Strongest Abandoned Son
264 You May Call the Police Now
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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264 You May Call the Police Now

Chapter 264: You May Call the Police Now

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Liu Fang had a bit of regret but there was no regret in life. Ye Mo, I knew he was called Ye Mo from the start. Why didn’t I remember it? Other than Ye Mo, who’d dare to mess with that Nie guy in Tan Du?

Ye Mo looked at Liu Fang and sneered. "Seriously, I didn’t go mess with you so why come fuck with me? You think that that Nie guy can help you? He has already turned to dust. And don’t bring out that mayor of yours. He will soon become like you, idiot."

If regret and eyes could kill people, Liu Fang would’ve already killed Wu Zhengfei countless times. This bastard, why did he have to mess with Ye Mo? And Nie Wubian was actually killed. Someone with such a background was killed so easily by Ye Mo. If Ye Mo wanted to kill a mere police commissioner like him, it would just be all too easy.

Liu Fang regretted more. If he knew that Nie Wubian had been killed already, he wouldn’t even come out. Now that Nie Wubian was killed, why did he even bother getting revenge for a dead and useless person? Liu Fang regretted so much.

He no longer dared to use Mayor Yu as his shield. It was a joke to use a mayor as his defense in front of Ye Mo. Did he mention Han Zaixin before? Before, Liu Fang didn’t mind but now, he remembered who Han Zaixin was and his face went pale white.

"Instructor Ye, the sound recording device has been prepared. I will be transcribing personally. You may begin your interrogation." Lin San immediately understood that this was his opportunity after his initial shock. This opportunity was too rare. He could already imagine that as long as he utilized Ye Mo’s power, he could kick away Liu Fang. Ye Mo meant this when he said Liu Fang could take away that ‘vice’.

And this wasn’t even the main thing. The main thing was, he could use Ye Mo’s power to bring down that mayor who supports Liu Fang while he can step up a level. Perhaps, his higher-up would take this chance to heavily damage their opponents. Thinking about this, Liu San’s eyes were full of joy.

Ye Mo suddenly looked at Lin San. Although he didn’t know politics, he could tell clearly that Lin San wanted to use him.

Feeling Ye Mo’s eyes, Lin San shivered. It was as though everything he was thinking was easily discerned by this young man.

"I just want that after things have surfaced, do what should be done. If someone dares to use me as an excuse to do what they like, then don’t blame me for the consequences," Ye Mo looked at Lin San and plainly said.

Wu Zhengfei already knew at this moment that Ye Mo was no ordinary person. Although he didn’t see that small blue booklet, he knew that there was a killing permit that was also a blue booklet. He thought about Ye Mo saying that he was going to kill him and immediately started to sweat. He looked at Liu Fang but Liu Fang couldn’t even save himself. How could he save him? Plus, Liu Fang was full of anger towards Wu Zhengfei now.

Ye Mo didn’t need to do anything to Wu Zhengfei but that heavy pressure was already making him sweat. Wu Zhengfei didn’t even dare to hide anything and revealed everything. He knew that he was a goner and he didn’t even hide anything for Liu Fang.

There were many things Lin San didn’t know but now hearing Wu Zhengfei say them all, he was shocked. A police officer was actually protecting a hoodlum who searched around for pretty girls everywhere and even forced a student to commit suicide. This wasn’t it, he did it so inconspicuously. Was there no one who called the police?

Liu Fang finally couldn’t hold it in and he slumped down. If it was someone else, he would perhaps still resist a little but he knew that if he resisted in front of Ye Mo, he would be killed immediately and wouldn’t even have a chance of recovering. He was in Beijing when Ye Mo annihilated the Ou family. He knew the whole process very clearly.

Wu Zhengfei seemed to feel relaxed a little after confessing and also slumped down.

"Chain them up." Lin San heard Wu Zhengfei’s confession and looked at Liu Fang, who also slumped down and felt satisfied. He didn’t hesitate to tell people to cuff Wu Zhengfei.

Ye Mo ignored Lin San’s words and looked at Liu Fang. "It’s your turn, don’t think that your Mr. Mayor can help you."

Liu Fang wouldn’t even suspect Ye Mo’s words. If it was someone else, he could not believe it but it was Ye Mo who said this. He had to believe it because he knew Ye Mo had the ability.

Liu Fang’s confession involved a lot more power factors but that was unrelated to Ye Mo. He didn’t care if Lin San could utilize this confession to the greatest extent.

"Take them away and lock them up." Then, Lin San started to make calls

"Hold up." Ye Mo stopped the two policemen who were going to take Wu Zhengfei away and casually took out the gun Han Zaixin gave him and said, "I said I will kill you. This is for Xi Xi."

Lin San looked and was worried. He quickly said, "Um, Instructor Ye, don’t you think we should lock them up first? It’s not suitable to execute them now. They will be judged fairly…"

Bang, before Lin San even finished, Ye Mo had put a bullet through Wu Zhengfei’s head. Looking at the body fall down, he looked plainly at Lin San, "Commissioner Lin, I’m grateful for your help but I already said that I will kill him. If there’s anything wrong, you can report me."

Then Ye Mo scanned the two police who came in with Wu Zhengfei but who then cuffed him and said, "I know your asses aren’t clean. If you don’t make it clean and I see you again, I will kill you as well. Spread my word out."

Lin San cursed to himself. This Ye Mo was just as Liu Fang said, too cocky but he couldn’t do anything about it at all. If Wu Zhengfei wasn’t killed, he would have more cards but now, he could only watch as Wu Zhengfei died.

Liu Fang saw Ye Mo really kill Wu Zhengfei in front of him and was now even more worried. He knew that even if Ye Mo killed him, nothing would happen to Ye Mo. However, he finally felt relieved when he saw Ye Mo walk out with Tang Beiwei ignoring him.

Although he provided a confession, it should still be enough to stay alive. He couldn’t help but feel relieved that these things were all done by Wu Zhengfei and he was not directly related. But he didn’t know that Ye Mo did something to his body. He only had half a year to live.

Although Lin San and Liu Fang knew Ye Mo’s identity and also knew he had the power to be cocky, the surrounding policemen were shocked. Even if Wu Zhengfei was a criminal, it was the first time they saw something like this.


"Brother, you killed that Wu guy, would…" Tang Beiwei didn’t really think that Ye Mo would dare to kill in the police department. Even though that policeman conducted heavy crimes, such a thing was too extreme.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "If I didn’t record a confession, I may be persecuted for killing that Wu guy. But it should be fine now. That Wu guy dared to attack you. If I don’t kill him personally, my power will stop growing. Like I said before, no one can mess with my sister. No one."

"Brother…" Tang Beiwei subconsciously held Ye Mo’s hands closely. It was warm but she didn’t know what to say now.

"Let’s go to your school first." Ye Mo stopped a taxi.

The police department wasn’t too far from the Shi University and the taxi arrived in a little more than 10 minutes. As soon as Ye Mo got off the car, he was stopped.

"I finally found you. You saved me today, right? Thank you, you’re really powerful. I’m He Qi, a classmate of Beiwei. I want to invite you out to dinner. You won’t reject me, will you? And I also told what happened to my dad." He Qi had been waiting at the door for a long time. As soon as Ye Mo came, she went up.

Hearing He Qi’s words, Ye Mo immediately knew that she probably didn’t know he burned down that mansion. However, he didn’t have the slightest interest in eating with a woman like He Qi. He immediately refused, "No need, I still have some business with Beiwei."

"Is Tang Beiwei your girlfriend? She’s really pretty, the prettiest girl in our school. You’re really lucky but don’t worry, no matter how strong that Qian He is, he won’t dare to do anything after I tell my dad." He Qi was obviously interested in how Ye Mo brought her out from Qian He but she just couldn’t ask right at the front gate of the university.

Ye Mo didn’t say anything. He didn’t believe it at all that He Qi’s dad could suppress Qian He. Nie Wubian’s power wasn’t something that a government official of a city could manage.

"It’s you again, you dare to touch Qian He’s woman. You really have balls." A bleak voice sounded. Ye Mo immediately knew that Zhang He had come. The two He of Tan Du was both annoying.

He Qi immediately glared and said, "Zhang He, move aside. You have no business here. There will be one less He in Tan Du. Qian He dared to capture me. I’ve already told my dad. Qian He will be gone soon."

"You could escape after Qian He captured you?" Zhang He immediately said in surprise. But afterward, he immediately realized his words weren’t appropriate. Thus, he stopped the topic. He wouldn’t believe it at all that He Qi’s dad could do anything to Qian He.

Ye Mo’s eyes scanned coldly at Zhang He. This bastard might also be related to Nie Wubian. It seemed he needed to find an opportunity to get rid of him.

"Do you believe that I will beat you up immediately but the police would still come and take you away?" As though a little threatened by He Qi, Zhang He stared coldly at Ye Mo and said. He was extremely annoyed at Ye Mo. He didn’t know Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei got together but Qian He was still not making an appearance. If it wasn't for Qian He, Tang Beiwei would’ve long been his.

Ye Mo walked up and raised his hand slapping twice on Zhang He’s face. He slapped Zhang He so hard that he spun a few circles before falling to the ground spitting out blood and a few teeth.

"Now you may call the police." Then Ye Mo took out a handkerchief from somewhere and wiped his hand before throwing it to the ground.

Rumble. As soon as Ye Mo threw the handkerchief on the ground, a crystal blue sports car drove here spinning a few circles before stopping in front of Ye Mo and then.
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