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156 Artificial Cause of Disease

Chapter 156: Artificial Cause of Disease

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Zhuo Yangqing helped Ye Mo make some tea and circled once around Ye Mo before saying, “Doctor Ye, how come I feel you’re so much more handsome today? Right, you really look different wearing expensive brands. Oh, and I heard Ning Qingxue married with you again. Is this real or fake?”

Ye Mo looked at Zhuo Yangqing speechlessly. He suddenly thought of Wang Ying. These two girls were really alike. The first time Ye Mo saw Zhuo Yangqing, he thought she was a girl that was too reserved, but now, it seemed that he must never really take that first impression. She was just saying how she wouldn’t let him go, but now, she had already completely forgotten her purpose.

“Yangqing, you really don’t know how to be more conservative, you’re already 22,” Zhuo Aiguo said with unsatisfaction.

Zhuo Yangqing poked out her tongue and quickly sat beside Ye Mo, just observing him but not saying anything.

Cai Qing looked more nervous and didn’t know what to do; instead, she just kept giving her husband hints, but Zhuo Aiguo, on the other hand, didn’t seem to see it at all.

Ye Mo saw it however and smiled. “I’ll have a look at the kid first, I still need to get back to Luo Cang asap.”

“Brother Ye, you live in Luo Cang now?” Zhuo Aiguo asked.

Zhuo Yangqing worriedly said, “Doctor Ye, you can’t go, you still haven’t looked at my grandpa’s condition yet. It doesn’t matter how much you charge, my aunt is at home, and she won’t argue with the price like me.” In Zhuo Yangqing’s eyes, Ye Mo was a doctor that only looked at money.

“Yangqing…” Zhuo Aiguo unhappily said.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said to Zhuo Yangqing, “Although I can treat your grandpa’s disease, I’m missing some medicine. If I do have them, your grandpa can live for another 2 to 3 decades. If you want to treat him now without those medicine, he may live 10 years less.”

Seeing that Zhuo Yangqing was dazed, Ye Mo didn’t bother with her and just went straight into Zhuo Huatang’s room.

Ye Mo carefully looked at his situation and his eyebrows began to frown more. Zhuo Huatang’s condition was artificial. Who was it? Using such evil means against a child a few years old?

There was a gust of qi in his head. For ancient martial arts cultivators, it was inner qi. It could be kept inside the human body to damage bodily functions. No wonder modern medicine couldn’t diagnose it.

Seeing Ye Mo frown, Zhuo AIguo felt worried but didn’t dare to ask, scared that he may interrupt Ye Mo’s train of thought. If even Ye Mo didn’t have a way, then only death awaited his son.

Seeing Zhuo Aiguo worried, Ye Mo smiled and said, “Brother Zhuo, don’t worry, your son’s condition isn’t hard for me, I can cure him in 20 to 30 minutes…”

Splat! Cai Qing’s tub fell to the ground and water splashed everywhere. It had been 3 years, and it was the first time she heard someone say her child could be cured in 30 minutes.

Even if Ye Mo was practiCing medicine for the first time, she would still believe Ye Mo’s words just because he said he could cure Huatang.

“Brother Ye, you, are you being serious…” Zhuo Aiguo stuttered in excitement. Although he pretended he didn’t care, his son was more important to him than anything else.

Ye Mo nodded. “I didn’t lie, I just have one question I want to ask you. When did this occur and were there any abnormal symptoms before and after? And did you come into conflict with someone before Huatang’s condition occurred?”

“Conflict? No, although I had some business opponents, I never got into conflict or enmity with anyone. Brother Ye, are you saying Huatang’s condition is…. Zhuo Aiguo looked at Ye Mo in shock. Ye Mo’s tone seemed to suggest that his son’s disease was artificial and not natural.

Ye Mo nodded. “It should be artificial, we’ll talk about this after I cured him.”

Then, Ye Mo took a silver needle and stabbed it into Zhuo Huatang’s head and started to remove that sliver of inner qi. Ten minutes or so later, he had already removed it completely. Then, he used his chi to heal the inside of Huatang’s head.

After doing these, Ye Mo packed up the needles. He felt something different when he removed the qi. He wouldn’t believe that people could leave marks or imprints on qi on this planet, but he had that feeling.

He couldn’t think of anything, so he brushed these thoughts aside. He believed that if he were to encounter this person, he could recognize him as soon as they fought.

“Is our Huatang alright now?” Cai Qing couldn’t care about the tub on the floor and asked worriedly.

Ye Mo nodded. “He should be fine.”

At this moment, Zhuo Huatang opened his eyes, looked at Zhuo Aiguo before looking at Cai Qing and then said half consciously, “Dad, mum, why did I feel like I slept for a long time?”

“Huatang, you’re really okay.” Hearing that Zhuo Huatang could call mum and dad, Cai Qing rushed up with tears of joy and hugged her son.

Zhuo Aiguo looked excitedly at his son. The thing they had been troubled with was finally resolved by Ye Mo in a little more than 10 minutes. Ye Mo became more and more mysterious in his eyes. He only felt joy and gratefulness. He knew that if he said more words of gratitude, it would be not be good.

Zhuo Yangqing stood at the door and looked at Ye Mo in astonishment too. Ye Mo’s technique today was much more advanced than the one he used to treat her grandpa. Zhuo Huatang had been sick for two years and no one could do anything about it, and et, he actually managed to cure it. He really was a magical doctor. She must keep tight eyes on him this time.

“Huatang, tell daddy, how did you fall asleep?” Zhuo Aiguo thought of Ye Mo’s words and immediately asked. He was afraid his son would forget after time.

Zhuo Huatang thought a long while before saying, “I can’t remember, I think there was an uncle who pressed his hand on my head and then I fell asleep. And, there was also Pang Hu. Another uncle felt Pang Hu’s head for a while and seemed to compare something. I can’t remember anything else.”

“If you can’t remember it, don’t worry, Huatang, sleep first.” Zhuo Aiguo had understood that what Ye Mo said may be true.

“I know that Pang Hu, he’s Huatang’s classmate and also seemed to have gotten sick and died. The same thing probably happened to him.”

Cai Qing said with fear. They didn’t have any enmity with anyone, so why was someone trying to harm their son in such ways? And the Zhuo Family wasn’t a small family in Beijing. Who actually had the audacity?

Ye Mo knew these things were hard to explain. Although the couple tried to get him to stay, but he still said he was going to leave. He had a lot of things to do and didn’t have time to stay here.

However, Zhuo Yangqing grabbed Ye Mo. “You must come and help my grandpa, why don’t you leave your number with me.”

Seeing Zhuo Yangqing’s worried face and Zhuo Aiguo’s hopeful face, Ye Mo left his number and wrote a recipe. He told Zhuo Yangqing to gather the materials, and the next time he came to Beijing, he would come help her grandpa.

Finally, Zhuo Yangqing let go of Ye Mo reluctantly.


Ye Mo returned to his place, and Ye Ling had been waiting for him for a long time.

“Brother, when are we going to Luo Cang?” Ye Ling hesitated and asked.

Ye Mo looked curiously and Ye Ling and asked, “Do you still have something to do?”

Ye Ling nodded, “I still have two months before I graduate. Can we go Luo Cang two months later? And today, second brother called me in the afternoon. He would come back in a few days and told me to wait for him. I believe he must have something.”

Seeing that Ye Mo remained silent, Ye Ling quickly said, “In the afternoon, grandpa also called me. Grandpa had never called me before, and yet he apologized to us three. He said he wanted to have a good chat with us after second brother comes back. I don’t know whether or not I should listen to him, but brother, if you don’t think I should stay, then I will go to Luo Cang with you immediately. I’ll give second brother a call later.”

Ye Mo had begun to understand what Ye Beirong was thinking. He wanted to use his power through Ye Zifeng, but he didn’t mind and thought that even if Ye Ling stayed in Beijing, the people from Ye Family wouldn’t dare to do anything to her. Plus, when he returned to Luo Cang, he might have to go out once. Ye Ling didn’t know anyone at Luo Cang, and it might be hard for her.”

Thinking about this, Ye Mo nodded and said, “In that case, you can stay and wait until ZIfeng comes back. If there’s something call me immediately. Give this bracelet to Zifeng, I’m going back to Luo Cang today.”

Ye Mo said this because he knew that Ye Zifeng felt a great sense of belonging to the Ye Family, and Ye Zifeng was probably a little more important than him in Ye Ling’s heart. As such, he didn’t try to persuade Ye Ling from staying.

Although Ye Ling could only send Ye Mo on his way with reluctance, she really wanted to leave Beijing with Ye Mo. She hated this place, but a few days later, her second brother would come back. She was afraid that the Ye Family would try to harm Ye Zifeng, so there were some things she needed to tell him. Ye Mo could realize that the Ye Family was trying to use him through Ye Zifeng, but she couldn’t.

As soon as he went back to his place in Luo Cang, he immediately felt something was wrong when he was still at a distance from the mansion. His spirit sense scanned in immediately.