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290 Found the clue

Chapter 290: Found the clue

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After Wang Yanming and her friends left, Ye Mo asked: "Tell me, what news did you hear about the blood coral?"

Shuai She rejoiced. He originally just wanted to suck up to Ye Mo and didn’t expect Ye qianbei to be so interested in this news. He quickly said: "Yesterday, an underling of mine was drinking at Lu Wang bar and heard the conversation between two people."

Then, Shuai She looked at Ye Mo, seeing that he was listening intently, he decided to reward that underling who got the news.

In his excitement, Shuai She continued: "One of the two was a woman. She told the other person that, that person was too strong, if the blood coral was related to that person, then she wouldn’t intervene. She also said she didn’t want to continue this mission. Even if this mission was done and she could be promoted to the Earth department, she didn’t want to do it anymore. She said that that person wasn’t someone she could kill. That man said that the organization would hunt her if she left mid-mission. Then, that woman sunk into silence and didn’t say anything.

Earth department? Ye Mo thought of the girl called Dong Qing whom he marked with his spirit sense. She should be from the Earth Fiend, a human level killer. Was that woman her? But why would she be here, and if it really was Dong Qing, how could a human level killer from the Earth Fiend leave such a big clue, allowing a small hoodlum to get this news?

Ye Mo thought of this and frowned. Shuai She saw this and his elated mood began to sunk. He didn’t know why Ye Mo would frown at this news and just when he was getting nervous, Ye Mo asked: "How did your man get this news?"

So that was it, Shuai She quickly said: "Wang Congui just said he heard the news, but he didn’t say how. I’ll call him over immediately."

Then, Shuai She saw that Ye Mo didn’t react so he called outside, "Get Wang Conggui to come here immediately."

Wang Conggui came here very fast. It was just a few minutes and he was already here. Seeing Shuai She, he quickly put on a smile and said: "Big boss, you need me for something?"

Shuai She nodded and said: "This is Ye qian bei. He has something to ask you. You need to reply carefully. If you’re not, don’t blame me then."

Seeing his boss' serious eyes, Wang Conggui quickly nodded and said: "Yes, Ye qianbei, please ask."

"You heard about the blood coral from the Lu Wang bar?" Ye Mo asked.

Wang Congui gasped a breath of relief. He thought it was going to be something else. He quickly said: "Yes, qian bei, I heard about it in the Lu Wang bar. At the time I was drinking and there were two people talking in the room next door and I heard everything clearly…"

Ye Mo sneered and knocked the table: "You are lying. If you keep lying, don’t blame me for what’s going to happen next…."

Shuai She stood up and slapped Wang Conggui, "You don’t want to fucking live! How dare you lie to Ye qianbei?"

"Ahhhh…." Wang Conggui was slapped rolling away but he didn’t dare to wipe the blood from his mouth. He didn’t get how this Ye qianbei knew he was lying.

But that wasn’t important anymore, what was important was that if he kept lying, then perhaps his boss would really kill him. Wang Conggui knelt and begged: "Big boss, have mercy! Everything I said is real. I just didn’t hear it from next door. I know a manager of the bar and last time when it was renovating, I put two extremely hidden cameras in the wall.

I wanted to use it to sneakily record some things and use them to blackmail people. Yesterday, one man and woman got in the room. I thought something was going to happen but they searched the room for a long time and didn’t find anything so they said those words. Big boss, qianbei, everything I said is real."

Ye Mo nodded. It seemed that this Wang Conggui had some capabilities. However, no matter how good he was, how could Dong Qing not discover the camera he installed. If Dong Qing only had such skills, then the so-called earth fiend killer was only so so.

"Then what happened?" Ye Mo continued asking.

Wang Conggui didn’t dare to hide anything and replied: "In the next hour or so, the two didn’t speak and just drew with paper. They didn’t even touch each other's hands and left. I didn’t get anything valuable."

Ye Mo was speechless. Wang Conggui thought bed action was the only valuable thing. If there was no bed action, then it was all useless. This guy was an unique one.

Just when Wang Conggui didn’t know what the qian bei was going to do with him, Ye Mo said: "okay, bring me to that bar and see. Then show me that recording."

"Yes, I’ll call my friend immediately and tell him to bring the recording." Wang Conggui was very cunning. He knew that this Ye qianbei wasn’t talking about those adult movies and wanted to know the content of the two’s conversation.


Lu Wang bar was probably the biggest bar around. When Ye Mo came in, he found that this bar was indeed recently renovated. No wonder Wang Conggui could install cameras inside.

Led by Wang Conggui’, Ye Mo went into the room with the cameras installed. He looked at the place where the cameras were installed and couldn’t help to applaud for Wang Conggui’s cunning. If he didn’t have spirit sense, the cameras would be very hard to find.

Wang Conggui put the camera on the wallpaper. Not only was it small but the camera lens was the black seed of the flower. There were so many flower seeds on the wallpaper. Who would compare them one by one? This guy was a natural.

Wang Conggui and his friends both looked shady but because the recording was from last night, it hadn’t been wiped.

Ye Mo turned on the computer and checked the recording. The woman who appeared was Dong Qing indeed. There was another handsome youth, middle build and short hair. This youth had a worried look. The two searched the room. From the lens, it could be seen that both were thinking about other things so the search was careless.

What they said was exactly as what Shuai She had said. But then, they didn’t talk. They were drawing something on paper. The image was covered by Dong Qing’s back and Ye Mo couldn’t see clearly. Until they left, most of the time, they were drawing on the paper and didn’t talk anymore.

When they packed the paper away, Ye Mo saw there was a coral that protruded at the side of the sea. He seemed to have seen this coral before not long ago when he came from the sea.

He got some leads and stood up saying to Shuai She: "Good, lucky I had you this time. You did very well. Next time I see Jiao Bianyi, I will tell him. I still have things now so I’ll be going first."

Shuai She’s eyes were full of joy and he quickly said more polite words until sending Ye Mo out. Until, he saw Ye Mo’s back disappeared, he still seemed like he couldn’t believe it.

He could come to San Ya completely because he had been with Jiao Bianyi for so many years and was given a chance. But now, it was different, he actually unintentionally got on the good side of Ye qian bei. He would be rising into the heavens in front of Jiao boss.

The more he thought the more Shuai She was excited and turned around to his henchmen and said: "You guys must treat those friends of Ye qianbei well. If anyone of you dares to be rude to them, then don’t blame me."


It was more than 10 at night. Ye Mo was fast and came to the beach in 20 minutes. He found there was a big coral there indeed. Ye Mo jumped and landed on the coral.

There was nothing on it and no people but Ye Mo was happy. He felt the spirit sense marker he left. He left this on Dong Qing before. With his current power, as long as Dong Qing was withing 5 km, he would be able to feel it.

And now, Ye Mo felt that spirit sense marker was in the sea and it was about to leave his spirit sense range. Ye Mo didn’t dare to wait and took out a wooden board. He stood on it and rapidly made way towards his spirit sense marker.

It was only a few minutes and a white yacht appeared in front of Ye Mo. Ye Mo went over quickly and found there was an old man in his 50’s on guard. The yacht was parked there and not moving.

Ye Mo got on the boat and scanned in. There were only two people inside. They were Dong Qing and the youth he saw.

"Dong Qing, is there really someone this strong? I’ve heard of the hidden sect masters but someone you described is too absurd. This time, the authority even sent Torence. He’s Earth rank yellow level mater. Perhaps, we can gamble once. Plus, last time at the race, how can you be sure it was Ye Mo who did things? Plus, do you really think he can change the bomb under your eyes?" that youth seemed to have thought for a while before saying hesitantly.

Dong Qing’s face was pale and she shook her head: "Cheng Qing, you haven’t been in touch with him. You don’t understand how strong he is. Now that I think about it, I’m actually quite scared. I’m sure he did it right under my eyes but I wasn’t able to see it."