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Chapter 140: I Am Ye Mo

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“You, you… you took so much of my money and made me do so much for you guys. How dare you lie to me?! Gu Luo, you animal.” Ye Ling’s face was pale with anger. At this moment, she realized how immature she was. She originally wanted to save the lives of her two brothers in secret, but didn’t expect things to progress like this.

Moreover, she pretended her relationship with her two brothers were very bad even to the degree of not talking to them. She was scared that her big uncle and 4th uncle would discover that she sided towards her two brothers, disabling her from entering the Ye Family house anymore. If she couldn’t, then the 3 brothers and sisters would completely become irrelevant people and disappear in the Ye Family.

She never even dared to bring up about Ye Mo in front of her grandpa or even help him say anything because she understood that although her grandpa liked her, it was because he liked her father. But grandpa hated the most when women talked about familial matters. That time, her second mum was forced to go do business in a faraway place by her grandpa because she was involved in her second uncle’s matters. She even had to change her surname to the surname of her grandma. Ever since that, no woman in the Ye Family dared to talk about family matters. Even if they did, they didn’t dare to let grandpa know.

In fact, she didn’t know that under the permission of her grandpa, her brother Ye Zifeng could participate in the family meetings.

Gu Luo was introduced to her by Ye Lu. Ye Lu was a part of the Ye Family, and Ye Ling thought he wouldn’t harm her. But she didn’t expect that Ye Lu not only harmed her but also dared to harm the Ye Family. She didn’t know why Ye Lu would do this. Was he not scared of the family law?

Thinking about the family law, Ye Ling shivered. She was clear that the things she did was no lighter than what Ye Lu did perhaps even worse. Just her stealing the Feng Shui Dragon Ball would cause her to descend to hell if her grandpa knew. Ye Lu must be the same as her; he had things that Song Shaochen could black mail him with. However, she was willing. She didn’t know if Ye Lu was the same.

“Yeah, you collected so much things about the Ye Family and told me, you even stole two of the Feng Shui Dragon Balls and gave it to me. The Song Family really should thank you. However, that old man really trusts you. Even Ye Lu couldn’t enter the main house, but you can go in,” Song Shaochen sarcastically said.

Looking at Ye Ling’s pale face, Song Shaochen slowly said, “If you can bring me the Jade Buddha between the Feng Shui Dragon Ball and stay with me one night, then I’ll pretend nothing happened and won’t harm a finger of Ye Zifeng. If you disagree, then we have so many brothers here. I don’t think you can take it all by yourself, hehehe…

“Of course, even if you serve us, you stealing the Feng Shui Dragon Ball would still accidentally reach Ye Beirong’s ear.”

Ye Ling was shaking with anger. She only knew how stupid she was now. The more worried she was, the more clueless she was. She paid a big price for Gu Luo to secretly protect Ye Mo and Ye Zifeng, and even searched news of Song Family trying to deal with Ye Mo. Now, it seemed all like a big joke. It would be fortunate if they didn’t harm them much less protect them. After experiencing these things, Ye Ling understood a lot, but she knew she understood too late.

“Let me go and I’ll steal the Jade Buddha.” Ye Ling recovered her composure. Although her body was still shaking, at least she calmed down on the surface.

“Hahaha…” Song Shaochen hysterically laughed. “Do you think I have the same IQ as you. Of course I’ll let you go, but we need to do our business first and get the recordings done. I believe you can leave then. But don’t worry, we won’t touch that Ye Mo. We’ll only touch that Ye Zifeng. If you cooperate, perhaps we won’t even touch Ye Zifeng.”

“Hmph, rip off her clothes…” Song Shaochen feared the most when other people said Ye Mo could kill him. Many people knew Song Shaowen died by Ye Mo’s hand and so did Song Shaotan.

Plus, the family meeting today and the order of the leader said no one should find trouble with Ye Mo. Although Song Shaochen didn’t know what happened, he knew that if Ye Mo really killed him, he would die in vain. His life in the Song Family wasn’t even worth 1% of Song Shaotan, much less Song Shaowen. The leader could let Ye Mo go after he killed them, much less him, Song Shaochen.

“Who dares to rip her clothes?!” A cold voice suddenly echoed in the room. The people in the room didn’t even see how the door was unlocked.

The first to react wasn’t Song Shaochen and his men, but Ye Ling.

Ye Ling saw the young man standing at the door and was shocked. Although Ye Mo changed a lot, she still recognized it was him after a while.

“Ye Mo…” Ye Ling blandly said in shock.

Ye Mo nodded. “Ye Ling. It was hard on you. You’re right, if I can kill Song Shaowen, I call also kill Song Shaochen. Oh, you probably don’t know that I also killed Song Shaotan.”

“You really are Ye Mo?” In Ye Ling’s impression, Ye Mo was a useless rich second generation and was extremely pretentious.

The reason she could treat Ye Mo the same as Ye Zifeng was because her father’s words before he died. She still remembered them till now: “Ling Er, Ye Mo is not welcomed, and he doesn’t like studying himself. You and Zifeng need to look out for him. Don’t let him be bullied. I’m guilty to him and his mother, don’t let me die in unrest.”

Ye Ling remembered she cried as she agreed to her father’s words. Then, her father slowly closed his eyes.

But because of this Ye Mo, she suffered a lot. After he father died, he extravagantly spent money. It was all the money she saved up in hardship for him. The reason he could still stay in Ning Hai University was because of the countless people she begged. Even when he was kicked out of the Ye Family, Ye Ling’s big uncle was still going to attack him. As such, she intentionally got close with her big uncle’s side while intentionally distancing Ye Mo and Ye Zifeng. Ye Mo wasn’t close with her to begin with, but she intentionally distanced herself with Ye Zifeng.

That was so that when her big uncle attacked them, he could have some hesitation or perhaps could let her get some news. Not only this; she also sucked up to Ye Lu and knew the underground gangster Gu Luo through him. Gu Luo said he had connections in Ning Hai as well so she paid money to Gu Luo to protect Ye Mo because she was scared her big uncle and 4th uncle would still attack Ye Mo.

Although she didn’t know anything, but she heard that there was an instance when her grandpa got drunk and said on the table that her father was to be the next leader of the family and was prepared to give ownership of the assets to father. Then, her father’s health grew worse, and his grandpa no longer mentioned it again.

Ye Ling even suspected that her father’s death was related to her big uncle, but she didn’t dare to say and could only do her best to protect her two brothers. She tried to not take money from the family, and more than once reminded her brother not to take money from the family to avoid the killing intent of her big uncle.

And when she saw Ye Mo today, she had the urge to cry. She felt wronged. Ye Zifeng and Ye Mo were both her elder brothers. But she, being the youngest of them all, had to do these things. And Ye Mo even lived a life that no one knew what he was doing behind everyone’s back.

“I am Ye Mo.” Seeing Ye Ling’s eyes red, Ye Mo just told Ye Ling he was Ye Mo and didn’t talk. He just stared coldly at Song Shaochen.

“You are Ye Mo…” Song Shaochen said this word by word.

Gu Luo had already stood beside Song Shaochen. If someone else suddenly entered the room, they would’ve already gone up and beat them up. However, they’ve also heard about Ye Mo. It was said that even Hu Qiu died in his hands. Also, Gu Luo wasn’t bad, but he was a far cry from Hu Qiu.

The two men beside Gu Luo wanted to abduct Ye Ling. Ye Ling was still looking at Ye Mo as if in disbelief of Ye Mo’s change. This Ye Mo in front of her was too different from the Ye Mo in her memories.

The Ye Mo in her memories would only make her feel annoyed and disgust. She didn’t want to see him at all. But the Ye Mo in front of her emitted great confidence. Just standing there made people feel as if he was the only person in the room that could decide on things. Moreover, as soon as Ye Mo came, Song Shaochen immediately became silent. His face was even showing expressions of worry.

Ye Ling suddenly felt a strong sense of safety. It was as though only Ye Mo like this was her real big brother. She subconsciously wanted to walk towards Ye Mo when two frosty wind shot past her face. Ye Ling subconsciously looked back and the two men behind her had fallen down.

She thought her courage was pretty bold before, but now that she saw two men fall down in front of her with blood seeping out of their foreheads, she wanted to scream and dash into Ye Mo’s arms without thinking.

Ye Mo patted the shaking Ye Ling and sighed, life was really hard on her. She was really scared but still gritted her teeth and dealt with people like Gu Luo. In fact, no matter what deal she made, she couldn’t escape her eventual death.

Even if Gu Luo wasn’t Song Shaochen’s man, he would still kill Ye Ling eventually to keep her mouth shut and prevent revenge by the Ye Family. Other than Gu Luo’s side, Ye Ling would still die if the Ye Family knew what Ye Ling did.

“Ye-Ye Mo… I know you’re really powerful, if you just let me go… I’m willing to give back the Dragon Balls and other things…” Song Shaochen seemed to be reminding himself that Ye Mo didn’t dare to kill him now, and he needed to stay calm. But when the words got to his mouth, he was already shaking.