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Chapter 229: Carnage

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Another bang and the door was kicked open. A waitress who wanted to stop them was kicked away by the man outside and couldn’t get up.

Tang Beiwei saw the 3 men charge in and charged towards her the moment they entered. Tang Beiwei’s heart shook and took many steps back.

The man in front had grabbed towards her. Obviously, he didn’t see Tang Beiwei as a threat at all. To him, Tang Beiwei was just a goat ready to be slaughtered.

Tang Beiwei, in a fit of worry, threw a few charms at the man and yelled Lin repeatedly.

Rumble, a ball of fire engulfed the man, but soon, the flame disappeared and there was just a small pile of ash flying around. Tang Beiwei was shocked and couldn’t react at all. What was this? She didn’t even feel any heat from that ball of flame, but the man who was surrounded by it disappeared. This was too strange. Was that Fireball Charm that strong? Wasn’t this immortal magic? Who was her brother? She subconsciously looked at the remaining few charms in her hands.

The two men behind stopped and looked at the flying ashes in shock. Their minds froze. Burning a person to ash? How could this be? However, they already saw it with their own eyes, so how could it be fake?

The two came to their senses after many seconds and looked at the runes in her hands not daring to take a step forward. They turned to run.

Until they disappeared, Tang Beiwei finally realized that the fireballs were real and also scarily strong. That temperature was enough to turn people to ash in an instant.

Tang Beiwei looked at the door that was kicked to pieces and knew there was no point staying here anymore. She immediately left the hotel and looked at the 7 remaining charms in her hands thinking that with that, she could go help Ye Mo. She quickly called a taxi to where Ye Mo was going.

The scene wasn’t bloody before, so Tang Beiwei didn’t think much of it, but now that she sat on the car and thought a person burnt to ash, she couldn’t help but to feel disgusted.

"Are you car sick?" the driver asked.

"Mhm, a bit." Tang Beiwei made the driver stop as she vomited.

Ye Mo got off the car when it couldn’t go further. He then went into the forest from the side of the path Tang Beiwei pointed. Ye Mo’s speed was very fast, the same as a car. It was just half an hour and he saw a long canyon just like Tang Beiwei said.

Ye Mo entered immediately and spread out his spirit sense at the same time.

Song Hai, from a distance, saw one person entering the canyon. He felt something was wrong and looked at Li Mingqiang and said, "Why is there only one person? Did he notice something so he came by himself? You two go ahead and see."

Song Hai’s last sentence was to the two men Dongfang Xi brought.

After the two men left, Li Mingqiang sneered. "I knew that Dongfang Xi wasn’t reliable. I would believe the hidden sect people would let him set up ambush here, but I don’t believe he can talk to them directly."

Song Hai suddenly stood up. "Predecessor Li, I think this thing may really be what you said, what should we do now?"

Li Mingqiang sneered. "I don’t believe that Ye Mo has 3 heads and 6 arms. Regardless of whether he dares to step on the metal chain bridge, I won’t be afraid of him. Without Dongfang Xi, can I not avenge my disciple?"

"There’s only 8 people, this is disappointing. If you want to take your revenge, then come," as soon as Li Mingqiang spoke, Ye Mo’s voice sounded out.

Song Hai’s face immediately became pale; he didn’t think Ye Mo could find them and not go onto the metal chain bridge first. They were hiding on the side of the canyon, so how did Ye Mo find them? But soon, he reacted and said, "Surround him, Predecessor Li, keep him there and the rest attack him together."

The reason Song Hai said this was because he knew if he ordered to retreat, he would be the first to die. The rest of the people were all much stronger than him.

Everyone surrounded Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at Song Hai who was slowly retreating and sneered. "If you dare to take half a step back, I will kill you first."

Song Hai stopped his steps. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t dare to retreat a bit at all.

"Tell me your names." Ye Mo scanned them; his tone was cold.

Li Mingqiang sneered and said, "I’m Li Mingqiang, little bastard, just because you learnt some martial arts, you dare to be so cocky and kill my disciple Hu Qiu. I will sacrifice your head to him. You will pay for your insolence."

Ye Mo’s eyes immediately went cold. Li Mingqiang was Hu Qiu’s master, so he immediately knew it was the Song Family. His guess was right. The Song Family was really bold. Not only bold, they even thought of such an evil way of revenge. In Ye Mo’s heart now, the Song Family was already a pile of dead bones.

"In that case, die." Ye Mo casually took out Bian Po’s long sword and slashed towards them.

He also learnt this from Bian Po. If Bian Po knew that not only was his weapon taken by Ye Mo but so was his moves after his death, would he crawl out from the ground and cry?

Other than Li MIngqiang noticing Ye Mo suddenly had a sword in his hand, no one else saw the sword. They only saw a ray of white light.

Li Mingqiang was also dazed a bit. He clearly saw Ye Mo was barehanded, so how did he suddenly have a long sword?

Psh, there were blood spilling sound everywhere. Song Hai realized the 4 Yellow Level warriors had become bodies under Ye Mo’s sword light. They couldn’t even defend themselves.

Although Ye Mo’s attack was a sudden one, he still killed 4 with it. This scared Song Hai so much that his legs started to shake. He really didn’t expect Ye Mo to be this strong. It seemed Dongfang Xi didn’t overestimate him, but instead underestimated him. Song Hai wanted to escape, but his leg shook so much that he couldn’t even walk.

Li Mingqiang saw Ye Mo kill four with one slash and knew he underestimated Ye Mo. He was definitely stronger than him. Thinking about this, he didn’t dare to drift off with his mind. He took out the whip from his waist and surrounded Ye Mo with the other two Yellow Level peak stage fighters.

Li Mingqiang’s whip shook, becoming a series of whip shadows surrounding Ye Mo. The two Yellow Level masters behind Ye Mo also attacked Ye Mo with their curved swords without hesitation.

Although Li Mingqiang’s whip was countless grades better than that Hu Qiu, it was still a far cry from Daoist Xian.

Ye Mo didn’t even use wind blade and just brought up his sword. Strike, strike, strike, he slashed out many times. His chi was plenty and had a long sword in his hand, so was so much easier than when he fought Daoist Xian.

Li Mingqiang actually blocked 6 strikes from Ye Mo before there was the sound of his whip breaking. Ye Mo then broke another curved sword slicing one of the men Dongfang Xi brought in half.

Fresh blood spewed out, and Ye Mo took a few steps back to prevent the blood from dripping on his body.

Seeing this bloody scene, Song Hai’s leg curved; he couldn’t resist anymore and vomited. He had killed people and interrogated people, but he had never seen such a bloody scene.

Luckily, Ye Mo didn’t bring Tang Beiwei here. He stared coldly at Li Mingqiang who was a little stunned. There was full of coldness and killing intent in his eyes.

Li Mingqiang looked at the half of a whip he had in his hands. He didn’t have the composure he had initially. Although Ye Mo killed four Yellow Levels at the start, he felt he could also barely do it. But now, he felt he couldn’t defeat Ye Mo at all. This Ye Mo was too strong, and Li Mingqiang felt regret for the first time.

When Ye Mo killed the first 4, he sliced his sword across their throat and the scene wasn’t so bloody, but now, one was cut in half by him. The remaining Yellow Level master looked at his bloodied companion with a pale face. After half a beat, he suddenly threw away his curved sword and turned to run.

Ye Mo didn’t even look and just casually swiped a wind blade at him. The man’s legs were immediately sliced off and convulsed non stop on the ground.

"If you can let me go, I…" Li Mingqiang was scared. He had never seen someone as strong as Ye Mo. He had lost the will to fight.

Ye Mo sneered, no matter how Li Mingqiang begged for mercy, he never planned on letting them go. Before Li Mingqiang finished his sentence, Ye Mo’s sword sliced again and Li Mingqiang’s voice suddenly stopped. He was decapitated.