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289 All the world knows

Chapter 289: All the world knows

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"Okay, then don’t stay here anymore." Ye Mo really din’t have the mood to play with these hoodlums but so much things happened just from a meal. He walked up and gave another few slaps.

The roaring man didn’t even get time to react and was slapped down on the ground again, spitting out teeth just like that youth.

"Okay, okay, you’re the first one to be so cocky coming to Lu Wang Jiao. If you have balls, wait for my boss." Then, Shuai Liu picked up a phone and called.

"You don’t need to call. I will go see your big boss. To be honest, you have too many big bosses." Ye Mo shook his head. If it wasn’t for Wang Yanming, he would go as soon as he beat them up but now, if he did, Wang Yanming and her friends would be done. So, he had to do things cleanly.

The coarse voiced man heard Ye Mo’s words and looked at him in surprise. After a moment, he laughed cruelly and said: "Okay, you have balls in deed." Then, he struggled to get up and said to the two cloneys behind him: "Bring bald guy back."

Due to the fight, all the people eating here had left. Ye Mo turned back and said to Wang Yanming and them: "Go back first. I will deal with things here."

Although Liu Jia was shocked, she immediately said: "Ye Mo, you can’t go with them. These people will kill. Let’s go quickly."

"No need. I know what I’m doing. You guys go. Oh by the way, Wang Yanming, do you have news about Shi Xiu?" Ye Mo remembered what he was going to ask.

Wang Yanming dazed for a moment. She really couldn’t understand how Ye Mo had the feeling to ask about Shi Xiu now but she still replied: "Something seemed to have happened in Shi Xiu’s family. He only did a make up exam after graduation. If you want to find him, you can go to the on year graduation gathering. He quite possibly will go."

"Something happened in his house?" Ye Mo was beginning to worry for Shi Xiu. It seemed he needed to go to this graduation reunion.

"Hurry up and drive. keep staring and I will kick again." Ye Mo’s mood wasn’t well after knowing about Shi Xiu.

Shuai Liu almost choked. Hearing Ye Mo’s tone, it was as though Ye Mo was the hoodlum and he was the one being harassed. He thought about this depressingly and received another kick on his back. At the same time, Ye Mo told him to drive. This Ye Mo guy was so cocky. Just be wait till he gets to the HQ. If he won’t make Ye Mo lose half his life, he wouldn’t budge.

"Ye Mo, are you really going to go with thse people." Wang Yanming asked worriedly. She wasn’t dumb. She knew what Ye Mo meant. She was afraid that after he left, they would be taken upon by vengeance. Wang Yanming looked at Ye Mo again and just realized that despite being classmates with him for 4 years, she never seemed to really understand him.

Liu Jia walked over: "Yanming, go back with Yu Tao first. I started this, I will go with Ye Mo."

"No, if we’re going, we go together." Wang Yanming immediately rebuked Liu Jia’s suggestion.

Ye Mo saw these people were quite loyal friends and said: "Okay, then let’s go together. We’re just going for a cup of tea anyway."

"Are you coming or not?" Shuai Liu wasn't happy about being kicked several times. He made up his mind, even if these people didn’t want to go, he would manage to let them go.

Ye Mo kicked on Shuai Liu’s back again until he buried his face in the ground. "Did I allow you to talk? Hurry up and drive." Ye Mo said coldly.


The HQ Shuai Liu said was only a simple meeting place. It seemed this power faction was still growing. Ye Mo and them just walked in and a few people already sealed their exit and closed all the doors.

Liu Jia and them had never seen such a scene and immediately tensed up following Ye Mo closely. Ye Mo’s previous performance meant that he was a great fighter.

"These few young people have balls. Although our Western Sand just got here, we’re not something that small fries can bully." Ye Mo just walked into the main hall and a plain voice sounded.

"Big brother, it’s this man. He’s very cocky and beat out half of bald’s teeth. He even said he would come for you here." Shuai Liu quickly exaggerated.

Western Sand? Ye Mo knew there was a Northern Sand. He also knew Western Sand but it was much smaller than Northern Sand. He even met the big boss of Western Sand, Jiao Bianyi. He didn’t know if this Western Sand came from Hong Kong. If it did, Jiao Bianyi’s power was expanding quite rapidly.

Ye Mo walked in and saw the middle aged man sitting in the centre and immediately knew this was Jiao Bianyi’s Western Sand. Because when he rushed into the big boss meeting at Hong Kong, this man was right behind Jiao Bianyi.

However, the one in Western Sand who gave Ye Mo the deepest impression was Peng Yang. This guy was not bad but he followed Jiao Bianyi.

"No matter if my balls are big or not, you have no right to talk to me. Even Jiao Bianyi doesn’t dare to sit and talk to me like this. It seems your balls are bigger than mine." Ye Mo said coldly.

The middle aged man heard Ye Mo talk about Jiao Bianyi and immediately stood up anxiously. He was only a fighter for Jiao Bianyi. Recently, due to Nan Qing and Metal River both declining, their Western Sand had the chance to come to mainland to expand their interests. However, he didn’t expect this young man to know Jiao Bianyi. He had to be careful.

"You…. You are Ye qian bei…. I ... wan bei is Shuai She, I’ve been followed Jiao boss." This middle aged man finally recognized Ye Mo. When Ye Mo killed as he smiled and caught a bullet with his bare hands, even Metal River had to carefully stay with him. His big boss took it as an honour to have spoken with Ye Mo.

How could he not know about Ye Mo. He never even wanted to mess with Ye Mo. His teeth were already shivering. Shuai She knew that it was only a piece of cake if Ye Mo wanted to kill him.

He no longer dared to sit on top and quickly ran over bowing down to Ye Mo. But he soon understood who the source of the trouble was. Shuai She walked in front of Shuai Liu and gave him a few slaps while kicking SHuai Liu out many meters.

Shuai Liu sat on the ground looking at his boss in shock. He had been quite heavily applauded by his big boss. Why did his boss hit him without asking him? Was is because of this Ye Mo? Big boss called him qian bei. What was this?

Wang Yanming and the friends were more shocked. They didn’t expect things to be so comedic. They thought they would lose a layer of skin at least if not die but immediately, the boss was so respectful to Ye Mo.

Shuai She quickly bowed to Ye Mo and said: "Ye qian bei, please sit."

Until Ye Mo sat at the very top did Shuai She breathe smoothly. He also said politely to Wang Yanming and her friends: "You are my honorable guests. Please sit."

Invited to sit and enjoy tea, other than Ye Mo who was still calm, Liu Jia and his friends were confused. But, they also knew that this was all because of Ye Mo. Wang Yanming couldn’t understand Ye Mo even more. How did he make these people so polite.

Shuai She seated them before roaring to Shuai Liu: "Piss off! Break baldy’s leg. You face the wall and repent in kneeling. How dare you attack Ye qian bei? I think you don’t want to live."

Shuai Liu was full of wronged feeling thinking how would I know he was Ye qian bei. When he first came in, you also said the young people these days were quite bold but now you changed so fast. Even though he was thinking that, he didn’t dare to say it.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said: "Okay, this thing ends here but I don’t want it happens again. Otherwise, I don’t mind squashing this department."

"Yes, yes…. Ye qian bei don’t worry. We came here to do proper business." SHuai She quickly said. He felt his back was full of sweat. He didn’t think Ye Mo was bluffing. Even if Ye Mo said he would squash western sand, he would still not dare to doubt it.

He heard that even Metal River and Nan Qing were destroyed by Ye Mo, although Western Sand was growing rapidly, they were far from being able to match against Nan Qing and Metal River.

Ye Mo wouldn’t care if these people were doing proper business or not. It was irrelevant to him. If it wasn’t for Wang Yanming and her friends, he wouldn’t even come today.

"Ye qian bei, I have an important message to report to you…." Shuai She knew that Ye Mo’s impression of him wasn’t too good already, he needed to get on Ye Mo’s good side.

"Oh, what is it?" Ye Mo knew Shuai She’s intentions but he didn’t mind. He didn’t have the time to care about these people. Since this was done, he was prepared to leave.

Shuai She put on a smile and walked beside Ye Mo: "qian bei should know about the blood coral right? I heard it’s very useful for ancient martial artists. Qiao family was exterminated due to it but not long ago, a small henchmen of mine heard about it at a bar…"

"what?" Ye Mo sprung up but he immediately stopped SHuai She’s words and turned to Wang Yanming and them: "You guys can go back first. There’s no more trouble here. No one would dare to go for you in the future."

"Yes, yes, don’t worry. I’ll get someone to drive you guys back."

Shuai She heard Ye Mo’s words and immediately said politely to Wang Yanming and them.