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328 Don’t say such words so casually

Chapter 328: Don’t say such words so casually

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"Huh…." Luo Xuan hesitated for a moment before saying: "But that ghost is too strong. My master said I have spirit eyes but even I can’t see it and was hurt by it. I think, I think, we shouldn’t go up…."

Ye Mo smiled, "Okay, then wait for me here. I’ll go up and capture it then come down."

"I think I should go up with you, one extra person one extra share of power." Luo Xuan immediately changed her words. If Ye Mo wasn’t coming back, she really didn’t want to stay here. She wasn’t afraid of ghosts but it was another thing when she couldn’t even see the ghost. And, that ghost didn’t even seem to be scared of the peach wood sword.

"Don’t worry. I have a good idea of what it is. I’m just going to confirm. If I’m right, that ghost had left. I’m just going to see again in the elevator." Ye Mo smiled and comforted Luo Xuan.

He really did guess what that thing was. After seeing Nie Shuangshuang’s letter, Ye Mo guessed that thing might be the pet she had before, Luan Luan.

Because Luan Luan could camouflage, she changed into the same colour as the elevator and stuck to one corner of it. People wouldn’t be able to notice it at all. After he saw Nie Shuangshuang’s letter, he thought of this Luan Luan. And, when he checked the elevator before, there was one part of it that did seem to protrude but he didn’t take note of it. Now that he thought of it, it was probably that thing.

Now, he was just going to confirm it. As for why Luan Luan would come here, Ye Mo guessed that it was probably related to the red robed woman he killed.

After Luan Luan escaped, it needed to devour spirits. Since the red robed woman was here, the yin chi here was very strong and attracted Luan Luan. Perhaps that red robed woman wanted to capture it. Of course, it might be the other way around. After Luan Luan came, the red robed woman was attracted by it.

"Ye brother, do you really know what it is? Is it not a ghost?" Luo Xuan asked in surprise.

"No, this thing is much scarier than ghosts." Ye Mo nodded.

The elevator stopped on the eighth floor and Ye Mo and Luo Xuan went in. Ye Mo pressed the button for the 12th floor and kept an eye on the surrounding walls.

As expected, he noticed some faint yin chi next to the buttons. Ye Mo knew this was where the thing attached to and because it hadn’t left too long ago, there were still yin chi attached to it.

"Did you find it?" When Luo Xuan asked, the elevator had stopped at the 12th floor. Obviously, she was very anxious and didn’t even notice that she was grabbing on to Ye Mo’s sleeve.

"Mhm." Ye Mo stepped out of the elevator and said: "Yes, I found it but it probably have left. It’s a very vicious thing. It feasts on bleak and evil chi. And it’s murderous. Originally, there were ghosts here but after I killed them, it couldn’t stay and left.

Luo Xuan seemed to have understood something and asked: "You killed them? I was pushed out by a very strong ghost that day on the 9th floor. Did you kill that? No wonder I didn’t see it again when I went up again."

Ye Mo jumped onto the top of the building and once again felt the light breathe. He exclaimed. He had only been here a bit more than a year but during this time, too much had happened. Luo Xuan also followed up to the top and relaxed down. She saw Ye Mo standing there in silence and walked by his side and asked: "Ye brother, what are you thinking about?"

"I’m thinking…." Ye Mo hesitated before saying: "Luo Xuan, if one day you really like a man, would you forget about him if you lost your memory?"

"Huh." Luo Xuan felt caught off guard. She blushed and immediately said: "Ye brother, what are you saying? I’m a dao cultivator. Why would I suddenly like a man?"

Ye Mo nodded subconsciously, "That’s right. You’re a dao cultivator. My question was too abrupt."

Ye Mo looked into the distant stars and lights and was lost in thought.

Luo Xuan looked at Ye Mo’s despaired face and dazed eyes and didn’t talk. She just stood at the top of the building with Ye Mo looking out into the distant lights. After a long while, she found that Ye Mo was still in that position and asked worriedly: "Ye brother, did you lose your love? I don’t really understand these things but I’ve been in the uni for two years. I’ve seen quite some students who have lost their love. They seemed really sad, mhm, a bit like you."

"lost love?" Ye Mo murmured. Did he? Then, he shook his head: "I don’t know."

Ye Mo suddenly thought of something and looked at Luo Xuan and asked: "By the way, you said you’re a dao cultivator. What sect are you from?"

Luo Xuan hesitated for a brief moment but didn’t hide it, "My sect is called Ci Hang Jing monastery. It’s a very ancient sect in China."

"Ci Hang Jing monastery? Why does it seem familiar?" Ye Mo repeated and immediately remembered that at that social night, he saw a stall called Ci Hang Jing monastery. He didn’t know if the two were connected.

But Luo Xuan said slowly: "If you have heard this name, it’s very normal because long ago, the Ci Hang Jing monastery was outside and wasn’t in the small world. Sects going into the small world were only in the recent few centuries. I don’t know the specifics too well but that Ni Luo Sutra is a very important book our sect left outside."

Ye Mo nodded and fell silent. He didn’t ask more. He didn’t care about that too much. He believed that although there were things in this world that could threaten him, there wasn’t much.

Seeing Ye Mo falling into silence again, Luo Xuan asked: "Ye brother, I know you’re a great person. What is your dream?"

"Dream?" Ye Mo frowned. His dream was of course to reach long life with Luo Ying and stay together forever or even ascend to an immortal but now, he knew that was an absurd dream. Although he had started his company and was prepared to use that to gather wealth for him and Luo Ying to cultivate, he knew that he would be hugely lucky if he even reached foundation establishment.

What about Luo Ying, and Qingxue? If he didn’t meet Qingxue or have that much connections, then he wouldn’t care. But now, even if he found Luo Ying and stayed with her, could he really let Qingxue go in his heart? It was this hard for him. Perhaps, his mind state still needed ascension.

After long, Ye Mo sighed, "My dream is very hard to realize."

Luo Xuan looked sympathetically at Ye Mo. Although she didn’t know what Ye Mo’s dream was but it must be related to the girl that lost her memory he mentioned before. She sighed: "Ye brother, sometimes we don’t need to think too much. Before, I was cultivating in my sect. I was very innocent but coming out to this world, I realized there were so many unfathomable things outside.

I think that if we were still in our sect, my second martial sister wouldn’t do such thing for sure. She was tricked. She was tricked for sure.."

Talking about her second sister, Luo Xuan’s mood fell despondent again.

Ye Mo smiled, "If your second sister is really as what you think she is, then, she wouldn’t be tricked. Never mind, you should stop thinking about your second martial sister. You still haven’t said what your dream is."

Luo Xuan said slowly: "Before, my dream was to cultivate diligently and reach the highest, great heaven state. That day when I stood at the top of this building, I suddenly thought, if only I could fly one day. Perhaps that is my dream. I think my dream would never be realized because I know that’s impossible. So, Ye brother, dream and reality are two different things. Even if it can’t be realized, it’s good to think about it frequently just like me now. I’m standing here imagining that I’m flying and I feel a lot better."

Ye Mo shook his head, "Luo Xuan, perhaps your dream can be realized but my dream can be never realized."

"Are you talking about taking the plane? I’ve taken it before but it feels no different to riding a car. I don’t like that way of flying." Luo Xuan shook her head.

"Let’s stop talking about these. I’m going to Qi Yang mountain. Come with me." Ye Mo cast aside those thoughts and said.

"Of course, from now on, wherever Ye Brother goes, I will follow." Luo Xuan said without hesitation. Her big martial sister wasn’t here and she couldn’t live here by herself.

Ye Mo shook his head however and didn’t talk.

"What’s wrong, Ye brother?" Luo Xuan immediately asked.

Ye Mo smiled and said: "I’ll say something but don’t reply casually. If I jump off the building, will you jump off with me? So….."

"Of course. If Ye brother is going to jump off the building, I will jump off with you. But I know, Ye brother you won’t…." before Luo Xuan finished, Ye Mo had already jumped off.

"Huh…." Luo Xuan’s mind went blank. She didn’t expect Ye Mo would really jump off. She thought Ye Mo was joking.