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Chapter 204: She Will

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Ye Mo nodded and said, "Tell me, as long as it’s something I can do."

Ning Qingxue’s eyes seemed lost for a second as though thinking about something very distant. Ye Mo didn’t rush her. After a while, she faintly said, "If you find Luo Ying one day, will you forget about me? Will you bring me to see her?"

Ye Mo shook his head. "No, if the heavens really let me find her, perhaps we will never get the chance to go back to where we want. If you still want, I can bring you to see her?"

Ning Qingxue lowered her head and said after a long while, "What if Sister Luo Ying don’t want to see me?" Her voice seemed distant and lost. She didn’t know whether what she did was right or wrong, or did she love someone who couldn’t belong to her? So what if Luo Ying was willing to see her? Could Ye Mo have two wives at the same time?

She suddenly felt she shouldn’t have asked all that. Ye Mo did so much for her. Everything was good as long as he was fine, so why would she mind about other things? Why ask for that?

Ning Qingxue felt she was making things hard for Ye Mo and wanted to talk about something else. But Ye Mo smiled and casually replied, "She will."

Ye Mo knew that his master definitely wouldn’t want to see someone who saved his life unless she wasn’t Luo Ying.

Ning Qingxue’s heart shook. "She will." These short two words harbored such trust and knowledge of each other. If one day someone asked about her to Ye Mo, would he say she will?

Seeing that Ning Qingxue seemed a little lost, Ye Mo picked up another fruit and gave it to her. "Eat them, I will find a place to rest. When I recover, I will take you out."

Ning Qingxue subconsciously took the fruit; did she want to go out? She looked at Ye Mo who was holding her and had a sudden thought; it would be pretty good to stay with him here forever and not go out. But then she immediately shook her head; such a thought was too selfish.

Ning Qingxue just ate 3 and refused to eat more. Ye Mo could only finish the remaining two.

"Ye Mo, I have some rope outside, there’s something cat-like that is very strong. I don’t dare to go out." Ning Qingxue recovered some energy and saw that Ye Mo wanted to pick the rest of the fruit. She was afraid something would happen to him so she immediately said.

Ye Mo shook his head. "No need, I will think of a way. I’ll rest first. The rest of the trees are too high, you shouldn’t go up."

"Mhm." Ning Qingxue nodded. She trusted Ye Mo a lot, but if Ye Mo still couldn’t move, she would still try to get up. But now, if she fell down, perhaps she would be a burden to Ye Mo even more.

"I’ll teach you some Kou Jue [1] and ways to use chi. Try it, if you can’t, ten never mind." After having a thought, Ye Mo still decided to teach cultivation technique to Ning Qingxue. If she didn’t have a spiritual root, then never mind. If she did, she could cultivate. Hearing the things Ye Mo taught her, Ning Qingxue thought was this the things he was cultivating? And that charm, was it all due to this? But Ning Qingxue knew now wasn’t the time to ask him. When Ye Mo was recovered and he still wanted to discuss it, he would certainly tell her everything.

Ye Mo thought that once he recovered his spirit sense, there were plenty of things in his ring. He wouldn’t even care about a few fruits.

Ning Qingxue started to sit down and attempt the Kou Jue Ye Mo told her. Ye Mo stood up and looked around, ensuring there was no danger here. This place might be the hive of that snake, so other small animals didn’t dare to come.

Ye Mo also found a place near Ning Qingxue and started to run the chi inside his body.

His Dan Tian still felt pain but it was much better than yesterday. Ye Mo rejoiced. He didn’t know if it was due to those fruits, but he quickly started to use his chi to recover his wounds.

After a while, he felt his body feel lighter. The long missed spirit sense returned to him. Ye Mo resisted his joy and took out some pills from his ring and ate it.

After that, his wounds started to heal in an extremely fast fashion to the point that small scabs even started to disappear.

After a while, Ye Mo felt a fresh sense struck him. He was very happy, but he didn’t dare to relax. After running a few more cultivation circuits, Ye Mo released his breath and opened his eyes. He had reached the middle stage of Stage 3 Chi Gathering.

It was rather astounding progress being able to progress such a step in such a spirit chi devoid world despite it being a very small step. If he continued at this speed, perhaps he could reach Foundation Establishment before he died of old age.

It seemed that it was due to the fruit, but Ye Mo knew it was just a normal fruit, and it didn’t have any spirit chi on it. As such, he thought perhaps it was due to the potential he activated between life and death. Ye Mo couldn’t understand it, so he just didn’t bother thinking more about it.

At this moment, not only had his spirit sense fully recovered, but his chi also improved a lot. Ye Mo stood up and looked at Ning Qingxue. He was astonished. She just started cultivating, but she already had chi revolving in her body. This meant that she successfully drew chi from the surrounding and started her cultivation circuits.

He was only testing to see if she had spirit root by letting her cultivate, but the fact was, not only did she have spirit root, but it was countless times better than his.

He looked at the sun; it had only been 5 hours at most, but she was almost reaching into Chi Gathering State. This was too absurd.

Ye Mo thought about the Heaven Spirit Root he kicked. Was Ning Qingxue also the same? Thinking about this, Ye Mo didn’t dare to startle her and carefully stayed away setting up a tent and taking out a gas stove. He started to cook.

Ning Qingxue felt as though she was floating in the clouds. She felt comfortable everywhere. She opened her eeys and moved her hands and feet. She had a surprising discovery that not only was she spiritually full but also physically full. However, she still felt that she was starving.

Ning Qingxue looked up and saw Ye Mo was also looking at her. His eyes showed joy and surprise.

"Ah..." Ning Qingxue just wanted to talk to Ye Mo, but she realized she was covered in dirt secreted from her body. She screamed in shock, "Don’t look at me, turn around…"

She didn’t want her to be seen by Ye Mo like this.

Ye Mo smiled. "Close your eyes, I’ll help you wash."

"What are you saying?" Ning Qingxue was shocked by Ye Mo’s words. But then she realized, Ye Mo said he would help her wash.

But there wasn’t even drinking water here, how was she going to be washed? But she still closed her eyes out of trust for Ye Mo.

Seeing Ning Qingxue close her eyes, Ye Mo used water ball magic to splash onto her. Ning Qingxue felt a coolness. It was water? Where did Ye Mo get water from? She wanted to open her eyes but she remembered Ye Mo’s words and didn’t open her eyes. She was afraid that if she did, Ye Mo’s plan would fail.

"Okay." Ye Mo had completely washed Ning Qingxue’s body everywhere. After Ning Qingxue drew chi into her body, all the wounds on her body disappeared.

Ning Qingxue opened her eyes and made the surprising discovery that all the grime and wounds had disappeared. There was only white skin left.

"Ye Mo…" She looked up with joy and surprise to see Ye Mo stare at her stiffly. Soon, she realized that what remained of her clothes stuck to her skin, showcasing her curves. Even her pink bras were able to be clearly seen.

This bad egg, Ning Qingxue quickly turned around but remembered Ye Mo just helped her wash. Just when she didn’t know what to do, she heard Ye Mo say, "There’s a set of my clothes, you can change into it, I’ll go somewhere else for now."

When Ye Mo left, he was thinking how unexpected it was that Ning Qingxue’s body would be so good. He really couldn’t tell before. Now that she was splashed by water, her wonderful body was perfectly outlined. He could even see the curves on her ass. His heart beat rose and he quickly left.

When Ning Qingxue turned around, she really saw a set of Ye Mo’s clothes. Where did this come from? At this moment, she actually forgot about embarrassment and just stared at the clothes. But she soon knew that she should change her clothes first.

Just as Ning Qingxue finished changing her clothes, Ye Mo appeared in front of her. She even suspected Ye Mo was staring at her the whole time. Before she had the chance to ask, she smelt food.

She smiled bitterly, which made it seem like she was really starving.

"Let’s go eat." Ye Mo grabbed Ning Qingxue’s hand without the slightest awkwardness. A warm feeling rose up in Ning Qingxue’s heart. Regardless of whether he had that Luo Ying, there was her in his heart now.

Ye Mo put down her hand and looked at Ning Qingxue who was dumbfounded. He knew she must’ve a lot of questions.

"This, what is this?" Ning Qingxue looked at the tent and warm food and thought about the water Ye Mo used to give her a shower. She was shocked.

[1] TL Note: Kou Jue, the main points or ways of thinking for a cultivation way which the cultivator recites out loud or in his head.