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Chapter 294: Seen through

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Liang Pu city was originally just a small city but it had been developing rapidly in the past decade. It had already become a medium sized city and still had room for improvement.

Although a lot of ancient martial artists knew about the Jiang Nan Cha family, even some people from the hidden sects knew about them, they weren’t famous in Liang Pu. The only famous thing was those old houses of the Cha family. The only reason many people knew about the Cha family was due to those old houses.

The houses weren’t worth much when the city was just a small city but when Liang Pu became a medium sized city and had rails connected to Luo Cang, the housing prices rose rapidly. It’s said that the Cha family houses were worth countless times more. And, the houses were at the golden place in Liang Pu so they were worth more.

Due to the rise in Liang Pu land and the Cha family houses were at optimum place, it attracted a lot of land developers. There were a lot of developers who wanted this land but the only one who had the capability was the Hong Hua corporation. There was no land the Hong Hua corporation couldn’t get. So when the Hong Hua corporation was checking out the Cha family houses, many people were waiting for the Cha family to move.

But what everyone didn’t expect was that when this was just brought up, the Hong Hua corporation cancelled the plan in half a month. There was no other reason but all of the authorities of the corporation disappearing in one night. Even most of their families disappeared.

This created a huge uproar and after government investigation, it was because the Hong Hua corporation had been tax avoiding and corrupt that they feared apprehension and left the country in one night with their wealth. Whether this is true or not, no one dared to make a move on the Cha family houses again.


When Dong Qing and Ye Mo arrived at the Cha family, they received a warm greeting by the leader of the family, Cha Rulong at least superficially.

When Ye Mo first stepped foot in the building, he felt a strong yin chi or perhaps earth yin fiend chi was more accurate. It wasn’t a good idea to live in houses with such a strong aggressive chi. But what made Ye Mo more bewildered was that although the Cha family was big, he didn’t see much family members there. There were only a few servants and most of them looked emaciated and tawny. They were obviously affected by the fiend chi here.

It seemed the Cha family didn’t live here and the houses were only a place that the Cha family cultivated. To be exact, the Cha family didn’t want to leave the fiend chi behind. It seemed that the Cha fmaily’s ancient martial arts cultivation was related to earth fiend. They obviously weren’t good people.

The backyard of the houses was barricaded, and foreigners were not allowed in. But Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense and knew that there were no people there other than some ancient martial arts cultivators.

"Mrs Dong, last time, you left without saying goodbye. I really didn’t know who you were. I apologize for that now." Cha Rulong said with a face of guilt but his guilt was gone immediately. Then, he turned to Ye Mo and said: "You must be Mr Cheng Qing. Please, come inside."

Then, Cha Rulong’s smile grew more hospitable. Cha Rulong looked like he was in 50’s. His face was white without a beard. He was at yellow level middle stage and seemed to have a solid foundation.

Ye Mo looked at Cha Rulong’s expression. Although it immediately returned to a hospitable smile, he still saw the shock when Cha Rulong saw him. Although he changed his face slightly, it wasn’t something special. Ye Mo was sure that Cha Rulong wouldn’t be able to tell.

Since Cha Rulong shouldn’t be able to tell that he was masqueraded but was still shocked when he saw him. The only explanation was that Cha Rulong recognized he wasn’t Cheng Qing. Or, it meant that he had seen Cheng Qing before or his picture.

Ye Mo didn’t expect the Earth Fiend to be so meticulous. They even sent Cheng Qing’s picture over to Cha Rulong. The only explanation for this was that either the killer was being abandoned by the organization or the hirer was very intimate with the hitman organization.

It seemed that Cheng Qing and Dong Qing’s relationship was already known by their organization. Pity these two thought the organization didn’t know their relationship.

"Indeed, I’m Cheng Qing." Even though Cha Rulong recognized he wasn’t Cheng Qing, he might as well play along with the act.

Cha Rulong had a face full of smile, "I’m Cha Rulong. It’s an honour that you two can come to our Cha family."

As Cha Rulong spoke, he already led Ye Mo and Dong Qing into the guest quarters.

As soon as Ye Mo came in, he scanned the whole place with his spirit sense. When he and Dong Qing first came in, there was two people at the door. Inside, there were 3 people. Other than Cha Rulong, there were two normal martial artists. Ye Mo noticed them. They weren’t killers.

But when Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense underground, he immediately understood what was going on. The ground was hollow. There were two people each hiding under the left and right guest chairs. Ye Mo noticed that they weren’t ordinary killers. They were probably earth rank killers.

TL Note: the earth rank for killers does not mean they have earth level power. It’s just a status within the hitman organization.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and soon found another earth level killer hidden at the roof. There was also another killer underground. This wasn’t the first time Ye Mo was in this situation. This was far from being able to threaten him.

They actually sent out so many killers to him. This Earth Fiend really didn’t underestimate him. Did they already know he was acting as Cheng Qing? That was impossible. Even Cha Rulong only realized he wasn’t Cheng Qing when Cha Rulong saw him. The only explanation was that they were sure he would follow Dong Qing here to rob the blood coral. These hitman would attack when he attacked.

Now that Cha Rulong saw he wasn’t Cheng Qing, he only needed to think a little and would know he was Ye Mo. Even though he changed his face, Ye Mo was sure he would be recognized as they probably had seen his picture.

But since the Cha family found out, perhaps they would attack immediately. Ye Mo stopped in the guest quarters and didn’t sit down. If he sat down, the hitman would attack immediately and he wouldn’t see the blood coral.

Ye Mo didn’t understand why the Earth Fiend would use so much power to kill him when he just killed two of their hitmen. But if they think a mere few assassins could kill him, they underestimate him too much.

Dong Qing was rather vigilant. Seeing Ye Mo not sitting down, she also stayed by Ye Mo’s side and didn’t walk forward.

"Please have a seat you two." Seeing the two didn’t sit down, Cha Rulong invited once again.

Ye Mo smiled: "Mr Cha, we’re here to help, although the blood coral is very important for the Cha family, it’s also very important to us. Is the blood coral still here?"

Ye Mo knew he shouldn’t be saying this but since they already knew who he was, there’s no point for him to hide. It was important to see the blood coral first.

As soon as Ye Mo said this, Dong Qing immediately understood. Ye Mo’s words obviously made them doubt. Their status didn’t have the right to ask about the blood coral but Ye Mo asked about it. With Ye Mo’s cunning, he wouldn’t make such a mistake. The only reason was that Ye Mo knew their identities were exposed.

Although Dong Qing didn’t know how, she was on the same string as Ye Mo so she immediately said: "That’s right. We have been contacted by our uppers to protect the blood coral so we need to confirm if the blood coral is still here."

Ye Mo nodded to himself, this Dong Qing was really smart, knowing what he meant. Now that they said this, they might actually be able to see the blood coral.

"okay, please have a seat, I’ll get people to bring the blood coral for your examination immediately." Cha Rulong then said to the person behind him: "Bring the blood coral here immediately.

They didn’t seem to worry at all of being known as the culprit behind the Qiao family massacre, nor did they doubt Ye Mo.

"Please have a seat you two." Cha Rulong said to Ye Mo and Dong Qing once again.

Ye Mo smiled and just sat down to the chair next to him.

Cha Rulong saw Ye Mo’s actions and rejoiced but Ye Mo didn’t seem to see it at all. The moment he sat down, his flying sword already pierced into the ground along the foot of the chair.

Before the killer could move, Ye MO’s flying sword severed his head. The Gu bug inside his body didn’t even get a chance to escape.

Then, Ye Mo controlled his flying sword and killed the hitman underneath Dong Qing. Just when Ye Mo and Dong Qing sat down, these two killers were already killed.

Even so, Ye Mo’s flying sword didn’t stop. He continued to control the flying sword and killed the killer at the door rapidly and then rose up into the roof and killed another hitman there.

4 killers were killed in such a short time by Ye Mo. Ye Mo sneered, in the wake of absolute power, all ambushes are useless.

But when Ye Mo took back his flying sword, his face was a little pale. After all, he killed four in a row very rapidly. It was tough on his chi controlling the flying sword.