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Chapter 296: leaked

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looking at Dong Qing who was still vomiting, Ye Mo casually killed Cha Rulong with a wind blade and dumped him with the rest of the Cha family people. Then, he threw out tens of fire balls and burnt the entire house to dust.

"Huh, you….." Dong Qing happened to turn around now and saw the fireball Ye Mo made. She was truly shocked. This was out of her comprehension.

Who was he? Dong Qing looked dumbly at Ye Mo. She finally believed that there were unimaginable masters in this world.

Ye Mo looked at the dazed Dong Qing and took out an ancient martial arts booklet and a porcelain vase and gave them to Dong Qing: "This is taken from a black level peak stage master and these pills are to assist in cultivation. These are now yours for showing me the way.

Without these pills, you might not get anywhere even in decades considering your age. But with these pills, that will be different. These medical pills are far from real pills but they can let you reach black stage within 5 years.

And one thing is, we’re both really in danger now. I believe you have realized that as a hitman. It’s best if you leave as soon as possible."

Then, Ye Mo thought and gave two fireball charms to Dong Qing, "These are two charms. They can save your life. In time of danger, just throw them at the enemy and say Lin." As for other things, I won’t help you. Go now, it’s all up to you if you can escape from Earth Fiend. I think your organization is already starting to suspect you. You should know in your heart too. I think your organization already know about your relationship with Cheng Qing."

Dong Qing finally reacted and bowed to Ye Mo: "Thank you Ye brother for saving my life. If I don’t die, I will pay you back."

Ye Mo waved his hand. "No need for that, plus, it’s not even certain if you can escape from Earth Fiend. They will hunt us fully soon. It’s completely your fate if you can run away. Hurry up and go now. I still have some businesses."

Dong Qing bowed again and quickly left Cha family and disappeared.

Seeing her disappear, he knew that since Dong Qing was so smart and her sixth sense was so accurate, she would quite possibly escape from Earth Fiend. If she still couldn’t escape, then he couldn’t really help her. He did what he could.

The reason Ye Mo knew he was in danger was because he knew that the Cha family gave the jade woman plate to Earth Fiend as a deal. Perhaps the Earth Fiend wouldn’t disclose the Cha family got the blood coral but they would if they knew he got it. Perhaps at this moment, the Earth Fiend already knew something happened to the Cha family and had dispatched large numbers of hitman while spreading the news of the blood coral wide.

Although Earth Fiend was an international organization, they were connected to the hidden sects and could notify the hidden sects about the blood coral. In the eyes of ancient martial arts cultivators, the blood coral was much more important than the blue flower blue leaf grass Ye Mo got last time. It’s said that the blood coral could be made into soup that allowed earth level to reach great heaven level.

However, the Qiao family and others didn’t even know how valuable it was and tried to use it to ascend to yellow level. It was such a waste of something so valuable.

If it was just some hidden sect martial artists coming to rob it, Ye Mo wouldn’t care but it involved too much. Once too many people came, Ye Mo wasn’t sure if he could escape. His flying sword wasn’t invincible. Once people knew his fighting style, they only needed 2 to 3 earth levels to control his flying sword and have 2 more earth levels surround him. Then, he would be dead for sure. Even if they didn’t control his flying sword, they only needed to gang up on him and his spirit chi wouldn’t be enough. Once he used up too much spirit chi, it would be the time he died.

Ye Mo knew that without a flying sword, his real power was only about the same as an earth level elementary stage. The reason he could easily kill earth level and subjugate Zhang Zhihui was completely because he had a flying sword and spirit sense which the ancient martial artists didn’t know about.

The gap between dao cultivation and ancient martial arts grew bigger the later. It got until eventually, ancient martial artists were just insects in the eyes of cultivators. But in the early stages, dao cultivators were no match for ancient martial artists. Ye Mo was in this early stage, he hasn’t even become a dao cultivator completely.

If Ye Mo wasn’t involved in martial arts a little and his power level was decent, he would’ve been long dead.

Ye Mo knew the earth fiend did things fast and now that he was probably exposed, there was probably a lot of hidden sect masters rushing towards Liang Pu.

But he couldn’t leave now. This yin fiend place was too precious. A yin fiend place like this definitely had the yin fiend bead. He wouldn’t pass by such thing. Although he had no use for it now, this yin fiend bead was very useful for ghost cultivators and making artifacts. Yin fiend bead was worth a city and was rare even in the cultivation realm much less on earth. In the cultivation realm, the yin fiend bead was worth much more than a blood coral.

Plus, this bead was very harmful to ordinary people. It would benefit others and himself if he took it. If he didn’t take it now, perhaps someone would recognize it and by the next time he came, it would be gone. Ye Mo believed it would only take him an hour or two to take the yin fiend bead. He didn’t believe he would be surrounded in one or two hours in Liang Pu.


Far away in a luxurious private mansion in Hong Kong, a man in blue pyjamas with a face of bleakness sat in a grandiose lounge with a hand holding a yellow bug.

If Cheng Qing saw this, he would immediately understand this bug was the one Ye Mo took off him but it somehow got here.

It seemed the bug flew a long distance and was quite fatigued. An almost nude maid brought in a plate of fruit and milk and walked over lightly. She walked in front of the man and knelt, carrying the plate with her head and saying in a soft voice: "Master, please have some breakfast."

The bleak man picked up the fruit plate and put it aside. The kneeling girl looked up in surprise. This had never happened before. Even when the master needed their service, it wouldn’t be at breakfast time.

This man dropped the bug and the bug quickly burrowed inside the woman’s body. The woman screamed and fell on the ground. Soon, the blood from her face was all gone and she became a pale body in a few moments. But immediately, a man came and carried the body away.

The Gu bug flew back in the man’s hands. However, the bug wasn’t in a withered state anymore and became lively.

The blue clothed man got up and said bleakly: "Cheng Qing was killed and no news got back. The thing in Liang Pu must’ve gone out of control. This Ye Mo really exceeds my expectations. I wonder how a Gu would be like after feeding it someone like him. Let Sha One contact the hidden sects. Tell them about the blood coral. Earth Fiend will fully cooperate with them. I just want Ye Mo, dead or alive."

"Yes." Someone in the corner replied and left immediately.

"Hmph, this Cha family is really useless and they call themselves semi-hidden family. They can’t even keep a mere blood coral. I just told them to keep for a week and they can’t even do that." The blue clothed man snorted.

If Cha Rulong knew about this, perhaps he would crawl out from the ground and say it was their Cha family who robbed the blood coral and gave the earth fiend the jade woman plate in order to shut their mouths. Even so, this man still said the blood coral was placed in the Cha family temporarily.

Perhaps Cha Rulong never expected this to happen. The hidden sects stayed hidden but if they came out, they would fight for interest. With the foundation of the Cha family, they would be feeding an organization like Earth Fiend free benefits if they tried to scheme with them. Even if Ye Mo didn’t take their blood coral, it would eventually become the Earth Fiend’s.

Why did the semi hidden family fall? It was because their brains were rusting and still wanted to live in a busy city. If the Cha family didn’t have a yin fiend place, they would’ve been long annihilated. Or if someone knew about the yin fiend bead’s worth, the Cha family would’ve been long devoured as well.

News of the blood coral spread amongst the hidden sects.

Sometimes, as long as the news got out, it spread very fast. Countless hidden sect masters rushed towards Liang Pu this small city. The Yu Association auction couldn’t attract everyone but the appearance of the blood coral almost got all the hidden sect masters coming.

Now, the hidden sect martial artists hadn’t had someone reach great heaven state in almost a few hundred years except for the inner hidden sects.

The real inner hidden sects rarely appeared before the world so the people outside didn’t know if they had great heaven level masters. But the outer hidden sects and the semi hidden sects, the latest great heaven state person would have to be traced back to the beginning of the Ming dynasty, the old Taoist Zhang Sanfeng.

TL Note: Zhang Sanfeng is the creator of Taichi