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304 The woman on the 12th floor

Chapter 304: The woman on the 12th floor

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In a broken down Daoist temple, three women and one man gathered here. If Ye Mo was here, he would recognize that one of them was Luo Xuan.

"Originally, we had half a year but now, we probably can’t wait for half a year. I’m prepared to go back with my two younger martial sisters. Older martial brother Qi, are you going back as well?" The one speaking was a slightly older looking nun. However, her skin was creamy white while her temperament seemed royal and untouchable as if she was above the mortal world.

The man called Qi didn’t have time to reply when an extremely beautiful woman next to him said: "But Luo Yue martial sister, I still haven’t found what I wanted. And, Yu Lin martial brother haven’t been out long. Yu Lin martial brother said it’s very beneficial to his cultivation being out to experience the world. Plus, we only get this chance once every 50 years. If we go back before time is up, wouldn’t it be too pity? Perhaps we can wait a bit more…."

"No, recently, a blood coral appeared in Liang Pu. This thing is very precious even at our place. That’s why in the mortal world, there are hidden sect people everywhere. If we stay here, we might be found. Yu Lin martial brother isn’t from the same sect as us. If he wants to stay, of course I won’t say anything." The Luo Yue nun was very straight forward obviously not agreeing to that pretty girl’s words.

Qi martial brother hesitated for a moment before saying: "Luo Yue martial sister, I can’t go back yet. I still have something unfinished. Luo Fei martial sister’s words are also reasonable. Plus, I will take care of her. After all, it’s not easy coming out."

Luo Yue frowned. Seeing Qi martial brother and Luo Fei glancing at each other in that way, she felt uncomfortable. She felt that since Luo Fei martial sister chose nun cultivation, she shouldn’t get close to someone like Qi Yulin. Plus, she didn’t have a good impression of Qi Yulin either.

But Luo Yue didn’t say anything and turned to the youngest girl and said: "Luo Xuan, what are your opinions?"

Luo Xuan said: "Big martial sister, I felt that I’ve learnt a lot in these two months outside. And I have a feeling that if I have another 2 or 3 months, I can completely look through the library of Chun An Uni. I believe that I can find what we need there. But if big martial sister feels that we should go back, I will listen to you."

Qi Yuling smiled and said: "Luo Yin martial sister, Luo Xuan is right. Sometimes, experiencing the outside world for a while and then go back for serene cultivation is better than constantly cultivating. I will take good care of these two martial sisters. Luo Yue martial sister, don’t worry."

Luo Xuan smiled but didn’t say anything. She thought different. She wouldn’t need this Yulin martial brother to take care of.

Luo Yue sighed, "Okay, we’ll go back after some more time. Luo Xuan, although you cultivate very fast, you still need to be careful. Although the people outside are weak, they are very cunning. It’s very easy to fall into their schemes. You need to take care of yourself."

"I know, big martial sister." Luo Xuan poked out her tongue.

Looking at Qi martial brother and Luo Fei disappearing very quickly, Luo Xuan looked confused at big martial sister and asked: "Martial sister, why did you change your mind? That's not like you."

Luo Yue sighed looking at Luo Fei who disappeared far off. After a long while, she said: "Luo Xuan martial sister, have you noticed something different about your Luo Fei martial sister?"

"Not really? Why, what’s wrong martial sister?" Luo Xuan asked in surprise.

Luo Yue frowned and said: "I only noticed later. Luo Fei has lost her virginity. If she goes back now, she won’t get away from the harsh punishment from the sect so I don’t know what to do either."

"What...…" Luo Xuan exclaimed. After some time she said: "Is it Qi martial brother? How can he do that?"

Luo Yue sighed and said: "It should be him. Qi Yulin looks very charming but I feel he’s not reliable and real. If he really loved Luo Fei martial sister, he wouldn’t take her virginity now. Sigh, Luo Fei really doesn’t know self love."

After pausing for a moment, Luo Yue continued: "Let’s not talk about that. Luo Xuan you must remember not to trust anyone so easily especially the men outside. They’re all very bad. You just need to search through the library in Chun An Uni. If something happens, you must remember to contact me."

"Mhm, martial sister I know. Even if you don’t tell me, I know how bad the people outside are. I’ve met one recently. Oh no, not good….." Luo Xuan seemed to have remembered something and screamed. She seemed very worried.

"What’s wrong, Luo Xuan." Luo Yue looked at Luo Xuan in surprise and asked.

Luo Xuan quickly said: "Uh… nothing, I have something urgent. I’ll be going first, martial sister. I’ll come find you when I have time." Then, Luo Xuan turned and left quickly.

She was really worried. She left that annoying guy next door the black dai wood as a bait for the ghost tonight. It was already 2-3 am now but she completely forgot about it.

Perhaps that Mo Ying was already completely dead. If that really was so, then she killed him. Although that man was disgusting, if he died due to her, she would feel very bad.


Just when Ye Mo reached the 9th floor, the sound disappeared and Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense, there was nothing on the 9th floor. Just when Ye Mo was about to look carefully, there seemed to be two shadows walking past to the 10th floor. After a brief moment, that walking sound appeared on the 10th floor. Ye Mo didn’t even think and sped to the 10th floor.

The 10th floor was very quiet but Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned a few faint shadows. If he didn’t have spirit sense, he wouldn’t have been able to discern this.

However, these few people were like dolls and stood in the center of the living room not moving at all.

Ye Mo knew that people had souls and after death, the souls would disappear into nature. As for whether there was reincarnation, Ye Mo didn’t know but he knew that the dead spirit couldn’t appear in day light. Unless it was a ghost cultivator. Ghost cultivator had a cultivation method so they couldn't be treated as normal people.

But there couldn’t be cultivation methods here much less ghost cultivator method. So how did the not yet dissipated souls stand there and not move?

Ye Mo scanned out his spirit sense but didn’t find anything. He believed these normal ghosts weren’t able to push Luo Xuan down. It meant that there was something above. Ye Mo came to the 11th floor.

But as soon as Ye Mo left the 10th floor, his spirit sense noticed those ghosts that didn’t move started to walk around and the footsteps were very loud. Perhaps it was the ghost of the previous owner of the 10th floor. He was harmed and his soul was shackled.

Ye Mo also saw a few ghosts at the 11th floor but they seemed more ferocious than the 10th floor ones. When they saw Ye Mo, they actually charged up as though they were going to devour Ye Mo. Before they even reached Ye Mo, the bleak wind already came.

Ye Mo sneered and threw out a few fireballs. There was a sharp shriek and the ghosts disappeared traceless. Although they were burnt by Ye Mo, Ye Mo knew they were far from as powerful as the one Luo Xuan met last night.

Ye Mo then came to the 12th floor. He already knew that these ghosts weren’t natural. It was probably someone farming these ghosts. It could be seen that this person was quite capable. Originally, people died like an extinguished candle. They would dissipate in the world to nothing.

But here, Ye Mo found someone who could control dead spirit and make it not dissipate and even condense. This was very strange.

At the 12th floor, Ye Mo found the black shadow that fought with Luo Xuan indeed.

This black shadow didn’t seem to react to Ye Mo’s arrival and Ye Mo wasn’t in a rush to attack it. He scanned his spirit sense out and soon found one corner of the main bedroom was different. There was a wardrobe, he couldn’t scan his spirit sense in.

Ye Mo didn’t even think and walked to this corner and threw out a fireball. He didn’t care about the black shadow in the middle. Although it was strong, it was nothing to Ye Mo. Other people couldn’t see it but it had nowhere to hide up from Ye Mo’s spirit sense.

And, Ye Mo knew that this black shadow was a ghoul formed artificially by someone. As for the other ghosts a few floors below, they should be the food for this fierce ghoul to make it grow.

Although he threw out a fireball, Ye Mo couldn’t help but to sigh. China had a great landscape and vast sort of things, there were all sorts of people. There were also countless methods of feeding and keeping ghosts. However, people in the cities just rarely encountered them. He didn’t expect to see someone overtly keeping ghosts in the city and grew out a rather strong one.

One could imagine how much souls were needed for this ghoul to be strong enough to beat yellow level middle stage martial artist. Souls weren’t easy to get. Even if you had means to collect ghosts, you needed to act on it immediately. But once a person dies, his soul would disappear immediately so these souls needed to be collected on the spot.

From this, it could be seen that the ghost keeper was a cruel person. Ye Mo’s killing intent rose, he threw out a few more fireballs.

Splash splash, the closet that kept his spirit sense out was broken and a woman wearing a large red robe stood out. Her face was pale and lips were vibrant red as though she was dead.