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327 Of course we’re going to go annihilate the ghos

Chapter 327: Of course we’re going to go annihilate the ghost

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Luo Xuan cried out once again. After a moment, she said: "When big martial sister woke up, she said that the pill I gave her was very good. She felt a lot better and should be fine. But then, she said we should go separately. She told me to go meet her a year later at Luo Cang. In the mean time, we must not have any contacts at all and she threw away our phones."

Ye Mo suddenly understood something. He looked at Luo Xuan and said: "Can you show me your wound on your back?

"Huh…" Luo Xuan stopped crying and looked at Ye Mo in surprise. Checking the wound on her back, didn’t that mean she had to take off her top?

Ye Mo also realized it wasn’t very appropriate after saying it. He subconsciously didn’t even think about this because he really didn’t have any intentions for a loli like Luo Xuan.

"Uh, since it’s inconvenient, then never mind." Ye Mo quickly said.

Luo Xuan shook her head, "There’s nothing inconvenient, Ye brother. I trust you. There must be a reason you want to see it. I’ll show you…."

Then Luo Xuan took off her top. On her smooth and silky skin, there was a red palm print. Although Ye Mo didn’t think of anything, He still felt his face getting a little warmer when he saw Luo Xuan's round breast in her bra and her slender supple waist.

The faint smell of a virgin came from Luo Xuan’s body making Ye Mo’s throat dry. He quickly said: "It’s done."

At this moment, Luo Xuan’s face was also burning a little but as soon as she put her clothes back on Ye Mo asked: "What else did your big martial sister say?"

Luo Xuan came back to her sense and sniffed: ‘I said second martial sister hasn’t come back, what do we do? Big martial sister stayed silent for a long time before saying, second martial sister is very smart, she should be fine. She told me to leave Chun An immediately and don’t show my face, nor go look for her or try to go back to the sect. At the same time, she said not to believe anyone. She even said not to trust her. Ye brother, why are things like this?"

Ye Mo had understood now. He sighed: "When you first came to Ying Hua temple and you saw your second martial sister, did you tell her that you got the Ni Luo Sutra?"

Luo Xuan wasn’t dumb. She dazed upon Ye Mo’s question but soon her face went red: "Ye brother, you’re suspecting my second martial sister? She definitely isn’t that sort of person. We’re like sisters. I’m sure she isn’t this type of person…"

Before she finished, Luo Xuan stopped. She had understood that not only was Ye Mo suspecting her second martial sister but her big martial sister was also suspecting her second martial sister. It was just that the big martial sister didn’t want to accept this fact. That’s why she told Luo Xuan not to even trust her own words, implying that Luo Xuan shouldn’t trust second martial sister’s words either.

It was because big martial sister didn’t want to accept this reality and wasn’t completely certain that the second martial sister was responsible for this.

Luo Xuan’s eyes suddenly showed extreme sadness and disappointment. She didn’t want to accept the reality that her second martial sister wanted to kill her and her big martial sister. She could only murmur, "No, this isn’t real."

Ye Mo sneered," I don’t know if it’s real or not. You rsecond martial sister went to find your big martial sister and it was just outside the Ying Hua temple. How could she disappear. And, I’m sure that your second martial sister wasn’t going to find your big martial sister as soon as you came. It was after you said you found the Ni Luo Sutra right? And, do you know what wound is on your back? It’s a palm print, a woman’s palm print."

Luo Xuan could no longer hold the melancholy in her heart, and tears dripped down. She had never thought that the sister like second martial sister would try to kill her. Before, they were all living together. Why were things like this?

Ye Mo didn’t mind Luo Xuan’s state at all and continued: ‘It’s because your big martial sister guessed this then she told you to leave and even carried you out 7 kms and asked you to run away by yourself. If it wasn’t that lotus life pill, your big martial sister would be dead for sure."

"But since big martial sister survived, why did she still leave me?" Luo Xuan sniffed. She really didn’t want to know these were real.

"It’s because she was marked. If she stayed with you, you would die as well. And, if you haven’t suddenly reached black level primary stage peak, then that palm would’ve already killed you. So, the person ambushing you knew your power and was sure that palm could kill you. But she didn’t expect you reached black level and that palm actually didn’t kill you.

So, in this person’s calculations, you and your big martial sister were both killed but your power and lotus life pill saved your lives unexpectedly." Ye Mo said plainly as though he had seen everything with his own eyes.

Luo Xuan was already very smart and after Ye Mo’s reminder, she put together all the things. Things were indeed as Ye Mo said. She was dumbfounded but she soon worriedly grabbed Ye Mo’s arm. "Ye brother, quickly save my big martial sister. I know you’re strong. She has been marked.What do we do?"

Ye Mo smiled: "Luo Xuan, don’t worry. The reason your big sister was marked was because she knew the person who ambushed her had poison on the sword. That person could track your big martial sister by the poison. However, he didn’t expect that my lotus life pill can erase any poison in a very short time. So, you don’t need to worry about her. Your second martial sister won’t be able to find her."

Luo Xuan’s hanging heart finally fell but thinking about second martial sister’s ruthlessness, she couldn’t help to cry again.

"You don’t need to cry. Your second martial sister won’t be able to find you and your big martial sister’s bodies, then they will look around everywhere for you two. You should think about how to escape from your second martial sister’s hunt." Ye Mo glanced at Luo Xuan and said: "You actually dare to come back here. I’m sure that your second martial sister will be able to find here soon."

Luo Xuan rubbed her eyes: "I don’t dare to go back to school and if I leave Chun An, I don’t know anyone. I only know you and Zi Yun. ZI Yun is an ordinary person, I don’t want to harm her so I could only come back and wait for you here. I was thinking if you don’t come back, I would go to Flowing Snake to find Xu brother. I have nowhere to go."

Ye Mo suddenly thought, it wasn’t right. If Luo Xuan’s second sister was coming for Luo Xuan, then should’ve found this place ages ago. Did something happen in between?

He looked at Luo Xuan and said: "Since you came back, why don’t you go back to your own room? why are you in my place?"

Luo Xuan opened her mouth and hesitated for a long time before saying: "That elevator is going up automatically. I don’t dare to stay in my room so I hid next to your bed waiting for you to come back….."

Then, Luo Xuan looked worriedly at Ye Mo and found that Ye Mo didn’t blame her. She relaxed a little and immediately flipped open the quilt on Ye Mo’s bed. Soon, she pulled out a yellow paper from under the quilt and gave it to Ye Mo: "this is the paper I took from the upper half of the Ni Luo Sutra, here."

Ye Mo took the paper in joy. He didn’t expect Luo Xuan to take the thing out first and hid it under his quilt. He immediately burned the yellow cover showing a golden paper.

Ye Mo stared at this paper for a long time before saying to Luo Xuan: ‘Thank you very much, Luo Xuan."

Seeing Ye Mo being so delighted, Luo Xuan finally showed a little smile. She felt that was the most correct thing she did. The first thing she did after getting the Ni Luo Sutra was to put this paper in Ye Mo’s room and then go see her two martial sisters.

"You saved my big martial sister, and this is something I should do." Luo Xuan said.

"Mhm." Ye Mo checked this golden paper repeatedly and then took out a cloth wrapping it carefully and putting it back in his ring. Then, he said: "Not bad, you helped me out a lot this time. Okay, since you have nowhere to go, then follow me for now. After I’m done with my things, I’ll send you back to your sect."

"But if they really did it, wouldn’t they be waiting for us on the way? Big martial sister told me not to go back no matter what. And, and,…." Luo Xuan said hesitantly.

Ye Mo laughed pridefully: "They can stop other people but no one can stop where I, Ye Mo, want to go. After I’m finished with the thing here tonight, come with me to Qi Yang mountain tomorrow and then I’ll send you back."

Luo Xuan shook her head and said: "I don’t want to. Even if you can send me back, I still need to find my big martial sister other wise, I can’t rest easy. And, why are you going to Qi Yang mountain?"

"Of course to annihilate the He Liu sect, what? If you’re scared, wait for me here." Ye Mo said with a smile, he knew that Luo Xuan wouldn’t dare to wait for him here by himself.

As expected, Luo Xuan said: ‘I’m not staying here, I’ll go with you. I’m also black level now, perhaps I can help you a little."

"Okay, in that case, let’s go upstairs first." Ye Mo nodded and said.

"Why are we going up there?" Luo Xuan immediately looked vigilant.

Ye Mo smiled plainly and said, "Of course we’re going to annihilate the ghost."