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278 Cheating Self

Chapter 278: Cheating Self

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Beijing Song family.

Contrary to Song Yuanyi and Song Qiming’s expectation, the incident at Wuliang mountain had been past a few months and now, Ye Mo still came to Song family to look for trouble. Did they think wrong? If Ye Mo really didn’t dare to come to the Song family, should they get the Song family people to come back to Beijing?

Perhaps Ye Mo didn’t know the identity of Song Hai and them. The Song family didn’t have the power to face off with Ye Mo so they could only resist for now.

Now, the Song family mansion was not near as busy and populated as before. Other than Song Yuanyi and Song Qiming, there was only Song Qishen. There were originally some third generation people here but after Song Hai disappeared, these people were sent away by Song Qiming.


Tang Jing felt really fortunate recenetly. Although Song Qiming wronged her before due to some reasons, he still never forgot about her. Before she died, he came and found her and gave her the warmness and love she had longed for many years.

Although before, all she had in her heart was hatred for Song Qiming, seeing Song Qiming kneel down before her and beg for her forgiveness, her heart had already forgiven him. It didn’t matter that she suffered so much all these years, at least Qiming came back. Although Beiwei didn’t want to come with her to Beijing, Qiming said that he wouldn’t let anything happen to Beiwei. Tang Jing had no doubt of Song Qiming’s words.

Although she still didn’t go do surgery, her body was recovering gradually. Her face even looked healthier. Thinking that Song Qiming was with her everyday, she felt this joy at the bottom of her heart. Her years of longing and hope finally had a resolution she wanted. She didn’t mind if Song Qiming was rich or powerful. In her heart, she only wanted to be with him and that would be the greatest joy of life.

Sometimes, Qiming would even sit with her for an entire night without any requests. He just sat with her like those years ago.

Tang Jing knew that Qiming wouldn’t come today because he said he had a lot of work and would come back late. So, she made him some lotus soup. She didn’t want him to work too hard. She still had a surprise for Qiming. It was that she could walk now.

Song Qiming’s office usually didn’t allow others to come in. but he told her that other’s didn’t include her. No one could replace her in his mind. He missed her for twenty years and didn’t want to spend the rest of his life regretting. So, Tang Jing didn’t mind that Song Qiming’s office didn’t allow others to come in. And now, there was barely anyone in the Song family mansion so no one cared about this.

What made Tang Jing disappointed was that when she came to Song Qiming’s place, she noticed the second floor’s lights were off. That meant that Song Qiming hadn’t come back yet.

There was the sound of car rumble that drove into the room. The car didn’t stop at the outer garden but drove straight in. Tang Jing knew that Song Qiming came back. Her heart rejoiced and wanted to bring the lotus soup over but she saw two people get off the car and stopped herself in her tracks.

Song Qiming got out but there was also another young girl. The two seemed quite intimate and the girl was holding Song QIming’s arms.

Didn’t he tell her that he was divorced? And even if he didn’t, this woman was not much older than Beiwei. Tang Jing suddenly felt her hands shaky. She didn’t mind Song Qiming bringing back a girl but she cared that Song Qiming lied to her.

Song Qiming and that girl had walked under the office and were hugged together. There was the sound of hook up and seductive moans. Tang Jing didn’t believe this was the Song Qiming who stayed with her every night before.

She was deeply disappointed but didn’t hate Song Qiming. Perhaps her body wasn’t well and she couldn’t stay with him, that’s why he was acting like this.

"Let’s go upstairs." Song Qiming finally gasped and squished the girl’s boobs and said.

"Mnhm, is that old woman still in the house? She’s really annoying." The woman’s voice sounded very sulky and was obviously unhappy.

Song Qiming sighed: "I have no choice. Our Song family is being threatened too much by that Ye Mo. She’s Tang Beiwei’s mother. I took her over just so that Ye Mo would have some concern. Originally, I thought that according to Ye Mo’s personality, he might quite possibly not do anything to the Song family due to Tang Beiwei’s mother but I think we’ve thought too much. He’s by himself and he doesn’t dare to do anything to the Song family no matter how strong he is. As for Tang Jing, let her be. Our Song family can still afford to feed a useless person."

The woman gasped into laughter: "Treating your old lover like a dog to feed."

"What old lover? Don’t disgust me. Perhaps I would be interested in her 20 years ago but now, it’s the hardest time of my life each night I talk to her. Sigh, don’t worry about her. I just didn’t expect her daughter to be Ye Mo’s sister. She’s really lucky. Otherwise, why would I even care about her." Song Qiming seemed to have thought of Tang Jing’s looks and frowned.

That woman laughed again: "I heard that Tang Beiwei is a real beauty, you must be interested in her. How come you don’t seem yourself when you talk about her."

Song Qiming smiled, "Pity, she’s Ye Mo’s sister. Our Song family shouldn’t mess with him anymore."

"Be gentle…. I know you’re interested in that girl. You even dare to fuck me…." The woman called and then, her mouth seemed to be blocked by something. After a long while, she gasped and said: "Of course I wouldn’t mind about that Tang Jing. Who I care about is the tigress of your family. To be honest, I still need to thank that Ye Mo. If it wasn’t for him, how could you send away that tigress? How do we dare to do this here, mhmm….."

She only spoke half the sentence and her mouth seemed to have been blocked by something.

At the corner, Tang Jing’s hands and feet went cold. The bowl of lotus soup fell on the grass but she didn’t seem to notice at all. The person who asked for forgiveness in front her was this sort of person. She suddenly felt that all the power of her body was going to leave her.

Ye Mo sighed. He originally came here to kill the Song family people but he saw this scene. He couldn’t help but to feel sad for Tang Beiwei’s mother, falling in love with such a man. Did she really not know what Song Qiming really was like? Did she really believe everything Song Qiming said? Ye Mo didn’t believe it. Tang Jing was just cheating herself.

Perhaps she knew she didn’t have long to live so she wanted to die with happiness, not a life of losing hope.

Sometimes, there is no reason for love. Ye Mo thought of Luo Ying. Would his love for her change because of anything else. He believed that Luo Ying wouldn’t betray him but if she did?

Ye Mo asked himself and found that he would still like her just like how he loved Ning Qingxue. Ning Qingxue was so indifferent to him but he didn’t blame her, nor did he resent her. He just enveloped that love and left it untouched.

Perhaps this was what Tang Jing was like to Song Qiming. Even though she knew that Song Qiming was tricking her, she would still rather cheat herself but now, she could no longer do that. Ye Mo believed that she must’ve regretted coming out to see this scene and hearing those words.

Ye Mo saw Song QIming carry that girl and the two rustled upstairs. Meanwhile, Tang Jing spat out a mouthful of blood after a long while, then, she stood up slowly. She actually looked at Song QIming wistfully before leaving.

Looking at Tang Jing’s weak body like a small leaf in the frosty wind, Ye Mo actually felt uncomfortable. Why did she have to love such a man? But he couldn’t help her at all and he knew that if he killed Song QIming today and Tang Jing knew tomorrow, she will be very sad.

However, even so, he would still kill Song Qiming. From today on, he wouldn’t let himself into trouble due to being soft on his enemies. He had to kill Song Qiming. However, after things here were done, he would take Tang Jing to live with Tang Beiwei.


The light beside the bedroom lit up. Song Qiming and that girl were already rolling together. That girls’ clothes were completely ripped apart revealing two busty white rabbits. Song Qiming’s two hands already started rubbing and squishing. At the same time, he was also trying to take off the clothes on himself. That woman seemed thirstier than Song Qiming and had flipped on top of Song Qiming more than once.

Ye Mo respected Song Qiming’s stamina. He was in his 50s to 60s but he still had so much energy.

Ye Mo raised his hand and a gust of wind shot out. That voracious woman was knocked out cold on the bed. Song Qiming didn’t even notice it at all until the woman stopped moving.

"Xiao Yue…." Song Qiming called out worriedly.

"You don’t need to call. I’ve already knocked her out." Ye Mo’s cold voice sounded.

Song Qiming’s body shook and suddenly turned around. Under the dim yellow light, Ye Mo’s figure stood by the door way.

Song Qiming was covered in cold sweat. After a long while, he asked: "Who, who are you?"