Ye Mo looked at the man in contempt and said coldly: "You’re right. I was never planning to let your Dian Cang sect go. Stop wasting time and lead the way. I’ll go to your sect."

"You dare to come to our Dian Cang?" Hu Nuoping seemed to be verifying Ye Mo’s words. He didn’t expect Ye Mo to dare to follow him after killing so many of their Dian Cang people. He was still thinking about how to get the news back and ask for backup.

Ye Mo laughed, "Is your Dian Cang a tiger cave or something? Am I unable to go? Since you dare to plot for my sister, then don’t blame me for the consequences."

Hu Nuoping looked coldly at Ye Mo. Although he was sure that Ye Mo’s power was not far from his but he wasn’t sure if he was a match for Ye Mo. That’s why he was hesitating not to attack. Since Ye Mo was going to Dian Cang now, that would be the best. He could cultivate to this state at such a young age, it could be seen that there must be a great secret on this young man.

Instead of killing him here, he might as well bring him back. Thinking about this, Hu Nuoping sneered and turned to Serenity calling out: "Jing Xian, we Dian Cang will be back."

Ye Mo suddenly said coldly: "Old fart, if you don’t leave now then you don’t need to leave anymore. I will kill you right here right now."