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Chapter 208: Return

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Ye Mo felt his nose. He didn’t think Ning QIngxue would be touched so easily. She was really an emotional girl. If Ye Mo didn’t feel it himself, he would never believe she was so emotional.

He was also touched by her words. To him, he just did what he should be doing, but Ning Qingxue reacted so much.

They both seemed to feel embarrassed and didn’t talk for a long time.

Just when Ye Mo was prepared to ask Ning Qingxue where the sky ditch was, Ning Qingxue suddenly asked, "What’s the use of this fruit, why is it worth so much?"

Ye Mo smiled and said, "I’ll tell you after you eat it."

"No, I want you to tell me first, then I’ll eat it." Ning Qingxue behaved in a spoiled manner in front of Ye Mo for the first time, yet it came out so natural.

Ye Mo helplessly said, "Okay, in that case, I’ll tell you. It’s called Face Preserving Fruit. It can be made into a pill called Face Preserving Pill. Anyone who eats it can have their skin, appearance and even the organs remain the same forever at the moment they ate the pill. They can’t live forever, but mortals can extend their life by ten years."

Although Ye Mo said it casually, Ning Qingxue was shocked. There was actually such a pill in the world. If someone else said it, she would think it was bullsh*t, but Ye Mo said this and that meant it was real. In that case, this fruit was worth countless times more than what Ye Mo said it to be.

After half a beat, Ning Qingxue reacted and carefully passed the fruit shakily back to Ye Mo, "Sorry, I bit it. You didn’t tell me it was that precious. If we made it into a pill, then we could buy multiple large companies. Pack it away quickly…"

Ye Mo smiled and pushed it back. "If you like it then eat it, I still have 11 here. If you still want more, I still got more. Doesn’t matter if you eat it all, it’s food anyways."

From young to maturity, her parents spoiled her a lot but that was based on her behavior and they were her parents. If she said to sell the company and everything they owned just to buy a fruit, her parents would definitely stop her, but Ye Mo didn’t mind at all. It didn’t matter if she ate it all.

Ning Qingxue’s hand with the fruit stopped; she was clear how much money Ye Mo had in the past, and it could be said that Ye Mo owned nothing. She didn’t think she was this important in his heart, and this made her unable to hold back her tears. She softly caressed Ye Mo’s hair and said with a stutter, "Why are you spoiling me like this, you will turn me bad."

Yo Mo sunk into silence for a while before murmuring, "From the moment you ran into Shen Nong Jia, went down the cliff, and risked your life to save me, I’ve decided to spoil you for your entire life. I will only spoil you more in the future."

Pausing for a moment, Ye Mo continued, "If I can find Luo Ying and you’re still willing to be with us, I will spoil you more. If I can’t find Luo Ying this life, I will stay with you my entire life."

"Mhm… I’m willing…" Ning Qingxue’s voice was still a little stuttered. She paused before saying, "But will Luo Ying sister accept me? She…"

She didn’t finish but her concern was real. This was a one husband one wife society. She loved Ye Mo and knew he wasn’t a normal person. Even though Ye Mo had a wife called Luo Ying, as long as Ye Mo was willing to accept her, she had made up her mind to stay with Ye Mo even if her family was against it. She was just scared that Luo Ying wouldn’t accept her.

When Ye Mo said her past wife was Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue had a concern. She was afraid before that Ye Mo would leave without notice when he found Luo Ying. But now, she was worried Luo Ying wouldn’t accept her. And, she had a stranger thought: she could only accept Luo Ying and Ye Mo together. If it was another girl like Chi Wanqing, she wouldn’t be able to accept it.

Would Luo Ying think the same way as her? If her parents didn’t accept it, she could leave with Ye Mo, but if Luo Ying wouldn’t accept it, she didn’t know what to do.

Hearing Ning Qingxue’s words, Ye Mo had the look of deep thought in his eyes. After a while, he seemed to be talking to himself, "Master will."

He suddenly stopped and quickly darted out tens of meters and stared coldly at a bush. "Come out."

Ning Qingxue was still immersed in Ye Mo’s words and didn’t notice what was happening at all.

There was a rustling sound and a youth with tattered clothes crawled out from the bush. He looked at Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue in shock and confusion.

"Savage?" Ning Qingxue called out.

Ye Mo smiled. "He’s not a savage, his clothes were torn apart not long ago and they’re cammo. Perhaps he is the rescue team you were talking about."

"Who are you guys? How do you know I’m a rescue team member?" The youth noticed both Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue were normal people.

Ning Qingxue also understood the situation now and said, "You really are from the rescue team? You came in to save Zhang Qiang?"

"You know of Zhang Qiang? Who are you guys? How do you dare to walk in here?" The man was more curious.

Ye Mo saw he seemed to be very weak so he threw out a packet of biscuits. "Eat something and tell us what happened."

At this moment, the man finally calmed down. He ripped open the biscuits Ye Mo gave him. He ate very fast and devoured the biscuits in no time. Ye Mo then passed him a bottle of water.

After finishing, the youth said with fright, "A few days ago, my team and I received orders to rescue a lost tourist here. We came in as a team of 8. When we came in, there were 2 tourist groups leading the way. We even brought guns. We thought we wouldn’t be scared even if we met savages, but when we walked near the sky ditch."

Talking about this, the youth had obvious terror in his eyes. He looked at Ye Mo before continuing, "We just saw there was a shoe there. The people immediately said it belonged to Zhang Qiang. Another tourist went to pick up the shoe but when he did, there was a sharp scream from inside the ditch."

He stopped and shivered. Ye Mo took out a simple jade necklace artefact and gave it to him. "Wear this and then talk. Which rescue team were you from? Are you the only one left?"

The man put on the necklace without hesitation and said, "Thank you for your magic artefact, I will return it when we leave." It seemed he knew it was a magic artefact.

Ye Mo waved his hand. "No need, you can keep it, I have a lot of these simple artefacts. Continue talking."

The man immediately continued, "I’m Wang Kailin. Our rescue team belongs to the Shen Nong Jia area. That day, the scariest thing wasn’t the sky ditch but the sound from it. The tourist who picked up the shoe froze for a moment and turned towards the sky ditch, then, he jumped in…"

"Huh…" Ning Qingxue remembered she also saw a shoe that day. If it wasn’t for the Evil Repellent Charm, would she jump down too? Thinking about this, she had a fit of fright. She subconsciously hugged Ye Mo’s shoulders. Smelling Ye Mo’s familiar smell, she calmed down.

Wang Kailin continued, "When we saw the man jump down, we were worried and one of my squad mates started to shine at the ditch with the light. As soon as the light shone in, he also fell. We don’t know what happened.

"At this moment, we knew things weren’t good. There must be something in the sky ditch and we all started to run. Before I left, I also saw two of my squad members run towards the ditch and jump in.

Ye Mo stayed silent for a while before asking, "In that case, why are you fine?"

Wang Kailin said with fright, "It was because I wore a magical artefact that was blessed. I don’t know if it was due to that that I was able to escape. This is too metaphysical. I didn’t dare to run out the way I came from. I wanted to find a way out, but I wasn’t able to for a few days. I also didn’t see more rescue team come in. You are the first people I met in a few days."

Ning Qingxue experienced it first hand and knew Wang Kailing wasn’t lying. Thinking about this, she said worriedly to Ye Mo, "How about we take another route too."

Ye Mo smiled. "Take another route? When you came in, didn’t that thing scare you too?"

"Mhm, I also told that thing that if it dared to come again, I will make you turn it into ashes. Perhaps it was scared, so it let me run away," Ning Qingxue said with fright.