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Chapter 273: Blood Coral

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Of course Ye Mo heard that loud explosion, he sneered but also felt threatened. If he wasn’t careful, perhaps the bang would be coming from his car. This explosion would cause him heavy injury even if it didn’t kill him. Plus, he had his sister in the car. These Earth Fiend people were really bleak.

"Brother, was the explosion just then from the car of that killer?" of course Tang Beiwei also heard the explosion.

Ye Mo nodded, "yes, that hitman planted the bomb under our car and was discovered by me. I put their bombs back and then they detonated the bombs on themselves. This is called you suffer what you do."

Tang Beiwei subconsciously clutched her hands and said after a long while of retrospective fear: "these people are so bad, it serves them right. It was too dangerous just then."

Then, her face showed worry. Although they avoided it this time, what about next time?

"Brother, I feel this society is really different from what I saw. Before, I only saw the surface and there were many that I couldn't see. Sigh. Only after experiencing it do I know how scary it is." Tang Beiwei exclaimed.

Ye Mo smiled. He had never felt this place was very safe. Although it was better than the cultivation realm, danger was still everywhere.

He had already killed the few people who wanted to kill him. Ye Mo’s car had sped up. On the curved road, Ye Mo’s car was getting fsater and faster. It had only been a few minutes before he saw the car in 4th place. It was from the Yun family.

At a more spacious place, before this driver could react, Ye MO had surpassed him like the wind.

The 3rd was Qiao Gang. Qiao Gang was just surpassed by a Yun family driver and was now in 3rd place. However, it was impossible for the 4th place to surpass Qiao Gang.

Just when Qiao Gang was confused why Ye Mo still hadn’t caught up, he saw Ye Mo’s car rushing over like the wind. Of course Qiao Gang wouldn’t fight with Ye Mo and immediately moved aside to let Ye Mo take over.

"keep this place." Ye Mo reminded before over taking Qiao Gang.

Ye Mo thought that as long as he could surpass that Yu family driver, the Qiao family would be the first. This was because although the black driver was first, Zhang He couldn’t score points anymore.

The 2nd was that driver invited by the Yun family. His car skills were good indeed and didn’t slow down even on such curvy roads.

Although only one car could pass ahead, it would be very simple for Ye Mo to take over him if he wanted. However, Ye Mo didn’t want to do things so absurdly. That having two wheels hanging in mid air and not falling off was out of the ordinary. Despite this driver being very fast, he was still far from Ye Mo who controlled with his spirit sense.

This speed was already very fast for normal people but from Ye MO’s perspective, this speed was countless times slower than his flying sword.

At a slightly wider section of the track, Ye Mo stood the accelerator down to the bottom and immediately surpassed the Yun family driver.

"Madman." That Yun family driver was a famour dangerous terrain racer in Japan but faced with Ye Mo who didn’t slow down even when turning, he felt this was too crazy.

Ye Mo released his flying sword. As soon as he was about to lose control at corners, he would use the flying sword to push.

There was still 1/6th of the road but Ye Mo had already caught up to the black driver. Although the remaining 1/6th of the road was wide, there were no turns. It could be said this last part depended solely on the car itself. One only needed to step the accelerator down to the end.

That black racer obviously knew his car’s performance was better than Ye Mo’s. He drove a modified Ferrari. Plus, Ye Mo had someone in his car. The advantages were obvious. He didn’t even need to stop Ye MO. He only needed to step on his accelerator and he would win the race.

Ye Mo also stood hard on the accelerator and released his flying sword at the same time making the sword push the back of the car increasing the speed this way.

The black man couldn’t believe his Ferrari was slowly being overtaken by Ye Mo’s car. He stood on the accelerator while looking at Ye Mo’s Mercedes in confusion. A mere modified Mercedes could over take his Ferrari. This was impossible.

He was a racer. He only needed to hear the sound of the Mercedes and knew which generator it used. It couldn’t compare with his Ferrari but how was this Mercedes faster than his car?

But no matter how hard he stood on the accelerator and could even feel his car was going to float, Ye Mo’s car still surpassed his without hesitation. Just when he wanted to use other means, he found that Ye Mo’s car had arrived at the final destination.

Ye Mo didn’t go down the car and took back his flying sword. After he got off, the first thing he did was to check if Dong Qing was still here. As he expected, she had left.

However, Ye Mo wasn’t worried. He had his spirit sense mark and would find her sooner or later. Plus, if she was still here, Ye Mo would be bemused. If a hitman didn’t even have this sort of sense of vigilance, what sort of hitman was she.

There were loud rumbles, the rest of the people had arrived.

8 people took part in the race, and only 5 finished the race. The other three crashed. Although things were very cruel, word wouldn’t get out.

The Yun family’s two racers got 3rd and 5th, acquiring 10 points in total. The Zhang family had one death and the other got 2nd place. Their total points were 7. Cha family was 0. Qiao family got 1st and 4th, totally 13 points getting first in the race.

Other than the 1 million, the blood coral belonged to the Qiao family. Of course, the 1 million was just for sure, no one would care about this little money. The real prize was that blood coral.

"Ye brother, I was lucky to have you this time. I was right about you. You actually got first, haha. let’s go. My grandpa really wants to see you. Come to my family." Qiao Gang came up grabbing Ye Mo’s had with excitement after hearing the Qiao family got first.

Ye Mo nodded, "okay, let’s go to your family and see."

If there weren’t the blood coral, Ye Mo wouldn’t go to the Qiao family no matter what. He had a lot of things now but he needed to make sure if this blood coral was something of the cultivation realm. If it really was what he imagined, he would ask for it from the Qiao family.


Ye Mo’s big name was out. Although the Qiao family was a family larger than the Ye family, they didn’t dare to treat Ye Mo carelessly. They were very polite to him.

Although Qiao Zhen didn’t come out to greet Ye Mo personally, he still came out during the feast.

"Mr. Ye, it was really lucky to have you this time, if it wasn’t you, the blood coral wouldn’t come to our Qiao family. Xiao Gang made a good friend this time. Come, Mr. Ye, cheers." Qiao Shengbao seemed to care about the blood coral the most. His eyes were full of excitement.

Ye Mo smiled, "Just some small things, not to worry. I wonder if I’m able to see this blood coral?" Ye Mo didn’t really like this Qiao Shengbao. He was too materialistic so when he spoke, he didn’t even have a title for Qiao Shengbao. If he confirmed that the blood coral wasn’t what he was looking for, he would leave the Qiao family without hesitation. In this Qiao family, other than Qiao Gang who he had a good impression, he really didn’t give a shit about the others.

"um…" Qiao Shengbao was obviously hesitating. In his eyes, although Ye Mo’s name was out, this blood coral concerned great things.

"Fourth uncle, it’s just having a look. It’s no big deal." QIao Gang immediately interrupted.

Qiao Zheng laughed, "Go, bring out the blood coral. let everyone see."

The leader of the family, old man Qiao even said this. Qiao Shengbao immediately had nothing to say. Although he really didn’t want to take out the blood coral, he could only go in and bring it out.

As soon as the blood coral came out, there was faint spirit chi circulating it. Although it wasn’t thick, Ye Mo immediately knew that his original guess was wrong. This blood coral really was a spirit herb of the cultivation realm but it also existed on Earth and even the name was the same. If he had this blood coral, perhaps he could reach stage 4 immediately.

Qiao Zheng was an old fox. He looked at Ye Mo’s eyes and immediately knew that Ye Mo was also into this blood coral.

Before Ye Mo said anything, Qiao Zheng quickly said: "if this blood coral didn’t concern the future of our Qiao family, it didn’t matter if we gave it to you. However, this blood coral could allow 3 of the QIao family members to reach yellow level. So other than the blood coral, Ye friend can bring up any other requests."

Ye Mo didn’t expect Qiao Zheng to talk like this. He didn’t even say anything yet but he immediately replied; "Mr. Qiao, this blood coral is very useful to me. If the QIao family only need fortune to enter the yellow level, I can help with that. I can provide the pills for 5 Qiao family members to reach yellow level and one to reach black level. I will use all those to trade for this blood coral.

"Blasphemy." A cold voice sounded.

QIao Gang immediately stood up, "Qiao Zhijun, what’s the meaning of this? If Ye brother says he can, then he can."

Qiao Shengbao sneered and reproached to Qiao Zhijun, "Zhijujn, Ye MO is a honoured guest of our QIao family. Don’t be disrespectful." Then, he turned to Ye Mo and said: "Sorry, blood coral is too important to our Qiao family. We can’t agree to your request. This is a card to show our gratitude."

When he took out the card, Qiao SHengbao sneered. This Ye Mo was really full of shit. He dared to think of such an easy way to trick the Qiao family’s blood coral. Stop dreaming. Taking out pills to reach yellow and black level, he probably thought the whole world was as dumb as him.