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243 How Is This Possible

Chapter 243: How Is This Possible

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Lone Wolf suddenly sneered. "So what, what can you do to me now?" Lone Wolf wished that Ye Mo would go find something to throw at him. As soon as Ye Mo left, he could come back immediately. But then, he felt things wouldn’t be so simple.

Ye Mo laughed. "I have 100 ways to kill you, I can dig a stone and kill you now, but I won’t do that."

Hearing Ye Mo was going to dig stones, Lone Wolf’s face changed, but he felt relieved when he heard Ye Mo say he wouldn’t. His face kept changing as he thought what he was going to do.

"It’s because I will kill you personally." Then, Ye Mo actually jumped off the cliff.

Lone Wolf was shocked but was immediately filled with joy. If Ye Mo also jumped off, then he wouldn’t be afraid of him at all.

Just when he was thinking about how to counter attack Ye Mo, 3 frosty winds shot at him. He couldn’t dodge them at all. If it was on flat ground, he could still dodge, but on this slippery cliff face, he could only dodge the two aimed towards his head.

He couldn’t dodge the one at his chest, however, he thought that even if he took this blow, he would still drag Ye Mo down.

But Lone Wolf immediately felt this coldness from his back. He subconsciously looked, but his will was starting to get fuzzy. "How is this possible…"

As soon as this thought dissipated, the lower half of his body fell into the cliff. At this moment, Ye Mo grabbed onto Lone Wolf’s sword and used Wind Controlling Technique to come back to the road. Lone Wolf was nowhere to be seen anymore.

He played with the sword and felt it wasn’t bad; if he couldn’t make a better one, perhaps it was good to give Xu Ping this one. He got this one from Lone Wolf and didn’t need to hide it. After all, a lot of people knew Lone Wolf was waiting for him here. If Lone Wolf died, everyone would know it was him.

Plus, Ye Mo also heard that this Lone Wolf was a solitary person. He had no sect so Ye Mo didn’t need to worry.

He put the sword on his back and then continued walking along the path. His was very careful and kept his spirit sense on high alert. He killed Lone Wolf, but if he was right, that Zhang Zhihui probably wouldn’t let him go. After all, too many people knew the Liu Blue Carrot was in his hands.

Ye Mo thought right. As soon as he walked out of this cliff path to the metal chain bridge, he saw Zhang Zhihui. And, he wasn’t by himself, there were people everywhere. It seemed these people weren’t just here for the show but wanted to get something amidst the chaos.

Zhang Zhihui carried an ancient looking double-edged sword on his back. His hair was white, but Ye Mo knew he was much stronger than Lone Wolf.

Zhang Zhihui saw Ye Mo and was dazed, but he saw the sword on Ye Mo’s back and quickly reacted, saying, "I would’ve thought it would be Lone Wolf, but you actually killed him."

"Since you can kill Lone Wolf, I won’t be harsh on you, hand the Liu Blue Carrot and leave. Hm, where did you put it?" Zhang Zhihui suddenly realized that other than a sword, there didn’t seem to be anything else on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo scanned around and then looked coldly at Zhang Zhihui before plainly saying, "You are Zhang Zhihui?"

Zhang ZHihui’s face sunk. "How dare you, young brat, Zhang Zhihui is not something you can call." From his perspective, he was far stronger than Ye Mo and generations was highly regarded in the hidden sects. A younger generation had to refer to him as qianbei.

"You old bastard, you’re really shameless, aren’t you? You want to rob me, so what kind of higher generation bullsh*t are you acting up to." Ye Mo was furious. This old thing was quite old and wanted to rob him but expected him to be polite to him. Disgusting.

Zhang Zhihui’s face went black. He was already at the peak of Earth Level middle stage, and he could enter tertiary stage at any time. Even the old man from Xia Family dared to suppress him with money but not really start feud with him. This youth ate the balls of a tiger and dared to curse him like this.

After all, although he didn’t come out often, when he did, who dared not to call him Qianbei Zhang. If he wasn’t about to breakthrough middle stage, he really wouldn’t be bothered to fight a xiaobei for a Liu Blue Carrot.

Zhang Zhihui, whose face was extremely angry, pulled out his long double-edged sword. He didn’t even need to shake the double-edged sword, but it spun, forming a double-edged sword flower. Hum… the double-edged sword covered Ye Mo with a raging intent to kill.

Ye Mo’s heart sunk. If it was on the flat surface, he could even fight with Lone Wolf a little while, but faced against this old man, he had no chance. This old man was so much stronger than Lone Wolf, sealing his path of retreat shut as soon as he attacked.

Ye Mo had nowhere to hide and was able to barely defend the double-edged sword with his sword.

Ye Mo thought of countless ways but only one could defeat the old man. If he bombarded the old man with all of his Fireball Charms while using the wind blade, perhaps he could heavily injure him or even kill him. However, he didn’t want to do that; if he did, then so many people would see his trump card.

Most importantly, even if he killed Zhang Zhihui like that, he would be heavily injured too by Zhang Zhihui’s last attack. With so many people watching, he wouldn’t be able to escape at all.

Clank! Clank! Clank. After a fit of clashes, Ye Mo took many steps back; his sword was full of creases, and his clothes was shredded. There were two long gashes on his chest.

"Insolent xiaobei, you dare to be so arrogant with a mere Black Level power." Zhang Zhihui had always cared about his image. He originally just wanted to dispel Ye Mo’s cultivation, but now, he had to kill Ye Mo.

Ye Mo just took one move from Zhang Zhihui and knew he had to run. It was impracticable to run back because he scanned two more people from the cliff road. These two came from the auction holder. They came looking for his trouble for sure.

He looked Zhang Zhihui’s cold and contemptuous eyes and knew he had to jump off the cliff. But even so, he had to have a place to land. If he fell off such a slippery cliff face like Lone Wolf, he might fall to his death even if he had Wind Controlling Technique.

The two people were getting closer and closer. Ye Mo didn’t know if Zhang Zhihui intentionally forced him back so the two people from behind could corner him, but he had listed this Zhang Zhihui in his must kill list. This old thing, when his power increased, the first thing he would do was to kill him.

Ye Mo really wanted to ask which sect this old thing came from, but he didn’t dare to ask because if he did, perhaps they would know he could escape. He had to make his next step perfect because he scanned a spot where there was a protrusion from the cliff face 100 meters below. He must tap there after jumping off before continuing the fall.

"Old fart, take another one of my swords." Ye Mo jumped up and charged towards Zhang Zhihui while raising his sword and hacking towards Zhang Zhihui’s head.

"You’re asking to die." Zhang Zhihui saw Ye Mo’s vitals were wide open and sneered. This guy wanted to die so much that he dared to use such a move against him.

Zhang Zhihui’s double-edged sword smacked Ye Mo’s sword flying and then turned around immediately. He was very angry at Ye Mo and wanted to kill him immediately.

Everyone seemed to know what would happen to Ye Mo next and didn’t want to look. Ye Mo would land after his attack was blocked by Zhang Zhihui. As soon as he landed, he would be cut in half by Zhang Zhihui’s following attack. It was as though he gave himself to be killed by Zhang Zhihui.

It was impossible even if he wanted to jump off the cliff, no one could avoid Zhang Zhihui’s sword at that point.

"This guy is so pitiful, he’s going to be cut in half from the waist," the nun called Xiao Yu from the Lian Hang Jing Mosque didn’t dare to look and turned around.

The older nun held the younger nun and said, "Master said, when we go out we mustn't underestimate others just because we’re from the hidden sects. The reason that young man is at where he is now is because he was too arrogant."

"You really got away easy, even I didn’t recognize Da Hu was you," A black-clothed woman looked at Ye Mo and coldly said.

"Qianbei Zhang, don’t kill him." The two people from behind rushed up and saw the scene where Ye Mo was about to be cut from the waist.

But Zhang Zhihui’s sword already sliced out. These two people called out a little too late.

However, Ye Mo defied everyone’s expectations and didn’t land underneath Zhang Zhihui’s sword. Instead, he seemed to be pushed off the cliff by Zhang Zhihui’s sword.

"How is this possible?" Zhang Zhihui dazed. There was no way Ye Mo could fall off the cliff in that situation. Did his inner qi blast Ye Mo away? This was impossible.

"How is this possible…" All the onlookers were confused. They didn’t think Ye Mo could fall off the cliff. It was impossible to change direction in air without applying force; even an Earth Level tertiary stage master couldn’t do it. Did they see wrong?