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325 Letter to Ye Mo

Chapter 325: Letter to Ye Mo

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Xiao Lei watched as Ye Mo walked off and felt lost. She knew that this man didn’t belong to her. Although she knew this man was very excellent but what use was that?

Ye Mo felt the direction that the frost chi flowed and chased up without hesitation. He was thinking whether or not Nie Shuangshuang did this. After all, not long ago, he saw Nie Shuangshuang. And, the bleakness he felt in Xiao Lei’s body was very similar to the bleakness in Zhuo Yangqing.

An hour later, the sun had fallen completely. Ye Mo found his target in an empty patch of land. It was a man in his 40’s. His face was very long and his bleak chi was even more dense than Nie Wubian. He wore white clothes and stood in the barren land in the middle of the night like a ghost.

Not Nie Shuangshuang? Just when Ye Mo was thinking, he saw Nie Shuangshuang walk over. She was also here as well but was outside of his spirit sense range before.

"Shuangshuang, give me the thing, then I won’t take your life." The man saw Nie Shuangshuang and his face calmed down a little and said softly. But his voice wasn’t soft and was very sharp instead.

Nie Shuangshuang sneered, "Nie Pi, stop dreaming. My Luan Luan has being robbed. Even if it’s still here, I won’t give it to you."

Under the night sky, Nie Shuangshuang’s pale face seemed paler under the moon light.

"Hmph, Nie Shuangshuang, you will give it to me today no matter what. If I didn’t see you at Beijing this time, I would’ve thought you were cultivating the same cultivation method as the 9 Moon method. But now, I understand that you switched secretly. Don’t think I can’t tell that you’re a virgin? If you cultivate our way, you can remain a virgin." the long faced man sneered and seemed vicious as he glared at Nie Shuangshuang’s pale face.

Seeing that Nie Shuangshuang shut her mouth tightly and didn’t say anything, he sneered, "I’ll give you an option. Give me the thing and also give me your red pill. Other than that, stay with me for a year. I can keep this secret for you. Otherwise, don’t blame me."

Ye Mo frowned as he listened. He didn’t understand a sentence of it. But he saw Nie Shuangshuang kill the two men at the Drunk Eye bar with his own eyes and pulled her skirt open. He definitely wouldn’t believe that Nie Shuangshuang was a virgin. But from this man’s words, Nie Shuangshuang really was a virgin. How could this be?

"I can give it to you…." Nie Shuangshuang walked a few step forward and was going to pull off her clothes again.

The long faced man smiled and didn’t move. When Nie Shuangshuang finished that sentence, two bright beams of light suddenly shot out of her clothes like laser towards the man’s forehead and throat.

Ye Mo immediately recognized the two beams. It was the two long needles he saw Nie Shuangshuang use to kill. Nie Shuangshuang could actually use them as projectiles to take this man by surprise. It could be seen that she spent a lot of efforts on that.

But, Ye Mo knew that Nie Shuangshuang was wasting her effort because this man was earth level and Nie Shuangshuang wasn’t even yellow level middle stage. There was no way she could take out an earth level by surprise.

As expected, the man just waved his hand and the two needles fell into his hands.

He played with the needles and said plainly: "Shuangshuang, don’t play your little tricks in front of your big martial brother. Wubian and Red Robes have been killed. Before Red Robes died, she sent the message that the person who killed her was the person who killed Wubian. I investigated. He’s called Ye Mo. You should know him right."

Seeing Nie Shuangshuang still refusing to talk, the man sneered: "Take me to find Ye Mo. I will let him understand that no one can kill our 9 moon sect’s disciples. Then, sleep with me for a year or so and perhaps I’ll let you go."

"you want me to help you find Ye Mo? Keep dreaming... you shemale want woman? Are you even able? You want woman, wait for your next life." Nie Shuangshuang stared coldly at this man. Her eyes were full of anger and ridicule.

"You’re asking for it….." This man suddenly jumped up and kicked onto Nie Shuangshuang’s chest. Nie Shuangshuang flew out more than ten meters and spat blood in the air. Then, she fell to the ground and could no longer move.

Ye Mo knew that Nie Shuangshuang probably wasn’t going to live after that kick. Just when he wanted to go over, this man seemed to have noticed something and suddenly sprung up and was about to dart away.

Ye Mo dazed. He thought that since this man was looking for him, he wouldn’t run away even when he came. Otherwise, why would this man still be looking for him. However, this man was trying to escape and he wouldn’t let that happen.

The purple flying sword caught up to the man rapidly and turned into a purple death ray. Ye Mo wanted to sliced off his legs as he still needed to ask the man some questions.

The man’s legs were cut off but he didn’t stop. He flew out a few more meters and fell into the Yan river. Blood spread across the surface of the river and quickly disappeared. Ye Mo followed out with his spirit sense but he didn’t find any trace of the man.

Looking at the two legs, Ye Mo frowned and thought he was too careless. He didn’t expect this guy to be this good at running. But luckily he cut off his legs. Ye Mo followed along the river and still had no leads. So, he could only return to the place where the fight took place.

On the ground, dark red blood seeped out from the two legs. Ye Mo burned them casually with a fireball but he was thinking, this 9 Moon sect really had a whole spectrum of arts. Ye Mo was sure that with the way Nie Pi was running, even Tan Jiao wasn’t able to catch up to him much less normal earth levels. If Ye Mo wasn’t careless at the start, the man wouldn’t have gotten away for sure but he used Ye Mo’s carelessness to escape despite losing his legs.

Ye Mo went by Nie Shuangshuang and scanned his spirit sense. He was sure that if he didn’t rescue her, she would be dead for sure. Her internal injuries were too severe.

Ye Mo shook his head. Although he didn’t know the exact locations of the 9 Moon sect, he was sure he could find it. There was no need to ask Nie Shuangshuang. Since she was going to die, then let her be.

Ye Mo turned around. Although he didn’t want to save Nie Shuangshuang, he didn’t want to watch her die either. The best thing to do was pretend he didn’t see anything.

"Wait….." Nie Shuangshuang’s voice was so weak that it almost couldn’t be heard. She seemed to have seen someone in front of her. Although the figure was very blurry, she was sure it wasn’t her big martial brother Nie Pi. But now, she didn’t want to think who this person was.

Ye Mo looked coldly at Nie Shuangshuang and didn’t speak.

Nie Shuangshuang didn’t even look up and took out a letter and gave it to Ye Mo, "Please give this to Ye Mo…. Tell him, the 9 Moon sect people want to kill him. Tell him to run…."

Nie Shuangshuang didn’t even finish and suddenly spouted out more blood and then banged her head back on the ground. Her hand slunk down powerlessly and the letter became red in her hands.

Ye Mo took the letter with surprise. He glanced at the unconscious Nie Shuangshuang and opened the letter.

"Ye Mo, sorry that I hid things from you. I thought about things later and I’m sure that you’re an ancient martial arts cultivator. I’m actually also an ancient marital arts cultivator but the sect I came from is the 9 moon sect. Because the cultivation methods they practice are so evil, the outer hidden sects do not allow the 9 Moon sect to join them. So now, despite being a lot stronger than many outer hidden sects, the 9 Moon sect can only be called semi-hidden sect.

You will ask me why would I treat you differently after only seeing you twice. It’s because you have this chi on you that will dissipate this killing intent on me and also reduce the bleak poison in my body.

Although I came from the 9 moon sect, I didn’t cultivate their cultivation method but no one knew that. It’s because I have a pet called Luan Luan. Luan Luan can cultivate the 9 Moon sect cultivation method. It needs to digest the spirit and yin chi of dead people. And, he can also change into anything. So usually, I put him in a pocket because if my master knew that I didn’t cultivate the 9 Moon sect way, I would be killed immediately.

But as Luan Luan got stronger and stronger, I could no longer control it. I felt it would usurp me at any time and I’m also feeling a stronger and stronger desire for blood. I’m very scared, I felt the bleak and poisonous chi on me was getting denser and denser. Perhaps eventually, without Luan Luan to consume me, I would be already dead.

But then later, I met you. Standing by you, I felt you were different to other ancient martial artists. You chi could make me give up the urge to kill and dispel the bleak chi on me.

I invited you to a date. This was the first time I genuinely dated a man. But in your eyes, I saw disgust and hatred. I hated myself. I was very sad. After leaving you, I cried for a week. Then, I chose to leave Beijing. I tried to control myself from killing for no reason because I don’t want to see the disgust in your eyes. Because I stopped killing people, I finally couldn’t control Luan Luan. Luan Luan left but it remembered that I fed it and raised him so it didn't devour me.

Luan Luan left. I fell sick. Although it didn’t devour me, I was heavily invaded by the bleak chi since I kept Luan Luan without cultivating the 9 Moon sect way before . I knew my life was at an end. I didn’t go find Luan Luan, neither did I dare to return to the 9 Moon sect. So, I came back to Beijing again. I wanted to see you, even just once. So, I often sat at Drunk Eye bar waiting for you, waiting for a miracle.


The letter was unfinished. It just ended there.