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Chapter 228: Escape

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Ye Mo took out the defensive necklace and gave it to Tang Beiwei. "Put this on you. After I go, close the windows shut and don’t open the door until I come back."

Since these people plotted to harm him, he couldn’t be sure if they would harm Tang Beiwei too.

"It’s such a pretty necklace, brother, is this for me?" Tang Beiwei loved the exquisite necklace. She never had any jewelry. This was her first.

Ye Mo was a little guilty. Tang Beiwei didn’t even have a proper jewelry on her and used an old second hand phone. He knew she had been living a hard life these recent years, but he didn’t want to say. He just noted that he needed to care about this sister more.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo said, "You mustn’t take this off. These are some charms I made. If someone comes in, just throw these at them. When you throw it out, you need to say Lin."

Tang Beiwei looked at ten palm-sized charms that Ye Mo passed over and dazed for a while. Did her brother spend the entire afternoon making these? Was this the Dao magic he said?

Seeing Tang Beiwei’s confusion, Ye Mo immediately said, "This is a Fireball Charm, remember, throw it out and it will form a fireball to engulf the person, don’t try it casually."

Brother, this…" Tang Beiwei didn’t know what to say.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "You just need to remember my words, I don’t even have time to love you, how can I harm you? After I leave, you must wait till I come back."

Ye Mo repeatedly warned her and Tang Beiwei also nodded seriously. She knew that she was wrong before. That Wei Yongqian definitely didn’t just want to teach her brother a lesson. He really wanted to kill. She also understood that if they just wanted to teach her brother a lesson, they wouldn’t spend this much money.

Ye Mo walked out of the room and closed the door. He knew these people were very sly and evil, so he didn’t want Tang Beiwei to be in danger. He searched with his spirit sense carefully and was sure that the monitoring people were quite far from here.

But even so, he still used invisibility to leave the hotel. After walking out a long while, he then called a taxi towards the location Tang Beiwei told him. The reason he used invisibility was because he was afraid people would see only he came out.

He needed to kill all of them before they had time to react. In fact, it would be best to take Tang Beiwei with him, but Ye Mo was afraid the enemy would be too strong. And, he didn’t want Tang Beiwei to see him kill people.

Wuliang Mountain was a sacred place for Buddhists, and Wuliang Mountain’s Xishuang Temple was much bigger than many sacred temples. However, barely a few people knew about it. The reason was simple, it wasn’t open to tourists and was hidden in the dangerous ranges of the mountain.

The temple itself wasn’t dangerous, but the location was. There was a big canyon before one could enter the temple, and in that canyon, there was a deep bottomless cliff. It could be said that it was the biggest obstacle to getting to the temple.

But at this moment, there were no one stopping people from entering the temple because the biggest auction of the hidden sects was about to be held here and this cliff had been connected by a huge metal chain bridge. No one knew how it was connected, however.

At this moment, Dongfang Xi and two Yellow Level masters were hiding in a discrete location in the canyon waiting for Ye Mo’s arrival. Meanwhile, Song Hai and a few Song Family Yellow Level warriors as well as Li Mingqiang were waiting at the two sides of the canyon. They were waiting for Tang Beiwei to bring Ye Mo into that metal chain bridge and come back. If they couldn’t, it meant that they already died.

Other than Dongfang Xi and Li Mingqiang, other people were very focused. Dongfang Xi wasn’t worried because he was confident. Li Mingqiang, on the other hand, was a Black Level tertiary stage master. He didn’t care about a mere Ye Mo.

Song Hai opened his phone and checked before saying to Dongfang Xi, "Mr. Dongfang, a car is driving over here. It should be Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei, but strangely, the people I stationed around the hotel didn’t see the two leave. I don’t know how they got on the car.

Dongfang Xi’s heart suddenly jumped. He thought of the Tu Town outside the desert and how Ye Mo could be invisible. He started getting a bad feeling, but his face didn’t show it at all. "Song Hai, the quality of your people needs improvement."

Song Hai nodded and said, "I’m just afraid Ye Mo doesn’t have a life to come back after entering the metal bridge. In that case, although we got our revenge, it will not be very satisfying."

Dongfang Xi nodded. "Brother Song doesn’t need to worry. This will definitely be a satisfying revenge. But you’re right, after all, the two guarding there are too strong. It wouldn’t be good if they beat him to death. I need to go communicate inside. The reason we can stay here was because I told them. Now, I’ll go tell them to leave Ye Mo one last breath, it should be fine."

Then, Dongfang Xi ordered the two next to him to listen to Song Hai. Then, he said to Song Hai, "I’ll be very quick, you take command here for now."

Although Song Hai guessed Dongfang Xi was connected to the two from the hidden sects, he didn’t think he could actually talk to them directly. He quite admired this and said, "Thank you, Mr. Dongfang, leave this place to me."

Dongfang Xi left as soon as he spoke and was headed towards the metal chain bridge, but soon, he twisted and his body was blocked by trees.

Dongfang Xi ran out a few hundred meters before hiding behind a rock and called.

"What’s the matter? Why is there no report after the target has come out?" Dongfang Xi’s voice was worried.

"Advisor, we’ve been using the telescope to monitor the door of the hotel constantly, we didn’t see any target?" Soon, his men reported.

Dongfang Xi knew things wasn’t good. There must’ve been a mistake, but theoretically, his plan shouldn’t have been exposed? What was this? Even Song Qiming didn’t know about this, so it was pure coincidence that he knew about Tang Beiwei and Ye Mo. However, how did Ye Mo know?

"Immediately send a few people into the target’s room, if she’s by herself, take her away immediately and leave Yu Yuan to the next location before contacting me." Dongfang Xi was very decisive; he didn’t know which part of the plan failed, but since no one saw Ye Mo at the hotel, it meant he was suspicious or knew about the plan, that’s why he hid.

Regardless of whether the plan was a success or failure, he needed to run. He would call his men later; if both of them left the hotel, then he would make his next decision. If it was only Tang Beiwei, then the plan has failed for sure.


After Ye Mo left, Tang Beiwei casually put the Fireball charms on the table and took off that necklace playing with it as though she couldn’t let go of it. Although never had any jewelry, she had seen many of the celebrities’ jewelry on TV and seen it at the shopping malls.

She had never seen a jewelry prettier than the one her brother gave her. The pearls emitted a faint glow and rendered a sense of serenity.

It was really pretty. What happened today was like a dream, and she wasn’t completely awake now. She had a brother who was very nice to her, but when he didn’t know she was his sister, he was really mean and scary.

Was Ye Mo really her brother? He really had a lot of secrets. She saw him take things out from him, but his clothes were really thin, so where did he leave things? And, he bought so many materials today but she didn’t know where he put them.

Suddenly, there was a banging on the door. Tang Beiwei was shocked; his brother said he would call her if he was going to come in. Who was knocking now?

Tang Beiwei immediately thought of Ye Mo’s words and put the necklace on her and picked up the ten charms and stared worriedly at the door.

There was another fit of knocking. Tang Beiwei summoned the courage, walked beside the door and asked, "Who is outside?"

She didn’t expect the knocking to suddenly stop after she asked. She immediately began to worry; brother wasn’t here. Was the charms he gave her effective?

Although Dongfang Xi thought he probably was thinking too much, he would never take a risk on any small possibility. Last time at Sai Na, if he wasn’t quick, he would’ve been dead already. So regardless if Ye Mo fell for it, he would retreat decisively.

He had no business there regardless.

Dongfang Xi took out the vibrating phone and answered the call. His men’s report shocked him. He was only guessing, but he didn’t really expect Tang Beiwei to be still at the hotel.

Dongfang Xi sweated and immediately told his men to take her away and wait for his call. Then, he turned off his phone and ran for his life towards the outside. He didn’t dare to meet up with his men at the hotel. He didn’t believe Ye Mo would leave Tang Beiwei there after knowing his plan. He must have measures.

The more he ran, the more he regretted. From now on, no matter what he did, he wouldn’t come personally again. Although it was satisfying telling Ye Mo the truth in front of Ye Mo and watch him die in rage, nothing was more important than his life.