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271 Fight Fire with Fire

Chapter 271: Fight Fire with Fire

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Qiao Gang was initially dazed but he immediately replied, "Of course, it’s fine. But this way, brother Ye, you would be at a disadvantage. It’s better the lighter you are. Sometimes, just a little weight can affect the race."

"Yea, brother. How about I wait for you here?" Tang Beiwei persuaded.

Ye Mo shook his head, "No, I must take you with me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t feel safe leaving you here."

"In that case, brother Ye, go test your car." Qiao Gang saw that Ye Mo was dogmatic and didn’t continue to try to persuade him.

The four cars of the Qiao family also had people guarding it outside. However, those not from the Qiao family weren’t allowed to go near it. However, Ye Mo was the racer so when they came, the guard immediately moved aside.

Ye Mo brought Tang Beiwei in the customized Mercedes and drove two circles. Tang Beiwei asked, "Brother, did you notice something?"

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Mhm, I found two Earth Fiend killers. They must be coming for us. I’m worried to leave you here alone."

Tang Beiwei finally understood why Ye Mo insisted on taking her. Now, she knew the severity of the issue. It could be said from now on, either Ye Mo or the Earth Fiend had to die.

"What to do now? How about this you send me to the Ye family." Tang Beiwei had understood Ye Mo. If she followed behind Ye Mo, she would only be a burden. Although she didn’t want to go to the Ye family, in order to not drag her brother down, she wouldn’t mind stepping out of her comfort zone.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, "Beiwei, you’re thinking too simple. If the Earth Fiend really has its target set on us two, then it wouldn’t be any use even if you go to the Beijing Ye family. But you don’t need to worry, I have a place to send you to. After I completely annihilate the Earth Fiend, then I will come to take you back. However, that place is empty and cold, you might not be able to take it."

Tang Beiwei nodded her head firmly and said, "Brother, don’t worry about me. Just send me there, I’m not afraid."

"Okay. After I break through, I will make the Earth Fiend pay. How dare they target me." Ye Mo’s tone went sharp.

"Wait, sit in the car and don’t move. I’ll check the car." Ye Mo suddenly stopped talking and frowned. The frigidness in his eyes was getting intense.

Tang Beiwei looked strangely at Ye Mo and asked, "What’s wrong, brother?"

Ye Mo didn’t reply. He stopped the car and used invisibility and came to the bottom of the car. He took off a time bomb. Luckily, he checked carefully with his spiritual sense. He didn’t expect this car to even have a time bomb set up.

These people really had some power. If this car had a time bomb, it meant the other cars had a time bomb too. It seemed these Earth Fiend people were really prepared. Not only did they plant the time bomb but also sent two people over.

Ye Mo was sure that it was either the Cha family racer or the female hitman who planted the bomb. Zhang He didn’t have such ability to do so.

After taking off the bomb, Ye Mo got in the car and drove it back.

"How’s the car?" As soon as Ye Mo got off, Qiao Gang came and smiled.

Ye Mo nodded. "Not bad, this car has very good features after the customization. By the way, young master Qiao, can you help me get some water? I’m thirsty."

After getting Qiao Gang away, Ye Mo quickly went invisible and took off another 3 bombs from the Qiao family cars.

Ye Mo didn’t dare to keep these bombs on him. Although he was sure the Earth Fiend people would detonate it during the race, who knew if they would go crazy and detonate it now. Just when he put the bomb aside and came back to the car, Qiao Gang came and passed a bottle of water to Ye Mo. "Brother Ye, let’s go in and have a rest. It will start soon."


"Brother Ye, when the race begins, I suspect the Zhang family will play dirty. I will keep an eye on Zhang He that punk, while you keep an eye on the guy beside him. Also, we need to be mindful of the Yun family. We don’t need to worry about the Cha family. Looking at the people they sent this time, they probably don’t have much hope for the race." The few people went into the resting room and Qiao Gang immediately shared his analysis.

Ye Mo used his spirit sense to keep notice on the 4 cars. He was afraid that someone would try to do something to it again. However, although Ye Mo didn’t agree with Qiao Gang’s words, he didn’t argue.

Things were the exact opposite of what Qiao Gang said. The most amicable Cha family was the most dangerous character.

"The race is about to begin. Let’s go out. I’ll go test my car." Qiao Gang stood up.

Ye Mo brought Tang Beiwei and Qiao Gang out and immediately noticed that nice looking female hitman. He immediately said to Tang Beiwei, "Beiwei, wait for me at the race course, I will drive the car over there immediately."

Tang Beiwei had no objections to all to Ye Mo’s suggestions. She believed that everything Ye Mo did was right. No matter how mysterious Ye Mo was, she didn’t mind as long as Ye Mo was her brother.

Ye Mo walked over to this girl. "Hello. I’m Ye Mo, can I get to know you?" Ye Mo smiled and extended his hand.

The girl didn’t expect Ye Mo to go up to her. Although she wasn’t that attractive in here, there were a few girls prettier than her. Her first reaction was that Ye Mo had already found her. But then she thought, this was impossible. She just came here, so no one knew her.

She reached out her hand anxiously, "Hello, I, I’m Dong Qing."

Ye Mo clearly felt her heart beat rapidly and then return to normal. It seemed this female hitman was still not experienced.

Ye Mo grabbed Dong Qing’s hand and squeezed not letting go for a long time until Dong Qing’s face blushed and tried to pull her hand out.

"Actually, I feel you’re a special girl so I wanted to know you. You have a temperament that other girls don’t have. It’s quite attractive. I don’t have any bad intentions, I just really want to ask you out for dinner. How about we go eat after the race, what do you think…?" Ye Mo was still using his spirit sense to make a mark. Of course, she wouldn’t let Dong Qing pull her hand away so easily. Just when Dong Qing didn’t know what to do, he let go of her hands.

Although it was a short time, Ye Mo already made a spirit sense mark on Dong Qing. After the race, he would follow this Dong Qing. Since the Earth Fiend was interested in him, he had to be friendly.

"I…" Dong Qing looked down and just said one word and blushed.

Ye Mo sneered. This hitman was quite good. She was more professional than actors, blushing at will.

"Sigh…" Ye Mo saw that Dong Qing didn’t talk and sighed while staring at her chest.

"What’s wrong…" Just when Dong Qing wanted to say something, she saw Ye Mo stare right at her chest. Her mind blanked out. Didn’t the data not say that Ye Mo was very lustful? What was this?

Ye Mo smiled and didn’t reply. Then he said, "Wait for me." And he turned to leave but he murmured, "If only it was a little bigger."

And Dong Qing happened to hear this remark. She immediately knew that Ye Mo was saying her chest was too small. However, Ye Mo’s voice was very quiet. He probably didn’t say it for her but she had this strange feeling.

Dong Qing bit her teeth. Although a hitman was supposed to be not affected by emotions, she was still infuriated by Ye Mo. How was her chest small? Did this guy have eyes? Although she knew Ye Mo was a dead person, she still wanted to charge up and grab him and ask how exactly was she small.

As a hitman, she should resist the urge but as a woman, she really couldn’t tolerate that.

Ye Mo did it intentionally of course. His last words were meant to make Dong Qing angry and his spirit sense would disappear from her body. Although she wouldn’t be able to find it even if Dong Qing wasn’t infuriated, he still wanted to be more careful.

After all, after he killed the other killer, Dong Qing would be his only source. Instead of waiting for this organization to find him, he might as well attack them. It wasn’t Ye Mo’s character to wait. Since this organization wanted to look for trouble with him, Ye Mo would make them regret.

Ye Mo walked over the Mercedes and picked up the four bombs and then drove the car next to the Cha family cars.

Qiao Gang drove a customized Porsche. He was surprised seeing Ye Mo drive his car next to the Cha family cars but he soon understood. Ye Mo must think the Cha family would be easier to surpass and this decision was right.

There were eight cars and only Ye Mo took someone else in the car. Everyone else was surprised and soon started laughing at him. Who would bring another person in the car to a race?