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217 Unlawful Daughter

Chapter 217: Unlawful Daughter

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Just when Ye Mo’s car slowed down, a Porsche chased up to him. It lined up with Ye Mo’s car. The window opened and a youth in his 20s said to Ye Mo, "Bro, your driving skills are not bad, how bout we have a race. I actually couldn’t catch up to you before."

Ye Mo also rolled down the window and looked at the youth. He smiled and didn’t answer. At this moment, he revved up the engine and turned to the nun apologetically, "Sorry, Sister Zier, I’ve loved driving before and I often go into competitions. Due to some accident, the family didn’t let me drive anymore. It’s been 5 or 6 years since I last drove. Now when I drive, it was a little unfamiliar to me. I’ll shake away this kid so he doesn’t annoy us."

Then, he showed an innocent smile. Although Ye Mo didn’t know if this would remove her suspicion, he still had to do it.

Then, seeing how Ye Mo increased the speed again, Jing Xi frowned, was this kid really a racer who haven’t driven for a long time? However, his car skills were really good. If he was a racer, that could be true. After all, he hasn’t drove for 5 years, so it was natural if he was a bit rusty. Plus, looking at how competitive he was, he didn’t seem like someone very smart.

Ye Mo’s speed flew up again. Soon, he left behind the Porsche and it was getting farther and farther until it couldn’t been seen. He looked back at the Porsche before slowing down again.

The porsche stopped, and a youth in his 20s came out. He patted the car hood and took a deep breath while looking at the audi that disappeared. He talked to himself. "This guy really is a maniac, I suspect he’s a professional racer."

Beijing Song Family.

Song Qiming and Dongfang Xi were talking when Song Hai suddenly ran in.

"What is it?" Song Qiming understood Song Hai’s personality. He was usually very calm, but he seemed very desperate today, meaning there was something important.

"Leader, I just got news, Nie Shuangshuang left Beijing 2 hours ago. We don’t know where she’s going, and the leave she applied at school is one month." Song Hai looked at Dongfang Xi. This plan was thought up by Dongfang Xi, but now, the main person had left. This meant that the plan was pretty much useless.

Afterwards, not just Song Qiming, but even Dongfang Xi frowned. Nie Shuangshuang’s leave was too coincidental, she didn’t leave earlier nor later, but she had to leave when his plan was set.

Song Qiming quickly reacted and worriedly looked at Dongfang Xi. "Mr. Dongfang, what do you think we should do now? Should we stop her?"

Dongfang Xi thought for a while and said, "Nie Shuangshuang is gone, trying to find her is like finding a needle in the desert. But I still have a few substitutes, let me think."

Song Hai and Song Qiming didn’t dare to disturb Dongfang Xi; they just sat by the side and waited.

After a while, Dongfang Xi slowly said, "In that case, I won’t be polite. I heard Song Family leader has an illegitimate daughter called Tang Beiwei. But now, she’s living quite impoverished. However, her looks shouldn’t be worse than Nie Shuangshuang. Song Family leader, I believe you know about this, if she could replace Nie Shuangshuang…"

"No…" Song Qiming’s face immediately went pale. That was his illegitimate daughter 21 years ago. He only heard about them two years ago, but in order to protect the mother and the daughter as well as his position, he had never contacted them nor given them financial support. Song Qiming didn’t know how Dongfang Xi knew about this.

Originally, Song QIming planned to bring the two to Beijing after his position stabilized, but he didn’t expect Dongfang Xi to know about this.

Although it was very normal for this to happen in big families, Song Qiming raped the girl 20 or so years ago and made the mother daughter fend for themselves for 20 or so years. If his political enemies knew about this, it would be a lethal blow to him. Other than him, he didn’t tell anyone. He did the investigations himself as well, but Dongfang Xi even knew about this.

"In that case, there’s nothing I can say, but I need to remind you that if you don’t attack, perhaps you won’t have much time. I’m leaving, goodbye." Then, Dongfang Xi stood up and was about to go out.

"Mr. Dongfang please hold up." Song Qiming’s face was pale. Then he tiredly said, "Mr. Dongfang, I’ve already wronged them for 20 or so years. If I’m still going to use them now, what difference am I to an animal. Mr. Dongfang can you change it to someone else."

Dongfang Xi wasn’t really going to go, he sat down again and coldly said, "There’s less than one month until the auction. You should know why I chose those two. Nie Shuangshuang is a natural actor and very alluring. Meanwhile, Tang Beiwei got acting awards in highschool, it could be seen she has talent in acting."

"If that’s the case, I’ll find someone in the acting academy for you?" Song Qiming’s eyes were hopeful.

Dongfang Xi shook his head. "I’ve investigated the few major acting academies, there are no one who can match Nie Shuangshuang and Ning Qingxue in beauty. And, those women are too pretentious, they’re not the type Ye Mo likes. That isn’t the main point, the main thing is, Tang Beiwei would work for you with her life, but other girls would just think of it as an act."

Song Qiming shook his head. "If Tang Beiwei knew I was her father, she would hate me the most, how can she work for me with her life?"

Dongfang Xi laughed and drank the tea before saying, "What if it’s because of her mother?"

Song Qiming’s face changed drastically. "What’s wrong with Tang Jin?"

Dongfang Xi sneered, Song Qiming was a cold-hearted person, but this sort of person suited him his need perfectly. Song Qiming looks very worried, but in his heart, since when did he care about them.

However, he slowly said, "Tang Beiwei’s mother is living in the hospital due to a heavy illness half a year ago. Now, the family is piled with debt. Although Tang Beiwei is working 3 jobs, she still can’t pay for the heavy medical fees. If the Song Family tells Tang Beiwei that they could solve these problems for her as long as she agreed to help, I believe she will agree 100%."

Dongfang Xi would’ve never thought that after Nie Shuangshuang left and he found a substitute, his plan had no flaws anymore.

Seeing Song Qiming being indecisive, Dongfang Xi seemed very at ease. He wasn’t worried at all that Song Qiming wouldn’t agree. He would agree to his current wife and daughter, much less his illegitimate daughter. He understood Song Qiming very well.

If there had to be a hole in the plan, it would be Ye Mo. He had never seen Ye Mo, so all of the info about Ye Mo was based on other people’s research.


Tan Du was a place famous for its beauty. Many rich people liked to settle here, but a few months ago, there was a big explosion here. Not only did it blow up the must luxurious mansion, but it also killed everyone inside. From then, the rich people started to move away.

They felt Tan Du was a dangerous place. This time, it was the richest, perhaps next time would be the second richest, the third… Ye Mo and Wen Dong didn’t know that their explosion created such an effect.

In the second hospital of Tan Du, a extremely skinny woman laid on the patient bed; she looked at the ceiling with dumbed eyes. The medicine bottle was empty, but no nurse came to change it.

A dishevelled girl held a warm bottle and walked in very quickly. She saw the bottle of saline solution was empty, so she quickly went to call the nurse. The nurse wasted some time before finally taking a saline solution in but didn’t switch to serum. Just when the girl wanted to say something, she was pulled by the woman on the bed.

Seeing the girl come over, the woman sighed. "Xiao Wei, let’s go back, I don’t want to stay here. There are some things I need to tell you when we go back."

"No, mum, don’t worry, I will save up enough for the bills, you will get better," the girl said affirmatively.

The woman shook her head, took out a bracelet from underneath the pillow and gave it to the girl. "Keep this, it should be left behind by your family. Don’t lose it, it’s a pair, when you find the other pair, they would be your family."

"Mum, I have no family other than you." The girl held her mom’s hands tightly while sobbing.

"Sigh…" The woman on the bed sighed. After a while, she said, "I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold on someday. There are some things I need to tell you…"