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279 Conflict Resolved

Chapter 279: Conflict Resolved

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"I’m getting some payback." Ye Mo said and a curved sword suddenly appeared in his hands.

Song Qiming looked at Ye Mo not knowing where his curved sword appeared from. But immediately, he reacted and said in a shaky voice: "You, you are Ye Mo?"

"That’s right. You’re very smart. You know you owe me. It’s just that I’ve been busy lately and only had time for this today." Ye Mo’s voice was very cold.

Song Qiming was the leader of a family. Although he was very worried, he soon forced himself to calm down, "Young master Ye, the thing between our family and you is a complete misunderstanding. Although it’s a misunderstanding, I’ve completely dispersed the Song family to show my apology to you. If you can let the Song family go once, I’m willing to swear that from today on, our Song family will just be a dog of yours."

"What a big misunderstanding!" Ye Mo sneered, "I’m not someone who exterminates. I’ve let your Song family go on more than one occasion but you challenged my bottom line. You dare to harm even Qingxue and Beiwei. You even made my sister harm me. I’ll let you die with a clear mind. But don’t worry, those vermin breed of you Song family, I won’t leave one behind if I see one."

Song Qiming’s face had the look of extreme desperation for life and said desperately: "That had nothing to do with our Song family. It was all Dongfang Xi’s plan. Our Song family never…."

Before he finished, he could no longer say anything anymore. Ye Mo had shattered Song Qiming’s aorta with his fist. Even as he died, he still had the look of trying to explain something.

Ye Mo didn’t use a sword to kill him. The sword was just to scare him. There were no marks on both the inside and outside of Song Qiming’s body.

Even though Ye Mo did this, many people would still guess he killed Song Qiming but Ye Mo was still going to do this. Sometimes, even though everyone knew, he still needed to put up a show.

If Song Qiming was killed by him blatantly, this thing couldn’t be suppressed. After all, Song Qiming was an influential person.

He threw Song QIming next to the woman. Ye Mo killed Song Yuanyi and Song Qishen next. There were only these 3 important people in this mansion. Although there were still some maids and gardeners, Ye Mo never wanted to kill everyone. He didn’t even kill the guards.

As for Song Yuanyi and Song Qishen, Ye Mo just burnt them to ash. He only left Song Qiming’s body.

Although he didn’t kill all of the Song family’s direct descendents, Ye Mo still felt a lot better. He had been constantly hunted by the Song family and now he finally killed a few leaders of the family. Then, Ye Mo headed towards where Tang Jing was. He wanted to tell her that he would bring her to Beiwei.

However, what Ye Mo didn’t expect was that Tang Jing actually suicided. He felt a little sad. Tang Jing was a tragic woman and didn’t even achieve some small aspirations in the end. He wished she would meet a good person next life.

Ye Mo silently burned Tang Jing’s body and used a jade box to hold her ashes. He would give it to Beiwei next time.

After leaving the Song family, Ye Mo didn’t go find Ye Ling. If he did now, it would be blatantly telling everyone that he killed the people at the Song family.


The second day, news got out that Song Qiming and his neice’s wife were naked on the bed together and Song Qiming died of over excitement. Then, the first in command Song Yuanyi disappeared. The Song family fell into a deeper abyss after dispersing. The Song family of the five big families of China was like the sun of dusk, slowly falling down.

At this moment, Ye Mo had left Beijing. He went on the train towards Xian mountain. His destination was sharp sea corner, the place Qiao Gang and them found the blood coral. It was on his way so he also wanted to see how Fang Nan was doing. He had agreed to help him but was delayed by all sorts of things. He also needed Fang Nan to help him with something this time.

Because Ye Mo didn’t buy a ticket and just jumped on, the first thing he wanted to do was find a seat.

However, because Beijing was the first station and there weren’t many people going to Xian mountain, there were still some free spaces on the train. Ye Mo found a seat as soon as he got on.

"Brother, are you going to Jing Kou?" Ye Mo just got on and the middle aged man opposite him greeted and passed a cigarette.

Ye Mo pushed the cigarette back and smiled: "I’m going to Xian mountain but I don’t smoke."

"I saw that you didn’t bring a bag and I thought you were going to the closest station, Jing Kou. Xian Mountain isn’t close. Even with this express train, it would take a whole day." This man was very meticulous.

Ye Mo noticed this man’s hand had a lot of calluses and his muscles were very tight. It could be seen that he practiced martial arts. Although his inner qi cultivation didn’t have a level yet or never even cultivated it systematically, normal people wouldn’t be a match for him.

"It’s good not to smoke. I’m an old smoker. Brother, are you going to Xian mountain to get rich?" This man packed the cigarettes away.

Although this man just introduced himself suddenly, Ye Mo didn’t dislike him. Perhaps it was due to his look. Although he was very skinny, his eyes had spirit and didn’t seem dodgy. Ye Mo hated those with dodgy glances. He didn’t like those type of people. They were either really calculative or weak and timid people.

"No, I just want to go to Gui Lin. Xian Mountain is just a passing by place." Ye Mo didn’t hide his destination.

"Gui Lin?" The middle aged man frowned. Then, another two people came. It was a young woman in her mid 20's and another youth with shades. It seemed the two were together. They both carried big bags.

The young man had some looks and dressed very simply. Her clothes were modest. This youth seemed scholarly and weak. The young woman smiled at Ye Mo and said to that youth: "Xiao Gong, you can sit on the opposite side."

Then, the young woman sat beside Ye Mo.

The man continued: "Brother, Gui Lin isn’t a peaceful place. Why are you going there?"

Ye Mo smiled but didn’t reply. The young woman sitting beside him had a faint smell of blood. Ye Mo had experienced countless killings so as soon as this young woman sat down, he felt it. And, this young woman had a little worried look. It meant that she killed before getting on the train. If she just injured someone, she wouldn’t have this bloody smell but perhaps it was her first time so she felt scared.

But no matter how much this woman killed, it was irrelevant to him. He smiled and looked at the middle aged man: "I have a friend who’s business isn’t going too well. I'm going to help him."

Ye Mo was talking about Fang Nan. He did indeed want to go help Fang Nan. Fang Nan was a good person and he also wanted to create his own power faction. Fang Nan was a good choice.

"Your friend is doing business at the border? I heard that those people who can do business at the border aren’t simple people. They’ve all seen blood and big scenes. They pretty much all killed before. Only then can they strike fear in others." This middle aged man said with a strange expression.

Ye Mo looked deeply at the man and immediately knew that he wasn’t simple. He talked about blood purposely. Who would talk about this the first time they met a friend. This was too absurd and didn’t even suit the topic of the conversation.

However, Ye Mo knew that this man could also tell what the woman did. He said this all just to comfort the woman. As for why he was doing this and how he knew, Ye Mo didn’t know.

Ye Mo smiled, he didn’t express his opinion and just didn’t talk anymore. However, the young woman beside Ye Mo shook and gradually calmed down.

This man just said a sentence to test. Although he didn’t know what was with the woman but he could tell something was wrong. However, he was more testing Ye Mo. Now that he saw that Ye Mo just smiled to his words and not say anything, he immediately knew Ye Mo was no ordinary person.

"I’m called Zang Jiayan, I’m planning to go have a look at Xian Mountain. Brother, what business does your brother do? Haha, if it’s suitable, I also want to find something to do." Zang Jiangyan’s words were obvious. He was asking if there was an opportunity for cooperation.

Hearing his words, Ye Mo had an idea. This guy had a meticulous heart and was observational. Now that he asked this question, Ye Mo knew that he was someone bold and then considering how he comforted the woman. It meant that he was a decent person at elast.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo nodded: "I’m Ye Mo. My friend is called Fang Nan. He’s about to do big business. If Zang Brother wish to cooperate, it’s fine. We are in need of people."

Just when Ye Mo finished and before Zang Jiayan could reply, a few police officers who looked serious reached out to Ye Mo.

That youth and the woman saw the police come over and immediately became pale. They even started shivering.