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Chapter 155: Uncle Ye Mo

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After Zhuo Aiguo had been on the phone with Ye Mo, his family hurried to Beijing the next day. Ye Mo kept his promise and came to Beijing, so there was no way he would let this chance slip. He even regret leaving the country at the wrong time, but on the second night, he and his family still timely arrived at Beijing on time.

Just when they left the airport, Zhuo Aiguo called Ye Mo, but what made him worried was that Ye Mo’s phone was shut.

Due to Zhuo Huatang’s condition, both he and his wife felt sorry for their son, so they took him to America to relax. Originally, when Zhuo Aiguo saw Ye Mo, Ye Mo told him he would come to Beijing within a year and help him treat his son, but it had only been a few months and there was no news from Ye Mo at all.

Although Zhuo Aiguo trusted Ye Mo to a great deal, his wife didn’t believe so. It was because Zhuo Aiguo gave something away which was used to treat his son. And because of this, she had many fights with Zhuo Aiguo.

They were fighting to the stage of divorce, and going abroad this time was also to ease up the tension in their relationship. They didn’t expect to arrive in America for just a few days and Ye Mo would call them. Of course, Zhuo Aiguo and his wife returned without hesitation.

“Didn’t you say that doctor will be waiting for us? Why is his phone off now?” Being unable to reach Ye Mo once they came back to Beijing, Zhuo Aiguo’s wife couldn’t help but to feel more uncomfortable.

Zhuo Aiguo sighed. He could understand his wife’s feeling, but Ye Mo was someone magical. How could that person go back on his words? He didn’t bother explaining this to his wife though. Some things, the more one explained, the more complicated it became.

Their originally excited mood became dejected after the family was unable to reach Ye Mo. Cai Qing, Zhuo Aiguo’s wife, reproached Zhuo Aiguo a few sentences and no longer had the mood to argue with him.

The family went back to their home silently. When they opened the door, they saw Zhuo Yangqing sitting in the living room in a very distressed manner.

“What are you doing, Yangqing?” Zhuo Aiguo curiously asked Zhuo Yangqing; she seemed to be acting erratic today. Normally, whenever Zhuo Aiguo returned from a trip, especially overseas, the first thing she would ask was what he brought back for her. She wouldn’t be acting like she was today.

Zhuo Yangqing said, “I originally found that doctor who treated grandpa’s disease, but I was interrupted by a bastard.”

“You found that doctor? Where was he?” Cai Qing immediately exclaimed with joy. In her eyes, that doctor who treated her big uncle was much more better than the one Zhuo Aiguo met at Flowing Snake.

“I don’t know where he is now either. If it wasn’t for Qin Xun, that bastard, perhaps I would’ve brought him back. If I’m to see him again, I wouldn’t let him ago even if he went to the toilet,” Zhuo Yangqing dejectedly said.

“Yangqing, you’re a girl, don’t be so rude.” Although Zhuo Aiguo believed that the doctor who treated his big uncle must be very skilled, but he still had great faith in Ye Mo.

Seeing that Cai Qing was disappointed, she quickly said, “Third Aunt, don’t worry, I know who his sister is, I can definitely find him.”

“Who?” This time, Zhuo Aiguo and his wife asked at the same time.

“It’s Ye Ling from my school, that doctor is called Ye Mo. You must know him. He was the one kicked out by the Ye Family. At first, I couldn’t believe it too, but after talking with him for ten minutes, I knew it was him,” Zhuo Yangqing said without noticing Zhuo Aiguo’s expression.

“What?” Zhuo Yangqing saw her third uncle’s mouth wide open in shock.

Zhuo Aiguo patted his head and said, “It seems that they are probably the same person. The doctor I was looking for is also Ye Mo. I don’t think there can be two Ye Mo appearing at the same place and both be skilled medically.”

Ye Mo also had a shower and changed into casual clothes that Ye Ling bought for him. After wearing so, he seemed much better looking.

Ye Ling circled Ye Mo around a few times and complimented, “Brother, I didn’t think you would look so handsome after changing you into a famous brand. If the girls in my dorm saw you, they would probably devour you to the bones. That Ning Qingxue really don’t what’s good for her, how dare she kick away my brother who is so handsome.”

Hearing Ye Ling talk about Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo suddenly thought of that day after following Black Snake; he didn’t even go see Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue. He probably should have done so now that he thought about it. But just thinking that Ning QIngxue might have caught some feelings for him, Ye Mo felt a fit of helplessness.

Ning Qingxue was indeed an excellent girl; other than the initial princess syndrome, she changed a lot after living with him for nearly a month.

From using her body to protect the Silver Heart Grass, preparing the suicidal recording and following him to Flowing Snake and the desert, perhaps she only thought it was out of guilt, but Ye Mo knew that it was far more than guilt. Although Ye Mo knew that she really need not be guilty, but he couldn’t explain this to her.

At least, she was an emotional person. Although she didn’t see the holistic view sometimes, she was kind hearted. Once she was set on something, she was very stubborn.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo felt he had overdone it. Although he didn’t dare to stay together with Ning Qingxue in the desert, she still came all that far to the desert just to see him. Meanwhile, he just left.

Did this mean he didn’t dare to face her?

It was impossible to say that he wasn’t a little bit interested in Ning Qingxue at all, but why didn’t he dare to accept her? Ye Mo asked himself but immediately, and he suddenly thought of Luo Ying.

But why did he have some faint feelings for Luo Susu? Was it just because she was named Luo and gave him a feeling of Luo Ying? Ye Mo shook his head; he understood that his feelings for Luo Susu was completely because of that accidental touch, or because they had each other’s blood in their bodies, or perhaps they were the same type of people.

“Brother, what’s wrong?” Ye Ling felt Ye Mo was lost in thought and asked.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “Ning QIngxue is actually a good girl, don’t talk about her like that, she doesn’t owe me anything and…”

Ye Mo didn’t continue, Ye Ling looked at Ye Mo in shock and said, “Brother are you really in love with her? In fact, I feel she’s a match for you but she, she….”

She didn’t say Ning Qingxue looked down on him.

Seeing that Ye Mo had some things in his heart, Ye Ling quickly pulled Ye Mo’s hand and said, “Brother, if you like her, then chase her, she’s not someone that significant. We’ll go eat first, I already invited the people from my dorm, so they should be out, let’s go.”

Without letting Ye Mo argue, she dragged him out.

But before choosing a place to eat, Tian He and the others saw that Ye Mo seemed different from yesterday. The main reason was he was packaged by Ye Ling. Ye Mo was helpless with the girls’ audacity, and eventually, Ye Ling could only helpless step in to stop them.

After lunch, Ye Mo really couldn’t handle their enthusiasm and told Ye Ling he had some business with his friends and told her to quickly deal with the things here and leave with him for Luo Cang.

After Ye Mo had been gone for a long time, Ye Ling and the others went back to their dorm. At this time, Tian He was still asking Ye Ling, “Ling Zi, you sure he’s your brother, Ye Mo? Your biological brother?”

Dan Dan and Lu Lu all had boyfriends so they could only watch Tian He being curious in jealousy.

Ye Ling said in a not so satisfied tone, “Change your temperament first, my brother likes woman like Ning Qingxue, I don’t think you have much of a chance.”

“Ning Qingxue? Sigh, the opponent is too strong.” Tian He gave off a long sigh and hugged her blanket into sleep.

After Ye Mo left those people, he bought a set of silver needles but didn’t call Zhuo Aiguo. He knew that Zhuo Aiguo must’ve came back yesterday, so he planned to just go straight to his house.

What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that it was Zhuo Yangqing who opened the door. But soon, he realized that both of them had the same surname, and in addition, didn’t he meet her last yesterday as well?

“Huh….” When Zhuo Yangqing saw it was Ye Mo standing at the door, it was only 0.01 seconds before she grabbed Ye Mo’s arm and said, “You must not leave this time.”

A ball of softness stuck to Ye Mo’s arm. Ye Mo coughed. “Hey, let go, you’re letting me take advantage of you.”

Zhuo Yangqing’s face only slightly blushed as she immediately said, “You said you would wait for the day before yesterday, but why did you leave? If I let go, what if you leave again?”

Ye Mo helplessly said, “I came especially for Zhuo Aiguo, how could I leave.”

At this moment, Zhuo Aiguo had come out and saw Ye Mo standing at the door. He immediately came up with a face full of joy and surprise. “Brother Ye, you really came, quick, come in. Yangqing, why are you still holding his arm, quickly go make Uncle Ye Mo some tea.”

“What?” Uncle Ye Mo?” Zhuo Yangqing understood that Ye Mo indeed came for her third uncle, but what made her depressed was that Ye Mo was only 2 or 3 years older than her. How did he become her uncle?