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151 All of You Stand Ou

Chapter 151: All of You Stand Out

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Ye Mo looked at the person talking to him. That person was less than 40 and had a waxy face. He had a very bizarre styled long sword—the blade wasn’t long, but it was shining black which didn’t match its owner’s waxy yellow face.

This person should be a lot stronger than Hu Qiu. Although he was not as strong as Wu Qiang, he should be on the same level as Zhang Jue.

Ye Mo didn’t expect there to be such a master at the Ye Family Mansion. According to his experience, this person was a Tertiary Stage Yellow Level martial artist. If Ye Mo was still Stage 2 Chi Gathering, then he wouldn’t even think before leaving. He wouldn’t be able to leave unscathed even by himself much less with Ye Ling on his back.

But now, he was at the Stage 3 Chi Gathering. Wu Qiang couldn’t even last 20 moves from him, and this guy was weaker than Wu Qiang.

Ye Mo was still wondering whether or not to kill him when this man’s long sword howled towards his waist. As that man struck, there wasn’t any hesitation as though he wanted to cut Ye Mo in half.

Although it was just one swing, what came into his eyes were tens of blades. Even Hu Qiu’s whip prowess was a lot lesser than this man’s sword skills.

The speed and transformations on this swing was indeed a rare scene. To be this good at the sword, one not only needed to practice rare techniques, but they also need a certain amount of inner qi. Ye Mo knew that the sword wasn’t going to cut his waist but rather his legs.

That man probably saw him attack, so he judged that Ye Mo would be able to dodge this swing. Then, his killing blow would be a ground sweeping cut. Before the swing finished, he focused all his power into his lower body and also started to squat. Ye Mo saw this subtle change. No matter where he landed, as long as he was within 10 metres radius, he would lose his legs.

Of course, if he couldn’t even dodge the first swing, he would lose his waist. It seemed that he was pretty faithful in Ye Mo dodging the first swing and then cutting off his legs with the second swing.

Ye Mo sneered. There really was no challenge in fighting someone a few calibres lower than him. Each move of the opponent was in his prediction.

Despite having Ye Ling on his back, Ye Mo twisted his waist slightly and the tens of blade shadows were dodged.

Of course, as soon as this man saw Ye Mo dodged his swing, he was happy instead. His blade didn’t stop for a moment before switching to an arc swing from the ground. Under the dim yellow light, this swing was like mercury spill that covered a 7-meter radius.

He sneered. No matter how strong Ye Mo was, as long as he landed, he could cut off Ye Mo’s legs.

Ye Mo was able to not land. Even if he carried Ye Ling, he was able to use his Wind Controlling Art and glide to more than 10 meters out before landing. As such, the moment when his foot landed, the silver on the ground disappeared, leaving a long sword that was stepped under his foot.

The man’s sneering face froze. He never had expected that someone could break his move using such unimaginable ways.

Under shock, the man immediately reacted. The sword in his hand twisted in an attempt to pull the sword from under Ye Mo’s foot.

Ye Mo felt an intriguingly strong force from under his foot. Just when he wanted to use more force, the sword had broken into two segments. The man held the half of the sword and, without hesitation, the long sword turned into a glimmer that struck towards Ye Mo’s stomach. Meanwhile, he followed behind the hilt of the sword as his two hands turned into shadows attacking towards Ye Mo’s chest.

Ye Mo didn’t expect this person to be so good at long sword and fists.

As the sword was about to hit Ye Mo’s stomach, he raised his foot and kicked the sword flying. Then, with a single fist, he punched the man’s fist shadows.

Bang! Bang! The clash of fists and palms echoed out.

Crack, Ye Mo didn’t hold back at all. He used his fastest speed and sealed the man’s fist shadows while twisting both of the man’s wrists until they were broken.

The man took a few steps back and his waxy yellow face became pale. The pain on his face could not cover his shock. Although he was a Tertiary Stage Yellow Level martial artist, not even those at the peak of the Yellow Level could beat him. However, this youth who was much smaller than him easily broke through his killing move and sealed all of his fist shadows and then broke his wrists.

Ever since he graduated, it was his first time meeting someone so strong. How come he hadn’t heard of this man in the hidden sects? He couldn’t even last ten moves before he was gruesomely defeated.

Ye Mo bleakly looked at the man. “Did you want to cut one or both of my legs off just then?”

Ye Mo wasn’t sure because the man was so proficient with that move; if Ye Mo failed to step on that blade, then that man could have done whatever he wished on Ye Mo’s legs.

“I just wanted to cut your left leg.” Beads of sweat dripped from the man’s pale face.

“Very well, I’ll return the favor.” Then, Ye Mo kicked the other half of the sword, and it turned into a white ray that was faster than when the man swung his sword at Ye Mo.

Psh! A faint sound reverberated.

When the man realized what had happened, his left leg was severed. Ye Mo had disappeared in front of him. He looked at the place where Ye Mo disappeared in terror until blood gushed out from his wound before he thought about stopping the bleeding.

That sword was a casual throw, yet it still cut his legs clean like tofu. Who was he? Who the hell was he? How could he be so horrifying and strong. If this person wanted to annihilate the Ye Family, even if he had a few more helpers, they would still be no match for him. How could he meet such a master in an urban city? The man couldn’t help but to start shaking.

“Master, what’s wrong?” A youth in his 20s hurriedly came and helped the wobbly man up.

The man saw the youth come and gasped a sigh of relief before immediately saying, “My wrists are broken, immediately grab my severed leg and carry me away from this place as far as possible. Quick, now.”


“20 to 30 people plus Huang Yue, how come they’re still not here yet? Wenjin, go have a look.” Ye Beirong had calmed down now; no matter who the youth was, he would still kill him after asking him some things. The Ye Family wasn’t some place people could come and go.

“No need, I’ve come,” a cold voice sounded at the door.

Ye Beirong suddenly stood up and looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. Ye Mo was obviously not captured. After a long while, he reacted, “ How did you come in? What happened to Huang Yue and the others?”

“Didn’t you tell me to come in? Are you talking about that yellow-faced long sword wielder? I cut off his leg and broke his wrists. He’s been rescued away now,” Ye Mo stared coldly at Ye Beirong before saying.

“What?” Ye Beirong’s head buzzed. Other people didn’t know Huang Ye’s power, but he was all too clear. This man said he cut off Huang Yue’s leg, so how strong must he be? And why does he look a little familiar?

Of course, Ye Long also knew how strong Huang Yue was. Now that Ye Mo said this, he didn’t believe it, but soon, people came in and reported to him what happened outside. The way Ye Long looked at Ye Mo immediately changed. Someone who could chop of Huang Yue’s leg was definitely from the hidden sects.

Ye Beirong also heard the report and showed a serious face. He immediately said in a low voice, “Report it immediately.”

“Brother, why did you come back here?” Ye Ling looked at this hall in fear. She was sentenced to death here in the morning and must be whipped for three days. As such, as soon as she come to this house, she felt a natural fear.

“Who are you? How dare you be so cocky, don’t you know this is the Ye Family? Ye Ling, how dare you bring outsiders to ravage here,” Ye Weiqi saw his father’s dissatisfaction and called out.

Ye Mo plainly glanced at Ye Wenqi. “Are you deaf, didn’t you hear Ye Ling call me brother. I’m Ye Mo, but I’m not a member of this family anymore.”

Of course, Ye Mo would never admit he was from the Ye Family. Regardless of whether Ye Wentian was his biological father in this world, he still wasn’t from the Ye Family.

“You are Ye Mo?” Ye Long stood up and looked at Ye Mo in shock. He finally understood why Ye Mo could still be fine after killing Song Shaowen. With his ability to cut off Huang Yue’s leg, it was way too easy for him to kill a few Song Family people and escape. It wasn’t that the Song Family didn’t want to retaliate, but they didn’t dare. By the looks of it, their intel was far inferior than the Song Family.

If Ye Long could understand this, of course, Ye Beirong could too. He didn’t expect Ye Mo to grow to this state.

Ye Beirong calmed down once again and suppressed the shock in his heart. He sat down and looked at Ye Mo. “Since you are Ye Mo and are a member of the Ye Family, why did you break the mosque’s door?”

“Dad, I really tested Ye Mo’s blood in the hospital, he’s not from the Ye Family,” at this moment, Ye Wenqi spoke.

“Shut up,” Ye Beirong reproached.

Ye Mo sneered. “Of course I’m not from the Ye Family, I don’t need you to remind me. I never thought myself as a member of this family. The reason I still haven’t left today is to collect some debts. Who hit Ye Ling yesterday, all of you stand out. Otherwise, don’t blame me for killing you all. Don’t doubt my words.”