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270 Dangerous Race Ground

Chapter 270: Dangerous Race Ground

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Two days passed very quickly. Although nothing happened in these two days, Ye Mo still didn’t dare to leave his sister by herself. But finally, he felt more eased. After this was done, he would ask about what sort of an organization Earth Fiend really was.

When Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei came to the front gate of the university, Qiao Gang had been waiting for them there already. However, Ye Mo felt that Qiao Gang’s attitude to him was a little different. He could really tell the difference but Qiao Gang seemed more reserved. Was it because of Earth Fiend last time?

Ye Mo also knew now wasn’t the time to ask so after the race was over, he would then ask Qiao Gang.

Although Qiao Gang was a little reserved, he was very happy seeing Ye Mo. However, Ye Mo noticed that Qiao Gang didn’t bring his bodyguard today. Ye Mo immediately understood that that sort of bodyguard was just a display for an Earth Fiend hitman.

"Brother Ye, the car is ready, it’s on the race course. Let’s go over now." Qiao Gang just drove over an ordinary Mercedes car.

After inviting Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei in the car, Qiao Gang drove. After starting the car, he said, "Brother Ye, I will tell you about the situation. The racers invited by the other 3 families are all international racers. Some have even gotten first place in F1 racing."

Ye Mo asked curiously, "Young master Qiao, since the other people are all inviting international racers why does your Qiao family still invite me? I’m no racer."

Qiao Gang heard Ye Mo’s words and immediately replied, "Brother Ye, you’re being too humble. I’m sure that even an international racer won’t be able to dump my Porsche behind with an Audi in such a short time but Brother Ye you did it. I believe in you. Plus, mountain driving is different to international racing. Even an F1 racer won’t have much advantage."

"I have a map of the course here. Brother Ye, take a look." Then, Qiao Gang handed Ye Mo a map.

Ye Mo took it and looked and then realized the race ground was under a peak at the Gui Xiang ranges.

The path was very curved and the race was quite dangerous. With a small mistake, it wouldn’t be racing but plummeting to your death.

Despite Tang Beiwei having a lot of faith in Ye Mo, she was still worried upon seeing the map in her brother’s hands. This wasn’t racing cars but racing life.

As though seeing Tang Beiwei’s worry, Ye Mo smiled and said, "Don’t worry, I’ve been on this road before. It’s nothing."

Ye Mo didn’t lie. However, it was Wen Dong driving before.

Qiao Gang said apologetically, "I guessed the race grounds would be here, and it was. It’s very easy to fall off the cliff so if brother Ye doesn’t want to race, we still have other people."

Ye Mo waved his hand. "Young master Qiao, if I don’t participate, it definitely won’t be due to danger but time."

Qiao Gang seemed to know Ye Mo was telling the truth and nodded. "I’m actually quite familiar with that road. It’s because we usually chose this place to race."

Ye Mo knew what Qiao Gang meant. It was a place where the bored young masters expended their abundant energy.


Despite Qiao Gang driving very fast, it was already an hour or so later after they arrived at the race course.

And the entrance to this road had been sealed. There was a big open area at the foot of the mountain and there were already about 50 to 60 people there. The racetrack at the bottom of the mountain was very wide and could space 7 or 8 cars. And the racers could choose a path halfway. One way was 20 miles long but if you wanted to take over other cars, you had to go on the takeover path. That would mean going an extra 5 km. But the rule of the race was as long as you got to the finish line first, you win.

When Ye Mo and they got off the car, there were immediately many glances looking at them. Ye Mo saw a few race cars lined up at the grass. Each one had someone to guard it. Each family had their own car. It was his first time seeing so many customized brands. Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Lotus, Porsche, Bugatti and so on.

Qiao Gang brought Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei to the Qiao family’s place. There were four cars parked here.

The Qiao family people came to say hi but Ye Mo just greeted them casually. He only came to help because he promised Qiao Gang. He didn’t have the mood to get friendly with the Qiao family.

Ye Mo noticed Zhang He. When Zhang He saw Ye Mo come, he had a cruel look in his eyes. He also had a racer who was not yet 30 beside him. His face was also very cold.

Behind Zhang He, there were two more people. One was a black racer. When Qiao Gang saw the black racer, he immediately said quietly to Ye Mo, "That’s the international racer, Martin, invited by the Yun family. The Yun family is very interested in the blood coral and has spent a fortune on this. I suspect it was the Yun family who hired the hitman last time. This family is the most mysterious. When you get in the car, you need to be wary of the Yun family, and Zhang He that punk, he’s very sneaky."

Ye Mo nodded and scanned his eyes to the last two. Qiao Gang immediately said, "That’s the River South Cha family people. It’s said the Cha family is a semi-hidden family. However, they are quite nice. I feel that amongst these families, the most amicable are the Cha family. The people they have invited aren’t very famous and they didn’t bring up any requests to the blood coral."

Hearing Qiao Gang’s introduction, Ye Mo looked at the two racers of the Cha family. Indeed, they looked very positive and bright. Ye Mo couldn’t help but smile. Perhaps Qiao Gang’s words influenced him.

He turned around and spoke to that waiter of the Qiao family a bit. Qiao Gang interrupted, "Brother Ye, go choose a car."

Just when Ye Mo wanted to choose a car, he felt this frigidness. He subconsciously wanted to look back but he immediately stopped himself and scanned with his spirit sense carefully.

In Ye Mo’s perspective, something that could make him feel cold must be killing intent. Just then, Zhang He looked at him nefariously but how could Zhang He, this useless spoon-fed kid, have this sort of killing intent? Regardless if it was him, if that person wanted to play tricks in the race, it would be suicide.

However, Ye Mo noticed Zhang He didn’t look at him and was speaking to the racer next to him. Ye Mo thought and immediately scanned the two racers of the Yun family. They were fine too. Then, his spirit sense stayed on the two racers of the Cha family but found one of them seemingly looking at him.

Ye Mo was sure that if he didn’t have spirit sense, he definitely wouldn’t be able to find this racer’s gaze. The eyes of that racer lost that positive look and flashed across killing intent.

It was actually the most amicable family Qiao Gang said? Ye Mo frowned. That racer who showed killing intent to Ye Mo immediately returned to his positive bright look.

He didn’t even know the Cha family. Why would they have killing intent for him? River South Cha family? Ye Mo suddenly remembered that Wu Guang monk mentioned to him that Cha family was a semi-hidden sect.

No matter who it was, he wouldn’t let go of those who had their killing intent targeted to him. Ye Mo scanned this racer’s body with his spirit sense again and felt dazed. At a very discrete place in the racer’s sleeve, there was a tattoo with a double-sided knife.

Earth Fiend hitman? No wonder he felt killing intent, it was a hitman. However, this hitman was too low caliber, as his killing intent was leaking. Although he had a good masquerade, Ye Mo could see it clearly. According to Qiao Gang’s description, two knives meant it was a human level hitman.

Ye Mo sneered. Since he found the Earth Fiend killer, it meant that this killer probably came for him.

Discovering a hitman, Ye Mo immediately became careful. His spirit sense kept scanning everyone on the scene. He carefully checked to see if their wrists were tattooed but soon, Ye Mo found that another girl also had the same tattoo.

There were two hitmen here. Ye Mo’s heart sank. He wasn’t afraid of Earth Fiend but was worried about his sister Tang Beiwei. If these hitmen only had their targets on him, he wouldn’t mind but what if these hitmen also targeted Tang Beiwei? No matter where he took Tang Beiwei, she wouldn’t be safe.

"Brother Ye, let’s go choose a car." Qiao Gang saw Ye Mo hesitant and he reminded him.

"Okay." Ye Mo casually chose a customized Mercedes and then looked at Qiao Gang and said, "When we race, it’s fine if I take my sister too, right?"

Ye Mo had decided that if he had to leave his sister here facing that female assassin, he would rather not help Qiao Gang race.