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207 Gave Me an Ocean

Chapter 207: Gave Me an Ocean

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He was caught no doubt about that. Ye Mo even stopped breathing and took back his spirit sense. The fighting sound still came here, but Ye Mo could tell they stopped fighting with their lives. Their fighting was shifting over here gradually. Obviously, they had come to a tacit agreement to eliminate the outside influence.

What to do? Ye Mo searched for a way desperately. At this time, if he was stopped by the two, he would die for sure. He surely couldn’t run away from two Earth Level masters. The sound was getting near Ye Mo.

Ye Mo suddenly had an idea. He didn’t go down and went up instead. He didn’t use Wind Controlling Technique but took out a climbing metal claw and climbed up carefully.

There was indeed someone; the two Earth Level masters had seen Ye Mo, but they didn’t expect Ye Mo to be carrying a woman on his back. They stopped fighting. Their thoughts were the same; they had to eliminate Ye Mo first regardless of who he was.

Ye Mo stopped pretending as though he just saw there was someone there. He subconsciously stopped his movements and stared at them. A brief moment later, he screamed and fell down like a shooting star, soon disappearing in the mist.

"Hmph, just an insect." The baldy sneered. His long sword started attacking with full power again towards the nun. He thought that even if he suddenly fell, he wouldn’t be able to live, much less someone so young with a woman on his back.

The nun’s horsetail whisk also fought against the sword. They returned to fighting with their lives as though they didn’t see Ye Mo fall down the cliff.

The moment Ye Mo fell, Ning QIngxue’s heart went to her throat but she soon recovered. She was very satisfied if she died with Ye Mo.

But things took a turn for the unexpected. When the two fell below the mist, Ye Mo stood accurately on a rock. After a while, he heard more fighting noise, Ye Mo said, "Qingxue, don’t talk. We were found by two strong guys on the cliff. I need to think of a way to run away without them knowing."

"Mhm." Ning Qingxue had her arms around Ye Mo. She had the joy of sudden life. Although she didn’t regret dying with Ye Mo, if she could live with him, why would she want to die?

Ye Mo didn’t dare to go up and instead shifted carefully. When he was about 500 meters, the side of the cliff blocked him from moving sideways. If he was to go over it, he would have to go up. But going up would be going to the top.

He didn’t dare to go up so he could only carry Ning Qingxue moving down.

Ye Mo just moved down 100 meters or so and found a crevice on the cliff face. Ye Mo climbed in without hesitation. When he went in, he saw a plethora of herbs. His heart started to beat rapidly. Was this the place Mo Kang talked about? He looked around and didn’t see any Space Abyssal Rock. He was quite disappointed since most of the herbs here were quite ordinary.

But soon, he was excited again. He saw a large lotus sprouting from the cracked surface.

"Thousand Year Lotus Seed?" Ye Mo almost screamed. He didn’t expect it to be here. He was actually so lucky.

Ye Mo quickly dug out the entire lotus and put it in his ring. He didn’t check how many lotus seeds he got.

After taking them, he looked around carefully and dug out more herbs. Although they weren’t spirit herbs, they were quite old and also precious.

"Hm, what’s that fruit? It looks like a pumpkin, I wonder what it tastes like?" Ning Qingxue pointed to a meter tall tree.

Ye Mo also saw it too; he felt it was a wild pumpkin and didn’t care. Now that Ning Qingxue asked, he immediately said, "I’ll pick it for you."

Then, Ye Mo landed in front of that tree; when he smelt the fruit, he almost lost his mind.

"Face Preserving Fruit?" Ye Mo almost screamed. It wasn’t just a regular spirit herb, but one that was countless levels higher than his Silver Heart Grass.

This was impossible. How could the spirit-deprived earth have such a fruit tree? Although he thought it was impossible, it really was in front of his face.

This fruit was useless for cultivation, but it had an outstanding effect. Once it was made into Face Preserving Pill, it would be worth a whole city for female cultivators.

Ye Mo counted and saw there were 12 on the tree. He immediately picked all these and put them into a jade box. These fruits were so precious that countless people fought after them.

Suddenly, Ye Mo thought of the Red Leaf Pumpkin fruit they were talking about. If they found out he took some, they would investigate.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo dug out the entire tree and put it in his ring. Then, he reordered the place he dug until people couldn’t tell he was here. Then, he carried Ning Qingxue and left here quickly from another crevice.

After leaving the crevice, Ye Mo didn’t dare to stay. He continued moving until for a few more kilometers. He soon found himself on the hill, and there was still the fighting sound.

Luckily, he had Wind Controlling Technique or even a monkey wouldn’t be able to crawl here the way he did.

"Did we get out?" Ning Qingxue also recognized that this was the road she climbed the other day.

"Mhm, let’s go quick." Ye Mo carried Ning Qingxue down the mountain, and after walking for another hour or so, he finally stopped. He had walked so far that those two masters probably didn’t know about them. Plus, Ye Mo estimated that even if they knew there was a Red Leaf Pumpkin there, they wouldn’t be able to find it. It was too well hidden, so he didn’t how news of it got out.

One thing he was confused about was that why did it appear at a place like this.

"If you’re tired, just let me down," Ning Qingxue said worriedly.

"I’m not tired, plus I like carrying you," Ye Mo said casually but he actually didn’t think much. When Ning Qingxue heard this, she thought to herself, "So you’re not as dumb as I thought you were." But she didn’t feel unhappy at all and instead had a sweet feeling.

"Here, eat it. Ye Mo took out a Face Preserving Fruit and gave it to Ning Qingxue. Although it was the biggest waste to eat it like this because it had no effect unless it as concocted into a pill.

Ning Qingxue bit it and said, "It’s not bad, you should take a bite too." Then, she passed the fruit to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled. "I can’t afford to eat this. This fruit is worth an entire city, it can’t even be evaluated by the things in this world."

"Huh, it’s that precious, then why did you let me eat it, pack it up quick." Ning Qingxue passed the fruit back to Ye Mo. She wasn’t clueless like before. The things Ye Mo did all meant that he wasn’t an ordinary person. If he said it was worth an entire city, it meant it was really valuable.

And, the things Ye Mo did were unexplainable with common sense, but he still didn’t avoid her. This meant she had a strong position in Ye Mo’s heart. This made her very happy.

Now that Ye Mo gave such a precious fruit to her, she felt a little embarrassed.

"Don’t worry, I still have some. Even if it was the last and you want to eat it, I will still give it to you. Because if you like it, I will give it to you." Ye Mo made it sound completely natural.

Ning Qingxue fazed for half a beat and surged with happiness in her heart. Her decision was right. Ye Mo was worth what she did.

Ye Mo didn’t hear Ning Qingxue eat nor talk for a while and subconsciously looked back. He then saw Ning Qingxue’s eyes were red and swollen. "Qingxue, what happened to you? What’s wrong?"

Ning Qingxue licked the fruit in her hand and wiped her eyes, "I like it, I do like it…"

"What?" Ye Mo didn’t understand Ning Qingxue’s words.

"Ye Mo, thank you, I gave you a water drop, you gave me the ocean, thank you, Qingxue will always be yours…" Ning Qingxue’s voice grew so low until it couldn’t be heard.