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266 Fight to the Last Gasp

Chapter 266: Fight to the Last Gasp

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Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned and he saw an Audi parked not far away. This car seemed to have followed Qiao Gang here. A bulky man got off the car who seemed to be quite strong but in Ye Mo’s eyes, he wasn’t even a yellow level warrior.

As though he could notice Ye Mo’s glances, Qiao Gang laughed at himself. "The one following is my bodyguard. Although I don’t like it, my dad forced this, hehe."

He Qi walked beside Tang Beiwei and asked quietly, "Is that Ye Mo your boyfriend? How did he let Qian He let us go today?"

Tang Beiwei, like Ye Mo, didn’t really like this He Qi. Although she was good looking, she was too arrogant and selfish. But now that she came to ask her, Tang Beiwei couldn’t pretend she didn’t hear it. She said, "I don’t know. When I woke up, we were already out."

"Is that so?" He Qi murmured to herself and then asked, "How come I’ve never heard that you have a boyfriend? He seems quite strong. How did you know him?"

Tang Beiwei started to dislike He Qi more and said casually, "That’s my business."

As though seeing Tang Beiwei’s distaste, He Qi couldn’t do anything even though she herself was annoyed. If it was before, even though Tang Beiwei was prettier than her, she couldn’t be bothered talking to Tang Beiwei. But now, she had become more and more interested in Ye Mo. She really wanted to know how Ye Mo brought her out today. And how did he know Qiao Gang? Qiao Gang even seemed very polite to him. That wasn’t it but he dared to hit the police and was fine afterward. Just who was this Ye Mo? Qiao Gang’s father, Qiao Shenghu, was the vice-governor of Hu Zhong province and the Qiao family was very powerful.

He Qi saw that Tang Beiwei didn’t really want to talk to her so she could only move to Ye Mo’s side. Just when she wanted to squish in between Qiao Gang and Ye Mo then ask the latter, a dark ray shot towards Qiao Gang’s forehead like lightning.

At such speed, both the bodyguard and Qiao Gang weren’t able to react and when Qiao Gang saw it, his heart sunk. He knew he didn’t have time to react.

Ye Mo immediately knew someone was trying to assassinate Qiao Gang. Although he didn’t know why someone would assassinate a young master like this, since he knew Qiao Gang and felt that he was quite nice, he had a reason to help. Plus, him giving a hand was a very casual matter. He didn’t need much effort.

Just when that dark ray was about to hit Qiao Gang’s face, Ye Mo reached out and grabbed it. His spirit sense scanned and found out it was a thin dart. A dart shot out at such speed definitely wasn’t by hand. It must be shot from some crossbow.

Ye Mo’s spirit sense immediately scanned some corner tens of meters away and saw a man holding a small crossbow. He didn’t even think too much as threw this dart back. The dart seemed to have eyes as it shot into the forehead of the man holding the miniature crossbow. The man didn’t even moan before falling dead.

"Ahh…" At this moment, Qiao Gang reacted. He had just experienced an assassination attempt. Similarly, his bodyguard also reacted and charged over.

"Brother Ye, thanks, I owe you my life." Qiao Gang felt his forehead in fright. If it wasn’t for Ye Mo just then, he would’ve died already.

Then he also realized that Ye Mo was not only unordinary but also much stronger than he had expected. That was too powerful just then. The speed of the dart was not much slower than a bullet and yet Ye Mo caught it with his bare hands and even threw it back.

Threw it back? Thinking about this, just when Qiao Gang wanted to say something, Ye Mo said, "I’ve already killed that person who tried to assassinate you. He’s behind the rubbish can on the left."

Qiao Gang immediately told the bodyguard, "Bring that person here immediately." Then he picked up his phone and called. His eyes were a bit worried.

It was He Qi, who had seen Ye Mo’s movements the clearest. She was behind Ye Mo and thus saw clearly everything. Those actions were a flurry of shadows. It was too fast that she still wasn’t even able to react until now.

He was no ordinary person indeed. He Qi was shocked more. She even suspected that Ye Mo beat Qian He down before taking her out.

With such thing occurring, there was no mood for food. Just when Qiao Gang finished the call, his bodyguard had brought the dead man here. Luckily, the assassin chose a far-off place and no one noticed.

Qiao Gang picked up the miniature crossbow by the assassin’s wrist. His face changed immediately and became dazed for a whole few seconds before turning around to Ye Mo saying worriedly: "Sorry, brother Ye. I’ve caused you trouble."

"What happened?" Ye Mo saw that Qiao Gang’s face was awful and completely anxious.

Qiao Gang sighed and said, "It’s actually the Earth Fiend. I’ve heard my grandpa say Earth Fiend was originally called Earth Kill. It’s an international hitman organization and their prices are very high. Someone actually hired Earth Fiend to kill me. It must be because…."

Speaking about this, Qiao Gang stopped and looked at He Qi. "Mrs. He, how about I invite you next time? I really can’t today."

Although she wasn’t satisfied, He Qi knew that if she forced her to stay here, it would cause annoyance.

Looking at He QI leave, Qiao Gang calmed himself before saying, "I think it’s probably because of the blood coral. This race is just a cover-up. The real reason is due to the blood coral. It wasn’t just our family who discovered it but also the Zhang family and the Yun family as well as the River South Cha family. Four families altogether."

When Qiao Gang spoke of blood coral, Ye Mo’s heartbeat increased its pace. He remembered that there was a spirit grass in the cultivation realm also called blood coral. But soon, he shook his head. Just because the names were the same, it didn’t mean it was the same thing. If it really was blood coral, then he could reach the middle stage of chi gathering, stage 4.

Qiao Gang didn’t notice Ye Mo’s expression and continued, "There’s only one, but there are four families. We have agreed to decide the owner of the blood coral through an auto race. Each family will have two racers. The first place gets 8 points, the last place gets 1 point. The score will be the total of the points. Whichever family has the highest point at the end gets the blood coral and one of the racers must be from the family. Because my racing skills are the best, I must participate the race. The other person I invited is you. These people want to kill me, so I can’t go in the race."

Ye Mo frowned and said, "Since your racing skills are the best, why did the other three families still choose auto racing?"

Qiao Gang smiled bitterly then said, "Because the blood coral was discovered by us young masters when we got out to race. So, our family brought out this idea of racing and the other few families can’t rebuke it. What I’m worried isn’t this. I’m afraid that it won’t end after you killed the Earth Fiend hitman."

Ye Mo smiled, not talking. He wouldn’t be afraid because of some hitman organization.

Seeing Ye Mo’s look, Qiao Gang could only say again, "Earth Fiend has been established for more than a century. Their hitmen are all over the world. No one knows what they look like because those who do are all dead. It’s said that from the founding of this organization till now, they have only failed 3 times. Those who killed their hitmen would be hunted by them. There are no exceptions. Even our family don’t dare to touch this hitman organization, much less the individual members. So, I’m worried that they will hunt you like crazy after you killed their man."

Ye Mo sneered. "So that means if they want to kill someone, you can only reach out your neck and let them kill you without resistance?"

However, Qiao Gang didn’t find it funny at all and nodded seriously. "Indeed, usually, those they try to hunt can only evade but no one has been successful in doing so. However, their prices aren’t ordinarily high. Normal people wouldn’t be able to afford it. I only knew about his identity from the tattoo on his wrist. The two-sided dagger means to fight till the last gasp. The sword has no handle, only two tips at both ends."

"And…" Qiao Gang hesitated and looked at Ye Mo before saying, "the hitmen in Earth Fiend is divided into 3 calibers—heaven, earth, and human. The one you have just killed is the lowest human-level hitman. But once you kill their hitmen, you will be the enemy of Earth Fiend. They will pursue the person to the ends of the earth. There are no exceptions. So, brother Ye, it’s my fault this time. You can’t run around now, so how about you come back to the Qiao family with me?"

Tang Beiwei heard Qiao Gang’s words and clutched Ye Mo’s hand tightly. She didn’t think her brother just got into a conflict with such a terrifying organization.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "Brother Qiao, don’t worry. I’m not worried about a mere hitman organization. Three days later, I will be waiting for you at the front gate of this university on time. I think your family also needs to arrange some things, so I won’t disturb you."

Qiao Gang looked as Ye Mo pulled Tang Beiwei and left feeling more and more guilty. Ye Mo got into this trouble due to saving him but he couldn’t solve this issue.

"Let’s go back first." Qiao Gang then told the bodyguard to bring the hitman into the car and they disappeared quickly.

"Brother, what do we do?" Tang Beiwei was the one worried the most. She finally found her kin but soon, her brother would be hunted by the Earth Fiends. She was very worried.

Ye Mo patted Tang Beiwei’s shoulder. "Don’t worry, I’ll send you to Beijing tomorrow. You can stay with sister Ye Ling. After I deal with things here, I will come find you. Don’t you know my power? I’ve learned Dao magic. What can a mere hitman organization do to me?"