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260 Who’s More Gruesome?

Chapter 260: Who’s More Gruesome?

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"Qian He, what do you want bringing me here? I know you have a lot of power but I He Qi won’t be afraid of you." Ye Mo heard a familiar voice.

Ye Mo turned around and saw the girl who wanted to use him was also brought here. She seemed to have some power judging from her tone, but didn’t this guy just call himself Nie Wubian? How did he become Qian He?

"Qian He, you…" He Qi walked in and saw the Qian He who she said had a lot of power stood respectfully below. Sitting at the very top wasn’t Qian He.

Ye Mo studied Nie Wubian. He had long hair, white face, and no facial hair. His eyes were demonic and looked in his 30s. He had Black Level Elementary Stage peak power. Other than that Ou Tanhu, he had never seen someone who had Black Level power in the city.

"Qian He? Haha, he’s just one of my dog. You are He Qi, you look quite good, it’s your fortune being able to come here. Tang Beiwei, you’re even better. Last time, someone said you’re the prettiest flower in Tan Du. I didn’t believe him, but now it seems to true. You are indeed the prettiest woman I have seen, and you’re still a virgin. Not bad, not bad. You’re even prettier than my Shi Mei, mhm, Qian He, you’ve done great. It’s very useful leaving such a pretty woman for me at the end of the month," Nie Wubian said.

He Qi then realised that Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei was also here and said in shock, "How are you guys here too?"

Ye Mo didn’t reply and studied the place. Within the range of his spirit sense, there were 36 people altogether. Other than the strongest Nie Wubian, that Qian He was already Yellow Level Middle Stage. Although it was a short time, Ye Mo was sure this was no place where the rich played with women. This Nie Wubian seemed eerie, and Ye Mo didn’t know why he needed so many women.

He Qi stopped after one sentence. She seemed to realize her situation. Since Qian He was only a slap dog, then it meant this eerie-eyed youth was perhaps much more powerful.

Nie Wubian coldly looked at Ye Mo. "I really admire your courage, you think you can do whatever you want just because you learnt some martial arts? I’ll show you what is real martial arts today. Bring the two here."

Ye Mo didn’t talk. He really wanted to go on a carnage now, but Tang Beiwei was here. The scene would be too bloody. He was worried his sister wouldn’t be able to take it. If he used fireball, this He Qi was still here. He didn’t want to kill her, so he must not reveal his powers in front of her.

Just when he was hesitating, he saw the two men who went to capture him being brought up. Their face was pale, and their legs were shaking. Obviously, they didn’t expect to be punished after coming back.

Nie Wubian walked to the long-faced man and smiled. "You’ve done well, you talk about how strong someone else is and don’t even dare to attack him. Why do I need dogs like you, waste of food."

"Grandpa Nie, forgive us…" The two knelt on the ground with their teeth shaking.

"I said, I don’t need useless men..." Then, Nie Wubian raised his palm and struck twice.

Blood shot high in the air splashing on Nie Wubian, making him seem more hideous. However, he actually licked the blood on his hand and relished the taste. At this moment, their heads rolled out far.

"Argh…" He Qi, who originally thought this wasn’t much of a deal, could no longer take this gruesome scene and dropped unconscious on the ground.

Tang Beiwei’s face was pale and her heart raced. Ye Mo quickly pressed her meridian to faint her and put her next to He Qi.

"Not bad, you have some balls, no wonder you dare to kill my men." Nie Wubian looked coldly at Ye Mo and the derision on his mouth was getting more potent.

Ye Mo had noticed this Nie Wubian was only Black Level Elementary Stage, but his qi was almost equivalent to Black Level Middle Stage. It really wasn’t simple to decapitate 2 heads with just pure inner qi.

"I’m thinking, do you want to fight me now? Or have you lost your courage?" Nie Wubian seemed like an eagle looking at a chicken.

Ye Mo looked at Nie Wubian and sighed. He also smiled and said, "I really agree to your words, if you think you can do what you want just by learning a few moves, then I’m sorry. I wanted to say the same thing to you, I’ll show you want real martial arts is."

Then, Ye Mo raised his hand and swiped his palm left and right. There were 18 people in the hall, and Ye Mo stopped after swiping 16 times.

"Haha, arrogant fool, you want to copy me and use inner qi…" Nie Wubian’s voice suddenly stopped here. His face was full of shock as he looked at his 16 men.

Blood spewed out—it was like a slaughter ground. 16 heads and 32 arms fell on the ground. Then, all of them fell to the ground together as though they were trained to do so. The direction they fell to was the same.

Nie Wubian was stunned. "I’m dreaming, this must be a dream…" He kept explaining to himself, but he knew this wasn’t a dream, it was real.

Qian He was more shocked and didn’t dare to say a thing.

Finally, there was terror in Nie Wubian’s eyes. Cultivating till now, he had never known terror, but today, he knew what terror was. When he killed his two men, he used a gruesome way to kill them, trying to scare this young man. He did scare one, but that was He Qi, and this young man seemed to be fine.

But then the young man used more gruesome means than him. Even he had never seen such a bloody scene. He was sure this youth’s action was intentional, slapping him hard in the face.

Ye Mo walked over Nie Wubian. Nie Wubian moved aside subconsciously and kept retreating. Ye Mo ignored him and sat down in the chair where Nie Wubian was sitting before and then he coldly looked at Nie Wubian.

"You, who are you…" At Nie Wubian’s terror, he realized this young man was far stronger than him, perhaps even in Earth Level. He didn’t know which chromosome he was missing, why did he mess with someone like that?

Ye Mo sneered. "I’ve seen people like you, it’s not just you. Not long ago, there was someone called Lone Wolf, apparently, he’s strong but I killed him in 3 swords. And another sect called Broken Fist Hall, their leader Zheng Chengfa brought his sect members to kill me, but I killed them all. But you seem to have a few days less training than them, why are you so cocky?"

"Qian Bei, please have mercy…" Nie Wubian could no longer hold the terror in his heart and knelt down. Who was this guy in front of him, why was all the people he killed at Earth Level. His petty power was nothing compared to Ye Mo. Qian He’s face was paler after realizing his master had encountered a tough one.

"Do you know why I still haven’t killed you now?" Ye Mo coldly looked at Nie Wubian and said.

Nie Wubian’s entire body was shaking now. He finally knew what it felt like to look at death in the face. Before, it was always other people begging for mercy in front of him, but now, he was begging in front of someone else.

Ye Mo scanned Qian He. "You dare to hit on my sister, you’re quite bold, but do you know why I haven’t killed you?"

Qian He was shaking and couldn’t even say a single world. Although he was very fierce, he couldn’t help but to shake facing such a gruesome scene.

Ye Mo ignored him and looked at Nie Wubian. "A year ago, I blew this place to rubble and killed everyone here. I didn’t expect to come back here a year later. It seems I’m quite connected to this place."

Nie Wubian was full of regret, why couldn’t he choose another random city.

"Qian Bei, have mercy on me…. Nie Wubian didn’t want to die. His talent was the best in the sect, how could he die. But now, he really didn’t know who could save him. Perhaps even his master couldn’t.

Ye Mo threw out fireballs casually and the bodies were all burned, and even those two who were killed by Nie Wubian were turned to flying dust.

Nie Wubian was completely shocked. He was still thinking if he could escape if the Qian Bei didn’t let him go, but now he knew he couldn’t. This person could even shoot out fireballs. In the years he was cultivating the hidden sects, he had never heard of anyone who can shoot out fireballs to attack.

He saw Ye Mo’s eyes grow colder and colder and couldn’t stop his head from sweating. He said, "Qian Bei, I’m from 4 State 9 Moons Temple. I came to Tan Du to refine Yin energy due to reaching Black Level, so I needed a lot of virgins but I haven’t killed them. I just took their…"

"Hmph, there is actually such an evil sect. Your sect no longer needs to exist. You didn’t kill them, then what happened to my sister’s friend Xixi?" Ye Mo’s eyes were freezing cold. He wasn’t some hero of justice, but even he couldn’t allow such a malignant sect to exist.

"Yes, yes…" Nie Wubian was sweating.

Ye Mo walked beside him and kicked on his chest. Nie Wubian felt some sort of fire surge into his Dantian, which stayed in there.

Although he knew it wasn’t something good, he didn’t dare to resist.

"Go kill the remaining 18 people and bring the bodies here," Ye Mo said with a plain face. He wouldn’t let anyone here go.