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149 Too Freaking Awesome

Chapter 149: Too Freaking Awesome

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Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense; Tan Fei’s leg was fine. It seemed that she just wanted to reject this Young Master Yi and couldn’t help but to smile thinking that women could always find an excuse.

However, his smile was caught by the Young Master Yi. A person dressing so poorly dared to laugh at him and it was obviously because Tan Fei rejected him.

“What are you laughing at, you bumped into Fei Fei and hurt her leg, if you laugh again, I’ll tear your mouth.” This youth saw Ye Mo’s smile and was angered by embarrassment.

Hearing these words, Zhang Jue’s face sunk but didn’t rage. This Young Master Yi in front of him was from the Song Family and was the son of Song Qifeng, someone who had great power. He was also in the Shao generation. However, because a Feng Shui master said that he would be able to achieve something great once he took the Shao away from his name, he changed it Song Yi. Although he wasn’t afraid of Song Yi, but getting on bad terms with Song Yi was the same as getting on bad terms with the Song Family.

Li Qiuyang’s mouth smiled. He just got to know Ye Mo, so of course, he wouldn’t stand up for him. Moreover, Song Yi’s status was no lower than his, perhaps even a little higher. Although his Li Family was one of the five great families of Beijing, there were too many people in the Li Family, and he was only a decent member. He was still a little low compared to a core member such as Song Yi.

Ye Mo frowned; who was this Young Master Yi? He was so cocky.

However, Tan Fei had reacted and quickly said, “This isn’t his fault, I accidentally bumped into him.”

“Fei Fei just stand aside and dance with me later, if I say it’s his fault, it is his fault.” Then, Song Yi walked up with cruelty.

Zhang Jue finally couldn’t resist anymore and was going to argue with Song Yi but Ye Mo stopped him.

“You’re called Song Yi? From the Song Family?” Ye Mo looked at Song Yi and coldly said.

“It’s too late to know I’m from the Song Family, Qiuyang, this guy’s not related to you, right, don’t blame me for not considering you…” Song Yi casually looked at Li Qiuyang.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Before Song Yi even finished his words, Ye Mo had slapped him four times on the face already.

Song Yi was slapped meters away and crumbled to the ground. Teeth flew out as his mouth was covered in blood. After the initial shock, he immediately pointed his finger at Ye Mo crazily and stammeringly said, “You don’t want to live, you dare to hit me.”

Everyone around was shocked, Song Yi’s identity, who didn’t know? This poor looking youth dared to break so many of his teeth and bruise his face.

Li Qiuyang was shocked. Although he knew that Ye Mo’s status was quite high, but who dared to easily beat up Song Yi like this?

Of course, it was only unless he didn’t know who Song Yi was. Tan Fei was shocked and was at a loss for words. She could only think that it was over. If she knew this would happen, she should’ve danced with Song Yi, but now, people may die.

Although Zhang Jue was shocked, he was still calm. Although the Song Family was powerful, he was the captain of Flying Snow Squad, so he didn’t need to be afraid of them.

At this moment, Ye Mo slowly said, “So what if I beat up people from the Song Family?” Then, he walked up and kicked Song Yi on the leg making a cracking sound.

He actually broke Song Yi’s leg in front of so many people after knowing who Song Yi was. Everyone around him looked at him as though he was crazy.

“You…” Song Yi didn’t faint from the pain, but almost fainted due to anger.

At this moment, two men quickly rushed in front of Song Yi and wiped the blood from his mouth. One of the man stared coldly at Ye Mo. “You’re very bold, I hope you will still be so calm and bold later.” Then, he picked up the phone.

Ye Mo laughed. “Even if Song Qiming is standing in front of my face, I’m still so calm.”

“You are Ye Mo?” At this moment, the other person from the Song Family finally recognized Ye Mo and his face immediately changed.

“Ye Mo?” The other man calling repeated this name and actually put down the phone.

Ye Mo sneered. “Good, your dog eyes aren’t blind, I was just trying to find a reason to go to the Song Family, but I didn’t expect the wild seeds of Song Family to come to me, in that case, don’t blame me.”

The people around were dumbfounded to hear such insults in the face of the Song Family, but people were more shocked afterwards.

When Song Yi heard the person in front was Ye Mo, his eyes were full of fear; he didn’t even care about the pain on his leg. He sat up and said to Ye Mo: “Young Master Mo, sorry, I didn’t know it was you. Go, go, let’s go…”

The two men who were going to look for trouble with Ye Mo weren’t surprised at all at Song Yi’s apology after knowing that it was Ye Mo. After Song Yi apologized, they carried Song Yi and turned to leave. They didn’t leave any tough words behind and didn’t even continue the call.

Zhang Jue’s eyes showed contemplation but soon he understood. Ye Mo must’ve came from the hidden sects, otherwise, Song Yi wouldn’t be so cowardly. Only Du Tao guessed something. He guessed that the Song Family was scared Ye Mo would go on a rampage at the Song Family disregarding the consequences.

The most shocked were the people around. They were all guessing who Ye Mo was. He beat Song Yi like that, but Song Yi still had to apologize. That was too freaking awesome. Tan Fei looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. Ye Mo was still dressed like before. Although he looked clean, but the clothes on him wouldn’t be worth more than 200. His pocket seemed very full and he looked very poor. However, just who was he?

Who was Song Yi? He was the young master of the Song Family. His reputation was no better than Song Shaowen before. Tan Fei knew that quite well, and even if she wanted to find someone to protect her, there was no one who would not fear Song Yi. But this young man in front her beat up Song Yi, and Song Yi still had to apologize. The way Tan Fei looked at Ye Mo also became more respectful. Although she was a popular songstress, she was nothing in front of these big family young masters.

“Brother Ye, this way please. Would you be interested in antiques, if you are, tonight, Mr. Ji Beicheng won’t disappoint you.” Li Qiuyang didn’t mention what happened just then at all, but the hospitality on his face was more vivid. He was thinking who Ye Mo was, but he knew now was not the time to ask.

Tan Fei looked at Ye Mo with complicated and apologetic eyes. “Ye Mo, thank you for just then, I’m really sorry. I’m Tan Fei, will I have the honor of knowing you.”

“It’s nothing big, don’t worry. And I have problems with the Song Family. Even if they don’t come for me, I will go for them. I’m Ye Mo, we already know each other anyways, so no need for that formality,” Ye Mo waved his hand and said. If he really did see someone from the Song Family, he would definitely go look for trouble. He wanted to know what Song Qiming’s bottom line was.

“Fei Fei, I’ve been looking for you a long time.” Another sweet looking girl walked over and grabbed Tan Fei’s hand. “Come, Xiao Yu and Aunt Yun are here.”

Then, this girl didn’t even give Tan Fei the chance to reply and dragged her away. Tan Fei turned around and gave Ye Mo another apologetic smile. “If you have time, I wish to invite you to dinner.”

Ye Mo didn’t have his attention on Tan Fei at the moment and was listening to the conversation between the two men in the distance. They would’ve never thought that Ye Mo could still hear their words at such distance.

“Did you see? That person who beat up Song Yi is called Ye Mo, could he be that Ye Mo from the Ye Family?”

“No way, Ye Family’s Ye Mo is a garbage, how can he be here and teach Song Yi a lesson. By the way, no one from the Ye Family seem to be here tonight.”

There’s definitely no one from the Ye Family out tonight.”

“What? You know why?”

“I asked out Ye Ling last night, she said that there was something in his family today and couldn’t come out. For a big family like theirs, even someone like Ye Ling wouldn’t come out. That must mean something big is happening.”

“Not necessarily, how could a family as big as the Ye Family have big problems. But these things aren’t something that we can care about. Did you see Tan Fei just then? She’s indeed pretty, no wonder Song Yi was interested.”


“The auction is about to start, Mr Ji Beichen is here.” Someone called out and interrupted Ye Mo’s focus.

Ye Mo, however, felt this unknown uneasiness in his heart. He frowned and immediately realized it was because he heard those words and thought about Ye Ling. He hadn’t seen Ye Ling this entire day. She must be worried after putting their arrangement on hold for so long.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo could no longer stay and immediately said, “I have something urgent, I need to go, we’ll talk next time.”

Zhang Jue didn’t stop Ye Mo this time because Ye Mo just beat Song Yi very hard. Even if he was from the ancient martial arts sects, he needed to make some arrangements in case the Song Family ambushes him. He, Du Tao, Li Hu, Li Qiuyang and some other people went with him to the door.

Yo Mo took a train to Hua university; he didn’t wait outside the female dorms this time and went to Ye Ling’s dorm with invisibility.

Ye Mo’s spirit sense saw that Ye Ling wasn’t inside but he still knocked.

The person who opened the door was Tian He. When she saw it was Ye Mo, her face was full of joy, but when she thought about what happened last night, her face blushed a little.

“Ye Ling is not here? Do you know where she went?” Ye Mo wasn’t in the mood to think about other things and just asked for Ye Ling’s whereabouts.