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261 Ungraduated Doctor

Chapter 261: Ungraduated Doctor

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"Huh…" Nie Wubian didn’t expect Ye Mo to be this easy to talk to. He actually told him to go out and kill people. Then, couldn’t he have run away using that opportunity?

"If you want to run, go ahead." Ye Mo’s voice was cold.

"No, I definitely won’t dare to run." Nie Wubian quickly retreated. He knew that this youth could do things faster. Nie Wubian thought that if he acted obediently, then perhaps this youth would let him go.

Qian He saw Nie Wubian go out to kill people and his legs were shaking more.

"You’re very cocky, aren’t you? How does it feel so good to be a dog? Tell me, how many people does Nie Wubian has left in Tan Du?" Ye Mo thought that it would be too easy on Qian He to just kill him.

At this moment, Qian He calmed down a little and quickly replied, "Nie…everyone is here because they need to go back at the end of the month. I don’t know why…"

"Since you don’t know anything, then go die." Ye Mo sent out a fireball but this fireball burned from inside to outside.

Qian He was surrounded by the fireball but couldn’t die instantly. He could only howl in pain but no matter how much he screamed, he couldn’t make any sound.

In this short time, Nie Wubian had killed everyone and brought them all in. He saw Qian He, who gradually lost all hope from the fireball, and felt as though he was being bitten on the back by a snake. This person could control fire to such a terrifying degree, burning Qian He inside the fireball.

Nie Wubian could no longer resist it and ran. He would rather commit suicide than to be slowly burnt to death like Qian He. This young man wasn’t a human but rather the devil. He himself had killed countless people but had never expected to see such a demon.

But when he just reached the door, a gust of fire burned from his dantian. He felt his internal organs were going to be charred. Nie Wubian could no longer endure such torture and patted his hand with his other hand.

Ye Mo no longer looked at Qian Hu who didn’t have much life left. He carried his sister and dragged He Qi and walked out of the mansion. He smashed a few fireballs onto the mansion from outside.

The fire grew big. Ye Mo sighed. He had actually destroyed the mansion here twice.

But he knew that people would come soon after the fire got bigger. He didn’t want trouble so he brought his sister and He Qi and left. When it was near the city, he patted He Qi awake. Before she could react, he brought Tang Beiwei and left.


"Brother, are we out already?" When Tang Beiwei woke up, she found out that she was already in the city. She knew that Ye Mo must’ve solved everything there and taken her back.

Ye Mo nodded. "It’s done. Do you still have anything left at the school? If you don’t, then let’s go immediately. I’ll take you to car racing and after that, we’ll go Beijing. If you still have something, then we’ll go pick it up."

Tang Beiwei knew that Ye Mo’s done meant completely done so she felt relieved. "I still have some minor things left and I need to say goodbye to the people in my dorm. And I still have a schoolmate in the hospital. She was beaten up after she lent me the phone. I haven’t been able to go visit her."

"Okay, then we’ll go to the hospital first and treat your friend." Tang Beiwei’s friend was hurt due to her, thus he had to help her friend.


Tan Kang Hospital.

Chong Yuanyuan looked at the ceiling. She didn’t know what her future was. She just lent a phone to Beiwei and had her legs broken as well as three of her ribs. The hospital came to the conclusion that she might have to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

She wasn’t satisfied. She was only 20 or so but her life was ruined like this. However, she didn’t dare to call the police because she knew that if she did, she might get herself into a worse state. That powerful faction was not a simple one. Xixi was forced to jump off by them. Although she regretted lending the phone a little, she didn’t blame Tang Beiwei because she knew Tang Beiwei’s situation might be worse than hers.

Chong Yuanyuan’s mum’s eyes were red. Her father just said to call the police and was beaten up as well. Although it wasn’t serious, Chong Yuanyuan’s family knew that there was no way they could beat them.

"Yuanyuan, how are you?" Tang Beiwei opened the door and saw Yuanyuan with numb eyes. She felt regretful. If it wasn’t for her, Chong Yuanyuan wouldn’t be in such state.

Chong Yuanyuan became started. A few seconds later, she reacted, "Beiwei, how did you come? Why didn’t you run since you got out? Why are you still here? Who is he?" Chong Yuanyuan spoke and immediately looked at Ye Mo. She thought that Ye Mo was there to monitor Tang Beiwei.

Tang Beiwei’s eyes went red, "Yuanyuan, he’s my brother, Ye Mo. Sorry, I brought this upon you."

"Huh, he’s the brother you said who could save you? He really saved you?" Chong Yuanyuan looked at Ye Mo in shock. She was in the same dorm and she of course knew what was happening with Tang Beiwei. She also knew that Tang Beiwei had found her brother and that her brother would come to take her away.

Ye Mo walked over. "Yuanyuan, hello. I’m Beiwei’s brother. Sorry, Beiwei brought this on you." This girl’s skin was very white. Although she was average-looking, her round face was quite likable.

Yuanyuan’s eyes grew faint and she immediately said, "Perhaps this is my fate. Beiwei is not to blame for this…"

Although he saw regret in her eyes, Ye Mo was still very grateful to this girl. Perhaps before she lent the phone she knew what the consequence would be but she still lent Tang Beiwei the phone.

"Yuanyuan, don’t worry. My brother said he can cure your leg…" Tang Beiwei walked in front of Chong Yuanyuan and comforted her.

Chong Yuanyuan immediately froze but she reacted quickly and grabbed Tang Beiwei’s hand, then said shakily, "Beiwei, are you being serious? My leg can still be treated?"

"I’m serious. I can cure your leg and make it healthier than before," Ye Mo interrupted.

Although Chong Yuanyuan received the report that her bones were pulverized, she didn’t believe Beiwei would lie. She had been friends with Tang Beiwei for so long and trusted Tang Beiwei’s character. Although it was impossible to be completely cured of her condition, the desire for health made her rather believe Tang Beiwei’s brother for real.

"Yuanyuan, Dr. Liu has come. He specializes in…" A distressed woman opened the door and said but then she saw Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei, resulting in her stopping halfway through her words. She looked at Ye Mo in vigilance.

Chong Yuanyuan felt happier because Ye Mo said he could cure her leg so she quickly said: "Mum, she’s my schoolmate, Tang Beiwei, and that’s her brother Ye Mo. Her brother can help me treat my leg."

When the distressed woman heard it was Tang Beiwei, her face immediately dropped. Her daughter had become like this due to Tang Beiwei but she didn’t say anything.

That doctor Liu looked at Ye Mo, "Insolence. This is the first time I’ve heard someone who can completely cure such a condition. Mate, did you just get your graduation certificate?"

Obviously, this Doctor Liu thought Ye Mo was a noob.

"What do you mean? Just because you can’t cure it, doesn’t mean my brother can’t. You underestimate people." Tang Beiwei was soft on the outside but tough on the inside. Plus, Ye Mo was someone unshakable in her heart. How dare this doctor question her brother?

Ye Mo waved his hand and stopped Tang Beiwei then looked at Doctor Liu. "Just because you can’t treat it doesn’t mean other people can’t, but I haven’t gotten my graduation certificate yet."

Doctor Liu’s face immediately sank and looked at Ye Mo coldly. "Very well then, treat her. Sister Fu, it’s not that I don’t want to help but there’s a more high-level doctor here to treat your daughter. Goodbye."

Then, Doctor Liu turned and left. Chong Yuanyuan’s mother quickly followed suit. She spent a lot of money to get this specialist here but was sent away by this ignorant youth.

After half a minute, Chong Yuanyuan’s mother came back in by herself. She was very unhappy. Not only was her daughter harmed due to Tang Beiwei but now, the specialist she invited was angered by Tang Beiwei’s brother and left. It would be strange if she could be happy.

"Mum, brother Ye can really cure me. I don’t want fake legs. I trust Beiwei." If Chong Yuanyuan really got a fake leg, then she would really be disabled.

Chong Yuanyuan’s mother sighed but she couldn’t do anything about it.

"Auntie, sorry, but please don’t worry. I will cure her," Ye Mo said. Although Chong Yuanyuan’s mother was angry, he could understand her.

"Sigh." The mother didn’t say anything.

Ye Mo walked to the bed and said to Chong Yuanyuan, "Don’t worry, I will treat you now."

The few people looked at Ye Mo bewilderedly. What treatment was Ye Mo going to use, when he had nothing in his hands?

Ye Mo smiled and took out a box of needles as though he was performing a magic trick. Then he told Tang Beiwei to help him pull open the blanket.