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216 Headed Towards Wuliang Mountain

Chapter 216: Headed Towards Wuliang Mountain

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There were two lotus flowers embroidered on it with the words: "my heart is the same as your (masculine) heart, never betray the feelings." Ye Mo was laughing to himself. It seemed this nun was quite an affectionate nun. But if this nun really killed the man she loved just as Yu Lian said, then she was too scary.

Ye Mo suddenly realized that he saw her band, and although it was just for a little while, he was worried that she noticed.

Thinking about this, he carefully let out his spirit sense. He knew that this nun was heavily injured and didn’t have the acute sense of when she was fighting. It would be hard for her to notice his spirit sense. Even so, Ye Mo was still very careful.

He observed a while and this nun didn’t seem to notice. It was just that her face was a little pale, and eyes were sunken. Ye Mo was slightly relieved. The nun’s wound was near the band, regardless, Ye Mo was prepared to rub the medicine there.

The moment he lifted up the nun’s band, he noticed a blink of killing intent flash across the nun’s eyes. Ye Mo sneered; she was a ruthless one indeed. He was treating her wounds but she wanted to kill him. He needed to be more careful later.

Ye Mo’s finger moved and a small grass from his ring fell into his hand. He lowered his head to block the nun’s vision and took out the juice of the grass and added it into the nun’s medicine before applying it to her wounds.

"Finally done." Ye Mo gasped a sigh of relief and looked up.

This num actually blushed a little and said in a quiet voice, "Thank you, if it wasn’t for you, I will be dead for sure." Obviously, she was very shy when talking. It meant that she had her private areas seen and had the embarrassment of a woman.

Ye Mo had goosebumps all over his body. This nun was so much older than him, but she still acted young. Ye Mo looked and shivered.

Such a scary woman, her acts were so natural. If Ye Mo didn’t see the killing intent in her eyes before, perhaps he would even believe her. At this moment, he thought about Nie Shuangshuang. Both women had the natural talent in acting, but Nie Shuangshuang was far from this nun.

Seeing Ye Mo looking at her dazed, the nun thought this young man was shocked by her looks. More killing intent surged in her heart; he looked at her skin, did he still want to live? And, he had such lustful gazes. However, her face blushed more with embarrassment. She still needed him now.

"I haven’t asked for your name yet? You saved me life, I…" Jing Xi stuttered as though she really didn’t have a way to pay Ye Mo back for saving her life.

Ye Mo waved his hand and took back his gaze. "It’s my honor to save a beautiful woman like you. You don’t need to pay me back, I’m called Da Hu. I wonder what your name is…" Ye Mo thought of Er HU at Luo Cang and just came up with the name Da Hu.

"Mhm, thank you, Da Hu, I’m called Jing Zier. I was wanting to collect some herbs here, but I met some bad people. I was stabbed by them. Luckily, I had some martial arts and I barely escaped here," Jing Xi said shyly.

Ye Mo thought of her contemptuously. She wasn’t too dumb, copying my excuse of being chased by wild beasts. However, his face immediately showed shock. "This means you know martial arts? I heard that there are many masters hidden in places, Sister Zier, are you a master hidden from the normal world too?"

Ye Mo thought, "Since you wanna act young and naïve, I will let you act that way." Whatever Jing Xi said, he would act with it.

As expected, Jing Xi acted embarrassed again, making people feel as though she hadn’t talked with a man for a long time. Each time she spoke, it was as though she couldn’t control her embarrassment. She looked down and said, "I’m no master, I’ve just learnt a few moves from my master. My master is a real master."

Haha, she wanted him to ask her to study martial arts. Ye Mo rejoiced and nervously asked, "Um, Sister Zier, does your sect take male disciples? I’ve had a fervor towards martial arts since I was young."

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, there was a look of realization in Jing Xi’s eyes, but she said, "I can go ask for you, but if your talent isn’t good enough, there’s nothing I can do. Worst comes to worst, when I get better, I can teach you a few moves in secret."

"How about this, where do you live, I’ll send you back. It’s too dangerous here." Then, Ye Mo looked nervously at her. He was really nervous this time because if this nun agreed, he would know where Luo Susu is.

Jing Xi frowned and sneered, he took the bait. But soon, she looked up with embarrassment. "Our temple is at Wuliang mountain. It’s just a bit far, I think it might be troublesome for you."

It’s actually at Wuliang Mountain, Ye Mo was quite surprised. Although he knew there were hidden sects there, he didn’t expect Serenity to be there too. This nun could really run, she came all the way from Wuliang Mountain to Shen Nong Jia.

He was dazed for a moment and replied, "It’s not a trouble, I like going around everywhere. I was planning to go Wuliang Mountain anyways. Now that I met you, we can go together,"

Ye Mo sneered; she talked so much just so he could send her back. The two were thinking of the same thing, and so they reached accordance very soon.

They were both women and very pretty ones too, but when Ye Mo carried Ning Qingxue, his heart was filled with ripples. As for when he carried this nun, he was full of uneasiness. His spirit sense was watching the nun’s every move, fearing that she would kill him at anytime. If it wasn’t for Luo Susu, he would never carry such a bomb on him.

He must say that Jing Xi was countless times more familiar with Shen Nong Jia than him. Under her guidance, he only took two hours to walk out from there.

Seeing that Ye Mo only breathed heavy a little, Jing Xi refreshed her opinion of this young man. His endurance was so good. He had been carrying her for a few hours and only seemed a little tired. She didn’t know that Ye Mo wasn’t a little tired; in fact, he wasn’t tired at all.

What Jing Xi more curious was that this Da Hu seemed lustful when he was treating her, but now, even though he had been carrying her for more than two hours, he didn’t even try to take advantage of her at all. This made her feel quite strange.

Ye Mo didn’t know he almost exposed himself due to this; he carefully asked, "Sister, how do we get to Wuliang Mountain, do we take train or plane?"

"No need, I will drive here." Jing Xi pointed to a parking lot outside the Shen Nong Jia.

Ye Mo didn’t expect this nun drove herself out. He saw it was an Audi cross country vehicle with a military plate. This nun really was something.

The nun also didn’t expect that Ye Mo’s car skills were so good. When Ye Mo just started driving, she could tell Ye Mo was a newbie and wasn’t very familiar with driving, but after driving 200 kms, he was familiar with the car and increased the speed.

Eventually, the car reached 256km/h and was still rising. Ye Mo wanted to get there as soon as possible in case this nun recovered on the way and fought him.

However, Jing Xi stared at Ye Mo and thought, "Was this young man really a tourist?" She was confident in her looks, and after being so intimate with him for so long, he actually didn’t do anything or flirt with her.

This wasn’t the main thing, when he first started driving, his skills weren’t good, but now, he was getting better and faster. There were smart people, but she had never seen someone who could learn this fast.

And there was something else, this young man was looking around while driving. Obviously, his attention wasn’t on the speeding car.

Was he faking it? But what good was this to him? Jing Xi looked at Ye Mo and felt more wary.

Ye Mo thought of Luo Susu. He didn’t notice his actions had aroused Jing XI’s suspicion. It was his first time driving, but he got used to it soon. He learnt this from Wen Dong.

Seeing that Ye Mo was still looking around while the car was getting faster and faster, Jing Xi couldn’t hold it. If they crashed, it would be hard for her to live even if she wasn’t injured, much less when she was heavily injured.

"Da Hu, drive slower, you’re driving too fast, I’m feeling a little dizzy," Jing Xi said.

"Oh, oh." Ye Mo heard her words and had a fright. He woke up from his memories of Luo Susu. He had been using his spirit sense to check the road, but now, he realized that was problematic. He was driving too fast and that must’ve gotten Jing Xi suspicious. He drove fast because he subconsciously wanted to go see Luo Susu faster.