Strongest Abandoned Son
152 Good with Both Sides
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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152 Good with Both Sides

Chapter 152: Good with Both Sides

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
“Ye Mo, it’s very rare to be able to practice martial arts to this degree. I don’t know what fortune you had, but Ye Ling stole the Ye Family’s Feng Shui Dragonballs. She’s unforgivable.” Although Ye Beirong calmed down on the surface, he still couldn’t calm down inside. He didn’t expect Ye Mo’s power to reach this state. If he came back to the Ye Family, then the Song Family’s cockiness will cease.

However, he couldn’t just ask for Ye Mo to come back. He could only do that through Ye Ling. He now no longer had the wish to punish Ye Ling. Plus, with Ye Mo’s power, it would be a joke trying to punish Ye Ling.

Seeing Ye Mo sneer, Ye Beirong continued, “Even if you’re strong, can you stop Flying Eagle? I’ve already reported, not only will there be people from Flying Eagle Squad coming, but there will also be 3 people coming from Flying Snow Squad. If you are willing to admit your mistakes, I won’t blame you.”

Ye Mo acted as though he didn’t hear it. Of course, he knew about Flying Eagle. He was already the instructor for Flying Snow Squad, so how could he not know about Flying Eagle. In China’s 9 Flying special ops forces, Flying Eagle Squad was ranked 3rd.

Seeing Ye Mo stay silent, Ye Beirong thought Ye Mo felt threatened. Just when he wanted to continue, Ye Mo suddenly took two balls from his pocket. “You said that Ye Ling is unforgivable for taking these two Dragonballs? And you’re going to beat her to death?”

“How are the Dragonballs in your hands?” Ye Wenjin knew that the things were in the Song Family’s hands, but now that Ye Mo had them, he couldn’t stop himself from exclaiming. But immediately, he continued, “Is stealing the Dragonballs forgivable? This is a treacherous act against the Ye Family.”

“Very well.” Ye Mo gathered cultivation chi on his hand and the two Dragonballs were crushed to powder. After doing so, Ye Mo looked at Ye Wenjin and said, “I’ve crushed both of them, what sin are you going to sentence me?”

Everyone in the Ye Family was shocked, although the two Dragonballs were stolen away, but the Ye Family would eventually get it back through negotiation. At most, they would lose some interest, but now Ye Mo just crushed it.

Ye Beirong looked at the crushed Dragonballs in shock and couldn’t say a word for a long time. Other than fury, he felt shock. How dare Ye Mo act in such a way?

“You…” Ye Beirong pointed at Ye Mo; he was so angry that he couldn’t say a thing.

Ye Long and Ye Wenqi felt more shock than fear. They knew how hard the Dragonballs were; even if they used a hammer, they would need a lot of strength to shatter it! However, Ye Mo just rubbed it with his hands and it was powderized. Just what sort of strength was this?

Ye Ling couldn’t bear the scene and whispered in Ye Mo’s ear, “Brother, grandpa has been quite nice to me, don’t make him too angry.”

Ye Mo sneered. “Is beating you to death being nice to you? I don’t think you need this kind of nice. I will count to three, whoever hit Ye Ling stand up or I won’t hold back. And, whoever grabbed Ye Ling by the neck and left the two marks, speak.”

Looking at the extremely cocky Ye Mo, Ye Beirong was shaking with anger. He was originally planning for Ye Mo to return to the Ye Family, but by the looks of it, he might as well let the Flying Eagle members kill Ye Mo.

“I grabber her neck, so what?” a middle-aged man said angrily to Ye Mo. He was called Ye Wencai, a nephew of Ye Beirong.

Ye Mo turned to look at that man and blandly asked, “Oh, which hand did you use?”

“What? I used my left hand, what can you do to me?” Ye Wencai was not bad in martial arts and he couldn’t stand Ye Mo’s arrogance.

“Nothing, I will take your left hand.” Then, Ye Mo casually swiped through air.

A blood ray shot out from Ye Wencai’s left shoulder, and his left hand along with his entire arm reaching to the shoulder was cleanly sliced by some invisible sword.

The people in the room were in extreme fear once again. Although Ye Mo said he chopped off Huang Ye’s leg, many of them didn’t know how strong Huang Yue was and they didn’t see it for themselves. Now that they saw Ye Mo sever Ye Wencai’s hand without moving, they finally realized how fearsome Ye Mo was.

Ye Beirong knew Ye Mo was very strong, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to beat Huang Yue. However, casually cutting off Ye Wenqi’s arm without moving—this was far beyond his comprehension.

He stared in shock at Ye Mo’s hand and forgot the fact that Ye Mo broke the Dragonballs. He had already tried to overestimate Ye Mo, but he realized now that he still underestimated him a lot. He was guessing what projectile Ye Mo used.

Ye Wencai had been carried out and Ye Mo didn’t seem to notice it. On the other hand, Ye Ling was shocked. She didn’t expect Ye Mo to cut off her uncle’s arm in front of so many people. A while ago when Ye Mo cut off Huang Yue’s leg, she was asleep, so she didn’t know Ye Mo’s fierceness.

“Bring out the people who hit Ye Ling and I’ll pretend nothing happened and leave. If you don’t, then don’t blame me. Ye Wenqi, slap yourself 30 times. If you still haven’t moved before I go, you will regret it.” Of course, Ye Mo wasn’t going to let go of the main culprit for Ye Ling’s apprehension. However, he couldn’t just kill him now. He would think about it before he left.

Just at this moment, another person came and bowed to Ye Beirong before saying, “The people from Nan Qing are here, do you want them to come in.”

Ye Beirong seemed to suddenly woke up and quickly said, “Quick, quick, let them come in.”

Nan Qing’s people just came yesterday. Originally, they wanted to cooperate with Ye Beirong, but because the Ye Family’s Dragonballs disappeared, they were arranged to the hotel. Just then when Ye Mo came, Ye Beirong asked for them. Ye Beirong wanted to use them against Ye Mo. He thought that no matter how strong Ye Mo was, he wouldn’t be able to do much to Nan Qing.

Ye Beirong looked at Ye Mo and said, “Ye Mo, Ye Ling made mistakes, so according to ancestral rules, we must hang her up and whip her for three days. You are indeed strong, much stronger than I expected. No wonder the Song Family didn’t dare to touch you, but no matter how strong you are, you can’t be stronger than Nan Qing. To be honest, Nan Qing wanted to ask me to deal with you but I rejected. If Nan Qing and us attacked you together, do you think you have any chances of winning. Plus, your acts are criminal. I believe there will be a hunt for you tomorrow.”

Ye Mo sneered; he didn’t even bother with Ye Beirong. If it wasn’t the Ye Family people, he would have killed them long ago and finished the problem once and for all. However, if he killed all the Ye Family people, firstm Ye Ling wouldn’t allow it, second, he might come into conflict with Han Zaixin. That didn’t matter much, but the key thing was, his power was still low, and he depended on Han Zaixin for resources.

San Cai satisfactorily walked into the Ye Family mansion. When he came yesterday, the Ye Family tried to position themselves higher by dumping him in the hotel, but now, they still had to ask for him to come back.

San Cai just saw Ye Mo and his face immediately changed. He didn’t bother with the Ye Family people near him and walked in front of Ye Mo while respectfully saying, “Brother Ye, I didn’t expect to see you here. I, I…”

He couldn’t even finish a sentence. He was so scared that he couldn’t say the rest of his words. He didn’t think that he would meet Ye Mo while coming to negotiate a business deal with the Ye Family.

“F*ck off, I don’t want to see you here.” Ye Mo was very angry now, and the Nan Qing people had even come to piss him off. As such, he didn’t have that much of a good attitude.

Ye Beirong could no longer stay calm anymore. He looked at the Nan Qing representative who ran away with one sentence, and his heart immediately dropped cold. Ye Mo’s power was so strong that it made his back cold. Even Nan Qing people didn’t dare to breathe loudly in front of Ye Mo.

Ye Beirong, however, hadn’t lost all his hope yet. But contrary to his expectations, before the Flying Eagle Squad members moved, the three Flying Snow Squad members saw Ye Mo and came to salute him. As a response, Ye Mo only nodded towards them.

Although Ye Mo was the instructor, he knew he probably didn’t have the authority to tell them what to do, so he didn’t bother to tell these people to go back.

Ye Beirong sunk into an ice cave. Who was Ye Mo? He was good on both sides.

As though seeing the atmosphere was wrong, the leading Flying Snow Squad member said, “We’ll go have a look outside first.”

Then, the 20 or so members also went out. A few moments later, only the Ye Family people remained in the house. Ye Wenqi also knew things were not right; Ye Mo’s identity was just too great.

“Bring the people who hit Ye Ling.” Ye Beirong seemed to suddenly aged a lot. He didn’t expect that the person abandoned by the Ye Family could force the Ye Family to such an extent.

Ye Mo, a person who killed the Song Family leader’s son but still couldn’t be killed by the Song Family, was actually kicked out by the Ye Family. Since Song Qiming could endure, so could he, Ye Beirong. In addition, Ye Mo was named Ye.

Ye Ling looked at the two people who whipped her whip each other under Ye Mo’s order and couldn’t bare to look. She looked at Ye Mo and seemed to want to say something. Ye Mo knew what she thought and waved his hand. He knew that these two people only hit Ye Ling under Ye Wenqi’s order, but their harsh whipping made Ye Mo have killing intent.

“Grandpa, where did my second brother go?” Ye Ling looked at the old looking Ye Beirong and asked.

“I sent him to England.” Ye Beirong sighed.

“Brother, let’s go, I don’t want to stay here anymore.” Ye Ling was scared Ye Mo was going to kill her big uncle. No matter what, that was still her big uncle. If Ye Mo did that, what would grandpa do? Although she suspected her father’s death to be related to her big uncle, but that was just a suspicion.

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