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157 Silver Heart Grass was Robbed

Chapter 157: Silver Heart Grass was Robbed

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The mansion was empty, and both Yu Erhu and Lu Xiaozhen were not there. If they were just both not there, then he would’ve thought they were out doing something. However, the scene in the yard made him furious.

The thing he cared about the most, the ten or so budded Silver Heart Grass, were gone. There were messy digging marks everywhere. Obviously, they were dug away.

Although they grew very slow here, countless times slower than Ning Hai, but they still budded. Now, however, they were dug away.

It was already very slow to cultivate here. If he didn’t find that Silver Heart Grass, perhaps he wouldn’t even be at Stage Two Chi Gathering, much less Stage Three. The reason he could reach Stage Three was mostly because of that spirit well in the desert. Thus, Silver Heart Grass was Ye Mo’s last hope.

The Silver Heart Grass could be used for cultivators up to and below stage 6, but now, his hope were dug way in three days time after he left.

This wasn’t all; he didn’t know what happened to Yu Erhu and Lu Xiaozhen. Both of them knew how much he treasured the Silver Heart Grass and wouldn’t allow other people to dig it away. Now that the grass had disappeared, what would’ve happened to them?

Ye Mo was sure that even if the Song Family people knew he lived here, they wouldn’t dare to touch it much less Nan Qing people. Since this person could dig it away and not damage it, it meant that he knew its uses.

Ye Mo wouldn’t believe that there were cultivators here. He had done his research. Cultivators here only existed in legends, no one would believe it. However, ancient martial arts and special powers did exist here. Some special power owners could use cultivation like attacks, but those with special powers could only use one type of attack unlike cultivators.

Ye Mo had stayed an entire day at Flying Snow Squad and Zhang Jue also introduce Ye Mo to the country’s special powers squad. Their status was on par of that of Flying Sow Squad. Compared to Flying Snow Squad, they each had their merits but in Ye Mo’s eyes, these special powers were weaker than those ancient martial arts cultivators. Their attacks weren’t sharp enough.

The Silver Heart Grass was not only useful for Ye Mo, but also for people with special powers and ancient martial artists. Ye Mo, however, believed no one knew this as Silver Heart Grass needed to be concocted into pills with other ingredients before it would be of great help to them. But other than himself, he was yet to find anyone who could concoct pills.

Ye Mo knew that this wasn’t absolute. He only guessed that no one knew how to concoct pills here, but what if someone knew how to? The reality was that his Silver Heart Grass was taken.

But he didn’t have any clue as to who did it.

He could only blame himself for leaving in a rush that day following the Nan Qing people and then going to Beijing after. He didn’t even have time to set up a formation. It seemed that he needed to set one up for here.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to go inside and look, Lu Xiaozhen rushed here. Ye Mo felt relieved, since she was okay, and it meant Yu Erhu was fine too.

“Master, you’re back…” Lu Xiaozhen looked at Ye Mo with joy. Each time there was hardship, her master would appear. The last time Yu Erhu was taken away, this happened too. The moment she saw Ye Mo, she felt secure.

“What happened to Erhu?” Looking at Lu Xiaozhen, he knew something must’ve happened to Erhu.

“The second day you left, someone came and said they wanted the grass you planted and wanted to buy it. Of course, Erhu didn’t allow it, so these people robbed them. Erhu stopped them and had his arm broken. By the time I came back, they were still beating up Erhu, so I immediately called the police. When the police came, these people had left,” Lu Xiaozhen said.

Ye Mo immediately asked, “Where’s Erhu?”

“He’s still in the hospital, he should be fine. But when these people left, they told Erhu that they would still be back,” Lu XIaozhen said again.

“To ask who planted these seeds right?” Ye Mo’s face sunk. How dare they think about his Silver Heart Grass? These people really had guts. Since they know its use, it meant that they weren’t ordinary people. Ye Mo wanted to see who they were.

“Yes.” Lu Xiaozhen lowered her head. She knew how important they were to her master, but she and Erhu couldn’t protect it.”

“You are not to blame for this, go bring Erhu back, he doesn’t need to stay in the hospital anymore. We opened a clinic ourselves, so I will deal with the hospital things. I’m going out for a bit now, and I’ll be back at night.” He was going to buy some materials to set up a formation flag.

Otherwise, he really didn’t feel secure planting the Silver Heart Grass seeds here. Who knew if he was still going to plant more spirit grass here.

When Ye Mo came to the jade market, he knew that he couldn’t buy a lot of the materials he needed, so he could only replace it with some jade and copper. He could refine some copper essence from copper, but that wasted too much energy. However, in order to set up the formation, it was necessary.

After a long day, Ye Mo almost filled up his storage ring before preparing to go back. He lost more than half of the 600k dollars he had just acquired.

Just when he walked out of the jade market, he saw an anxious figure who seemed familiar. When the person turned around, he immediately recognized it was Yu Miaodan.

Not only was her face worried, but she also seemed fatigued from a long journey. Although she was still on the run the last time he saw her, but she still had her composure at that time. Today, he could only see a shabby woman, but her curvaceous body still showed that she was a woman.

Yu Miaodan obviously didn’t see Ye Mo. She kept her head low as she went into a small shop. Ye Mo saw her take out some notes from her bag and bought a bread.

“Girl, let’s go, I’ll invite you to something spicy.” As soon as she walked out of the small shop, two youths stopped her.

There were these hoodlums everywhere. As long as one moved aside, none of them really dared to do anything. However, Yu Miaodan’s face changed as she turned to run.

The two little hoodlums were like dogs. As soon as they saw her run, they immediately chased. Usually when one met dogs, if one didn’t run, then the dog wouldn’t dare to do anything. However, if one did run, the dogs would immediately chase after them.

“What happened?” Ye Mo looked at Yu Miaodan who ran towards him and still asked. Although he helped Wu Xueming more than the latter helped him, and that Wu Xueming seemed to have changed, Ye Mo wasn’t a heartless person. If he could casually help Yu Miaodan, he didn’t mind doing so.

“Huh…” Yu Miaodan saw Ye Mo and her face showed expression of surprise and delight. She didn’t even realize she dropped her bread on the ground.

“Ye Mo, I finally found you.” Yu Miaodan sounded as though she was already looking for Ye Mo.

“You came looking for me?” Ye Mo could tell that she was, but he felt it was weird. Even if Wu Xueming needed something, he wouldn’t send his girl to look for him.

The two hoodlums saw that Yu Miaodan knew Ye Mo and immediately tried to leave. However, Ye Mo spoke, “You two, come here.”

“What? So what if we come, what do you dare to do to me? I’m from the Metal River, so what if I come, what can you do?” the two hoodlums really came over and one of them cockily spoke.

They were hoodlums under Metal River; Ye Mo looked at Yu Miaodan with great intrigue. Her man was the authoritative figure of Metal River, but she was being chased by Metal River hoodlums. And when she saw these two hoodlums, she was obviously startled and tried to run. This didn’t seem right.

Yu Miaodan seemed to want to say something, but Ye Mo knew it wasn’t the time to talk so he went up and kicked each of the hoodlums on the ground to the point they couldn’t even crawl up. Then, he said, “Nothing, just kicking you both, what are you going to do?”

The two hoodlums knew that they met someone tough so they didn’t talk.

The people around saw the two like this and all started laughing.

When Ye Mo brought Yu Miaodan back, Lu Xiaozhen had brought Yu Erhu back from the hospital. Both of them hadn’t seen Ye Mo bring back a woman before. Now that they saw this very appealing Yu Miaodan, they immediately got the wrong idea. However, Yu Miaodan’s shabby look also made Lu XIaozhen very puzzled.

“Xiaozhen, this is Yu Miaodan, a friend of mine. Take her to get some food and rest. I need to talk to her.” Ye Mo saw that Yu Miaodan looked rather fatigued and knew that she didn’t live very well recently and probably ran for her life here.

After Ye Mo treated Erhu and asked him carefully, he understood their intentions. They did want to rob the Silver Heart Grass, but he didn’t know how they knew he planted them. Was he followed when he came back from Sai Na Peninsula? Ye Mo believed it wouldn’t be easy to follow him.

“Erhu, tell me what that person looked like? Ye Mo.

“The leader was in his 30s and looked very skinny and bleak,” Yu Erhu described. This made Ye Mo think of the bleak man he met at that Luo Cang artefact social night. Could it be him?