Strongest Abandoned Son
263 Don’t Mess with Me
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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263 Don’t Mess with Me

Chapter 263: Don’t Mess with Me

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Ye Mo saw the policemen surround them and knew they came for him but he didn’t care.

"What are you guys doing?" Hu Yang immediately went up and asked.

The middle-aged policeman in front laughed and pushed Hu Yang aside. "Hu exec, I know you’re a respected doctor in Tan Du but please don’t obstruct our job. We suspect these two to be involved in an arson case. Please move aside."

"Officer Wu, we were under your protection when we came here and we are very thankful to the Tan Du police force for that but this is too absurd saying that God doctor Ye is an arsonist. He has such magical medical skills. Does he need to be an arsonist?" Pang Haixiang immediately stood out. Regardless if Ye Mo was a suspect, she couldn’t let Ye Mo get hurt. This concerned her husband’s life.

Officer Wu’s face looked worse. He looked at Pang Haixiang and said, "Lady Pang, you’re an important guest at Tan Du but please don’t obstruct our job."

Pang Haixiang’s face turned grim but she couldn’t say anything else.

Ye Mo didn’t want to get things bigger in the hospital. Even if there was something, he didn’t want so many people to see. This Officer Wu was obviously in the same alliance as Qian He. He wondered if this officer would still be so cocky if he knew that he had killed Qian He and his big boss.

"In that case, I will go with you. Sister Pang, I will be here tomorrow night. Just send your husband here. Don’t worry about me. I don’t need you to do anything either. I will come on time." Ye Mo then sneered at the Officer Wu. "Your own evil deeds will lead to your death."

"Hmph, come back on time, keep dreaming." Officer Wu sneered.

Then he pulled Tang Beiwei into the police car. Officer Wu’s face was absolutely grim. This guy was so cocky. He knew that Qian He had a boss behind him. Even Head Commissioner Liu didn’t dare to do anything about the boss but now, the mansion Qian He lived at was burnt. Even though Qian He was killed, he still had to forcefully capture the people. Otherwise, how was he going to explain to that big boss?

Looking at the police car take Ye Mo away, Pang Haixiang had a face full of worry. Hu Yang comforted, "Don’t worry, I know Vice-Commissioner Lin of Tan Du. I’ll give him a call."


The few police cars whirled past the road and came to the police department very quick. Officer Wu and another tow cops brought Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei in. Immediately, he picked up the phone on the table and called, saying the people had been brought here.

"You’re very cocky but you won’t be able to, now that you’re in my hands." Officer Wu put down the phone and looked at Ye Mo contemptuously. He had that expression as though he could squish Ye Mo with a single finger. If Ye Mo dared to resist at all, he would immediately fire.

However, Tang Beiwei looked at this man hatefully. She knew that this officer dealt with Xi Xi’s police call. In the end, Xi Xi still wasn’t able to escape her fate. It could be seen that this person was definitely affiliated with those trash.

Ye Mo looked at the two police standing at the door with guns and said to Wu Zhengfei, "Can I take this as you threatening me? And you’re threatening me with the identity of a cop?"

"Haha…." Wu Zhengfei laughed, "Indeed, I’m threatening you as a cop, what can you do?"

"Nothing. If I’m not concerned that this would be hard for Han Zaixin, I would kill you immediately. Though I will still kill you later but before I do, I need to wait for people to make a verbal verdict."

Ye Mo had to kill Wu Zhengfei but it would be too impulsive to kill a cop like this especially since he had a little status. Although he was proud, he wasn’t proud enough to face off against a country. Plus, he had some relatives here and didn’t want to overdo things.

He was decisive in killing but it didn’t mean he had no brain. Was he going to bring his relatives running around with him everywhere? He didn’t believe the strongest people in the country were in Flying Snow. Han Zaixin was an old fox. He wouldn’t tell the trump card of the country to him.

And Ye Mo wasn’t sure if someone had used Ou Tanhu to massacre his entire family 20 years ago. If even the Song family could find someone like Li Mingqiang, a black level tertiary stage master, to cooperate with, Ye Mo wouldn’t believe it at all if the country couldn’t find an earth level master to cooperate with. Perhaps, things just weren’t to that degree yet.

"Hmph…" A sneer sounded from outside the door and middle-aged man walked in. "You are cocky indeed. This is the first time I, Liu Fang, heard someone dare to say killing a cop in the police department."

Ye Mo really didn’t lie. He had the killing permit. If he was sure of Officer Wu’s crimes, he really could kill him immediately.

However, if he didn’t deal with this properly, it could be used as an excuse for others in competition with Han Zaixin. Old Han was not a bad person. He didn’t want to give Old Han’s political enemies any excuses. For him, it was the same whether he killed earlier or later. He didn’t mind this time.

Hurried footsteps sounded and another person rushed in from the door. It was a fat middle-aged policeman. He saw Liu Fang and immediately said: "Commissioner Liu, Ye Mo is Hu exec’s friend. How can he be the suspect at the mansion? Was something wrong?"

"Vice-Commissioner Lin, this isn’t about whether there was a mistake or not. I just heard with my own ears that this Ye Mo said he will kill Wu Zhengfei. I won’t doubt Wu Zhengfei’s words at all now. For a social scum that dares to even threaten the police, if we don’t punish him legally, how are we to be responsible for the citizens of this city? Tell me? Vice-Commissioner Lin…"

Ye Mo sneered. He immediately knew that this Commissioner Liu and this Vice-Commissioner Lin weren’t on good terms. And this Vice-Commissioner Lin probably came due to someone’s request to help him.

The fat man was choked for words. He subconsciously looked at Ye Mo, meaning that if you can even say such words publicly, how am I supposed to help you?

But at this time, he had calmed down. Things wouldn’t be so simple, he thought. Liu Fang wouldn’t come here for someone trivial. He only charged in desperately due to Old Hu’s phone call. Now that he calmed down, he wanted to know why. Although he didn’t get along with Liu Fang, he wouldn’t make mistakes on such important issues.

Ring ring…

Liu Fang picked up the phone. "Mayor Yu, yes, yes, I know. I’ve captured the people. Okay…I will, I will."

Putting the phone down, Liu Fang looked at fatty Lin and couldn’t even be bothered to look at Ye Mo. He just said to fatty Lin, "Vice-Commissioner Lin, Mayor Yu just called saying that this incident is very malevolent. We must deal with it seriously and harshly. Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei being the main suspects of the crime will be apprehended immediately. Do you have any other ideas, Vice-Commissioner Lin?"

Fatty Lin heard Mayor Yu talk and knew that things weren’t good. He seemed to have fallen into a trap and couldn’t help blaming Hu Yang. He thought that it was just a small issue but now even Mayor Yu was involved.

Just when fatty Lin didn’t know what to say, Ye Mo spoke, "Vice-Commissioner Lin, thank you for helping me speak up. I think you may have to remove the ‘vice’ very soon."

Liu Fang’s face was green, "Take the two down and investigate carefully. We must find a result."

Ye Mo didn’t even wait for the vice commissioner to speak and turned to look at Liu Fang. "If you can’t investigate anything, are you going to apply torture in the interrogation? But that won’t be necessary as I will be interrogating personally now. Open your eyes, look at what this is. Commissioner Lin, prepare to record."

"You’re mad, chain him first…" Liu Fang looked coldly at Ye Mo and wanted to urge the two cops behind to apprehend him.

But then, Ye Mo took out a blue booklet and waved it in front of Liu Fang. "You tell me if I have the right to?"

"Flying Snow head instructor?" Just reading out the four words and seeing the stamp made Liu Fang speechless. That stamp was real.

Vice-Commissioner Lin also quickly reached his head and looked. He also recognized the stamp and immediately, there was liveliness in his eyes. He reacted quickly and said. "Oh, so it’s Instructor Ye coming here personally. Haha, I’m Lin San. It’s an honor to meet you, an honor." By then, he had already extended his hand.

"Hmm, you’re Ye Mo? You’re, you’re the Ye Mo from Beijing…" Lin San suddenly remembered who Ye Mo was and began to stutter. It was actually the Ye Mo of the legends.

Liu Fang also saw that identity booklet and his heart went cold. However, he didn’t completely lose his mind. Even though Ye Mo was an instructor and could kill, he couldn’t be involved in the police department’s crimes. Plus, this was personally addressed by the mayor.

But when he heard the two words—Ye Mo—and saw the name on the book, his head buzzed and could no longer suppress the worry in his heart.

Perhaps a lot of citizens didn’t know the big name of Ye Mo, but how could he not know who Ye Mo was? The one Song family was afraid of and the person who exterminated the Ou family all by himself. Any random person from the Ou family was a mayor.

Liu Fang started to sweat behind his back and his head felt dizzy. He knew his life was over, really over. Ye Mo didn’t lie at all that he could kill Wu Zhengfei. He was telling the truth. He really could casually kill Wu Zhengfei and didn’t need to be held responsible at all.

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