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227 The Most Satisfying Way of Revenge

Chapter 227: The Most Satisfying Way of Revenge

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As soon as Qiao Gang picked up Ye Mo’s call, he was very happy. To him, this was Ye Mo telling him how to contact him indirectly. He quickly told Ye Mo not to worry and no one would come investigate him. He didn’t know that only permitted numbers could reach Ye Mo’s phone. Other people wouldn’t be able to reach it since his phone was a custom made one given to him by Han Zaixin.

Ye Mo put down the phone and sighed; it was so easy with connections.

As soon as he hung up, his phone sounded again. It was Ye Ling.

Ye Ling’s voice was anxious. Ye Mo told her to be careful in the morning and now, there was someone calling her to go Wuliang Mountain saying Ye Mo was waiting for her there.

Ye Mo was angry and told Ye Ling to say she wouldn’t be able to leave now and needed a few days if she received this call again.

Then, he told her to not go places even the school and just stay at the Ye Family Mansion. Then, he called Zhang Jue.

"Instructor, I thought you were ditching us. You haven’t contacted us for so long." Zhang Jue’s voice was welcoming. He was very happy about Ye Mo’s call. Ye Mo knew Zhang Jue thought of him as a real friend and felt warm at heart, but he seriously said, "Please help look after my sister these few days. And, tell Li Hu about the Song Family and ask him to find a few people to keep eyes on them. If there’s something, call me immediately."

"Don’t worry, instructor, leave it to me," Zhang Jue’s affirmative voice sounded.

Ye Mo felt slightly relieved and then said, "Brother Zhang, stop calling me instructor. If you think we’re friends, then just call me Ye Mo."

"Haha, okay, I’ll call you Young Master Mo from now." Zhang Jue knew Ye Mo was treating him as a brother now and felt even happier.

Ye Mo then called Li Hu. Although he already asked Zhang Jue, he was still afraid something would happen to Ye Ling.

Tang Beiwei looked at Ye Mo make all those calls and quietly said after half a beat, "Is Ye Ling your sister? You’re really nice to her." She thought of Ye Mo being very harsh to her due to Ye Ling and felt sour.

Ye Mo looked at Tang Beiwei and subconsciously smiled while patting her head. "You’re also my sister, I will treat you the same. Stop feeling bad over what happened in the morning, that is the first and last time."

Just when she was about to tell Ye Mo not to always pat her head, she was a little lost in thought. She finally had a big brother too. She wouldn’t need to live like before and be harassed everywhere. Thinking about this, her eyes got red. Everything was like a dream, was this really a dream? She inched her arm and felt pain, it shouldn’t be a dream.

"Let’s go, what are you thinking about, let’s go in first." Ye Mo pulled.

"Now that we have money, I’ll open another room." Tang Beiwei came to her senses.

Ye Mo waved his hand. "No need, you are still staying with me tonight."

"Huh…" Tang Beiwei looked at Ye Mo in shock. They didn’t know they were siblings yesterday, but now that they did, how can they still live together?

Ye Mo pulled Tang Beiwei in, and when there was no one, he said, "If you changed room tonight, people would know immediately and my plan will fail."

"Oh…" Tang Beiwei understood but still worriedly said, "Brother, they have a lot of people and their plan is precise, you’re just by yourself."

Ye Mo had decided to have a carnage. It wasn’t suitable to bring Tang Beiwei.

"No, I want to go as well. Although I’m a girl, I still know a few moves. I can help you," Tang Beiwei rejected.

Ye Mo closed the door and felt warm. Kins were kins indeed. She was still plotting against him yesterday, but now, she was risking her life to help him.

However, he wouldn’t allow Tang Beiwei to go with him no matter what. Ye Mo knew that since these people had made up their mind, they were sure they could keep him. It meant that they spent a lot of effort, and if Tang Beiwei went, he wouldn’t be able to take care of her.

"Beiwei, do you think other people could catch you when you fall from tens of meters high?" Ye Mo didn’t try to persuade her but used fact to ask.

Tang Beiwei fazed; indeed, she still didn’t remember how she was caught falling from that high. Anyone wouldn’t be able to catch her? She looked at Ye Mo full of inquisition.

Ye Mo told her straight up because Tang Beiwei was his sister. "Because I’ve learnt some Dao magic." Tang Beiwei was more and more confused. She was taught atheism from school, so how did Dao magic come out?

Ye Mo knew it would only get more confusing the more he tried to explain so he could only say, "You don’t need to know about it for now, you will understand in the future. Call Wei Yongqian first and tell him you have succeeded. Ask him what to do next. I need to make some things, don’t disturb me for now."

Although Tang Beiwei didn’t know what that Dao Magic was, but she wasn’t dumb. No normal person could catch someone falling from tens of meters high. Perhaps she would be a burden to Ye Mo if she really went.

Ye Mo helped Tang Beiwei make a defensive necklace and started to make more charms. Because he had a lot of materials, Ye Mo didn’t need to worry about wasting material. At 5 pm, he had made 10 from 30 sets of materials.

When Ye Mo stood up, Tang Beiwei was already waiting for him with two boxes of food.


Beijing Song Family.

Dongfang Xi, Song Qiming and Song Hai were still discussing things in a secret room. Other than Dongfang Xi who was calm, both Song Qiming and Song Hai were worried.

"Ye Ling said she isn’t free tomorrow nor the day after, what is this? Mr. Dongfang, didn’t you say Ye Ling would go as soon as she got news of Ye Mo?" Song Qiming worriedly said.

Song Hai interrupted, "Could Ye Ling have reached Ye Mo and knew that Ye Mo didn’t call her?"

Dongfang Xi was calm and said, "Don’t worry about that, Ye Mo’s phone is always off. No one can reach him. I’ve done my investigation."

Song Hai suddenly said, "How about we try calling him?"

Dongfagn Xi shook his head. "No need, when Ye Ling said she wasn’t free, I already tried Ye Mo’s phone. It can’t be reached indeed. We don’t need to doubt this. Plus, even if Ye Ling didn’t go, our plan would prevail."

"How does that work?" Song Qiming asked desperately.

Dongfang Xi shook his head and said, "You will know when the time is right. Tang Beiwei just called and told me that she had succeeded and asked us what to do next. I’ve decided to make the plan to tonight."

Song Hai said with confusion, "Mr. Dongfang why bring it forward? Didn’t we say tomorrow morning?"

Dongfang Xi waved his hand and said, "There’s already people guarding outside the auction today, so I was just waiting for Ye Ling to go. However, since she can’t and said she didn’t have time, we need to be more careful no matter what. Other than Ye Ling, everyone else is in position. As such, in order to prevent more accidents, we will move tonight. The main thing is I, Dongfang Xi, succeeded."

Seeing Song Qiming and Song Hai look at him in confusion, Dongfang Xi sneered. "Song Family leader, you just need to watch the show. I promise you you will get revenge in the most satisfying way. Song Hai and I can go to Wuliang Mountain immediately. I will let Ye Mo know the consequences of troubling me."

Then, Dongfang Xi looked at Song Qiming but was full of contempt. When this guy first heard about Tang Jin, he immediately acted as though he cared a lot. People would’ve thought he was coerced all those years ago, but it had been a few days now and he seemed to have forgotten about it. He didn’t even ask about Dongfang Xi. It could be seen he was a hypocrite, but this was best.

Hearing Dongfagn Xi’s words, Song Qiming was immediately excited. He couldn’t wait to see how Dongfang Xi was going to torture Ye Mo. However, he was also scared at the same time; it was too scary getting into enmity with this person. If it wasn’t because his status was sensitive, even he wanted to see Ye Mo’s face of despair.

After food, Tang Beiwei packed things up and said, "Brother, you didn’t sleep last night, I’ll sleep on the couch tonight so you can get some good rest."

Ye Mo waved his hand. "No need, I have important business tonight, you sleep at night, don’t worry about me."

Just when Tang Beiwei wanted to say something, her phone rang; she picked it up, then looked at Ye Mo and said, "Brother, it’s that Wei Yongqian. I called him in the afternoon, and now he’s calling me."

Ye mo immediately said, "Answer it first. No matter what he says, agree."

Tang Beiwei nodded and accepted the call. Ye Mo walked beside her.

"Xiao Tang, a change of plan, the hirer wants to go tonight so you need to bring Ye Mo to that place tonight. Tomorrow, you can go back to Tan Du and stay with your mother. You don’t need to worry about everything else," Wei Yongqian’s voice sounded.

Dongfagn Xi replied, "Okay, I will take him there immediately. Mhm, I know what to do."