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303 Footprints That Appeared

Chapter 303: Footprints That Appeared

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Ye Mo frowned. Why did he feel something wasn’t right with this little girl. He wasn’t very friendly to her but she still gave him a peach wood sword.

Seeing as though Ye Mo didn’t quite believe her, Luo Xuan seemingly angry dumped the peach wood sword and left. Ye Mo thought, did he think wrongly of her? Girls were soft hearted after all. Was she really trying to protect him?

Ye Mo picked up the peach wood sword and scanned it with his spirit sense. Immediately, he sneered. He understood what was going on. This wasn’t a peach wood sword at all. It was a sword made from Black Dai wood.

Black Dai wood was very rare but Ye Mo knew it attracted ghosts. This wood grew in places with extreme yin chi and also contained Yin Fiend chi. The low level ghost cultivators in the cultivation realm liked using this material to cultivate.

Now that this girl gave this to him, the intentions were obvious. She wanted to use this to attract the ghost to his room. Although he didn’t know why, Ye Mo was sure the intentions weren’t good.

However, Ye Mo didn’t think she wanted to harm him. If she did, killing him would be so much easier in her opinion. There was no need to attract the ghost with the black dai wood. However, Ye Mo wouldn’t naively think that she wanted to get the thing down and annihilate it. If that was the case, she would hang it in her room not his.

No matter what, Ye Mo wasn’t going to take it. He took this and really wanted to hang this on her room and even wanted to hang his yin fiend bead there. With the yin fiend bead there, all sorts of ghosts and spirits would rush there. But Ye Mo didn’t want to do this. It wasn’t because he didn’t want her to get scared but he didn’t want to use the yin fiend bead.

What did she want to do? Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out. Luo Xuan sat in her room and drank some water while talking to herself: "Your fault for being such a bad person, I’ll scare you this once. But you’re also helping me out. When I get the ghost down, I will annihilate it. Otherwise, I’m really scared by myself."

Although Ye Mo’s attention was very focused, he couldn’t really hear what she said. She seemed to have said something about being scared. Did she want to annihilate the ghost but didn’t dare to do it herself so she purposely put the black dai wood in his room and when the ghost came, she would come and help. With him being there, she would be braver? If that was the case, then this was too funny.

Ye Mo didn’t know that his guess was spot on. Luo Xuan thought this exactly. Although she was a yellow level middle stage ancient martial arts cultivator, she was still a girl. And because she faced the evil spirit alone last night and almost fell to her death. If her qing gong wasn’t good, perhaps she would’ve died already.

So today, she wanted Ye Mo to be by the side to bolden her. And, Ye Mo was a man, he had strong yang chi. This would lower the ghost’s power.

Ye Mo thought for along time and couldn’t decided on anything so he casually dumped the black dai wood aside and went out to eat breakfast. Ye Mo rarely took the elevator, he liked to walk down along the stairs.

Usually, when he passed the 4th level, he would see Han Sicai and Cai Jingyou and have a chat but today when he passed the 4th floor, he saw the two moving things in a hurry. There were two women and a few kids helping out.

Were they moving? Ye Mo thought and asked: "Are you two moving away?"

Han Sicai saw Ye Mo and quickly came over: "Mo Ying brother, did nothing happen at your floor last night?"

Ye Mo subconsciously shook his head and said: "What thing? Nothing?" but as soon as he finished, he remembered Luo Xuan going upstairs last night. But Han Sicai shouldn’t be able to know such a thing.

Han Sicai looked around carefully and then whispered by Ye Mo’s ear: "Mo brother, you need to move out quickly. That ghost came again last night. There’s a small office at the 5th floor. For the first time, the boss stayed over and didn’t leave. In the morning, we found his dead body in the office. This building is very evil. Lao Cai and I are leaving today."

People died at the 5th level? No wonder when he came down, there seemed to be less people. Did that thing come down last night?

Ye Mo frowned. He decided to go up and have a look tonight. If there really was something unclean, then he would destroy it.

If people died a lot, then police would come frequently and that would disturb his peaceful life. Ye Mo agreed and was no longer in the mood to say anything to them. He went to the soy milk shop and called for a cup. Then, Luo Xuan came.

Ye Mo didn’t expect this woman to sit opposite him again and also asked for a cup of soy milk and two bean buns.

Ye Mo really wanted that Wu Young master to come and piss this little nun off again but he didn’t see any signs of him. It seemed that this Luo Xuan had some power and used some ways to make this young master unable to come to her.

Seeing Ye Mo ignore her and just eat, Luo Xuan could only say: "Although I gave you the peach wood sword, if anything happens at night, you need to call for me to help. Do you know someone died today at the 5th floor? I heard it’s..."

Ye Mo drank the cup of soy milk empty and interrupted her, "Do you know you’re really annoying? What’s my life or death got to do with you? I don’t need you to worry about me. I’m going."

"You…." Luo Xuan stood up in anger and looked at Ye Mo. She resisted her disgust for this guy and came to talk to him but he still used that attitude to her. If it wasn’t for the thing upstairs, she wouldn’t want to say one word in front of Ye Mo at all. She had decided to make sure this guy was scared shitless before she would go over. He was too annoying.

"Luo Xuan….." a girl ran over and saw Ye Mo standing opposite her. A sliver of surprise flashed across her eyes but she quickly stood by Luo Xuan and whispered something to her ears. Luo Xuan stood up immediately and didn’t even have time to drink the soy milk and left in a hurry with the girl.

Ye Mo scanned the girl. She was probably a normal student. There was no inner qi waves on her. However, he wondered what news that Luo Xuan heard that made her leave in such a hurry.

Although Ye Mo didn’t want to be bothered with Luo Xuan, since she messed with him and lived next door, Ye Mo wanted to go investigate and see exactly what she wanted.

After returning, Ye Mo cultivated for a while and took out the remaining few snow lotus seeds. If only he had a lotus life pill now! His wounds would recover immediately. Pity, he had used up the 3 lotus life pills. Although he still had thousand year snow lotus. It wasn’t so easy to concoct it into lotus life pill. Last time, he wasted almost half the ingredients. Now that he was injured, the success must be scarily low. If he wasted a few more snow lotus seeds, then it would be hard to find more.

Ye Mo took a lotus leaf and thought about it before eventually putting it in his mouth and chewing it. The leaf was good for concocting pills but it still had a large amount of impurities. When he was just injured, he didn’t dare to eat it because he didn’t have that much chi to refine the impurities.

But now, his wounds were going to recover in two days. Although he can refine the impurities, he didn’t want to waste the lotus leaf for that. After all, it was the same if he recovered two days earlier or later.

But due to this uncertain factor Luo Xuan, Ye Mo didn’t even dare to drag things on for a single day.

Although the leaf wasn’t as good as the lotus life seed in recovery, the effects were obvious for Ye Mo’s almost recovered wounds. It was only 6 hours and Ye Mo had not only fully recovered but his power also grew a little. His spirit sense could reach up to 150 radius.

Ye Mo ran his chi through another big meridian cycle and 12 small meridian cycles before standing up with a fresh spirit. Now that his wounds were gone, he could start concocting pills. But before that, Ye Mo still had to do something. He had to destroy whatever was upstairs as he felt this thing was affecting him.

Ye Mo originally thought that since Luo Xuan gave the black dai wood sword to him, she would come back at night to catch the ghost. But it was almost 10pm but there was no sound from next door. This Luo Xuan actually didn’t come back tonight.

Ye Mo’s face went cold. It seemed this woman really wanted him to die. If it was a normal person with the black dai wood hanging in the room with a ghost above, how can he live? This woman’s heart was much more cruel than her looks.

At 10 pm, sound came from upstairs again. This time, it wasn’t a knocking sound but footsteps.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out. He found that the lift that stayed at the 8th floor went up and was about to reach the top level.

"This is quite interesting." Ye Mo sneered. He jumped on the balcony and went to the 9th floor. He wouldn’t crawl onto the balcony like Luo Xuan. One wind control technique and he was standing on the balcony of the 9th floor.

Under the dim moonlight, there were clear footprints on the balcony. Ye Mo at first thought they were left behind by Luo Xuan last night.

But soon, Ye Mo realized something was wrong because there were footprints along beside Luo Xuan’s. However, the footprints appeared very suddenly and walked to the window before disappearing. The footprints were larger than Luo Xuan’s but were still clearly a woman’s. Who was she?