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139 Sister Ye Ling

Chapter 139: Sister Ye Ling

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“Sorry, Brother Ye, I was being impolite.” Zhuo Yanqing realized after her explanation that she shouldn’t have explained anything.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “Don’t talk these nonsense, hurry up and take me to Ye Ling.”

Hua University wasn’t far from where Zhuo Aiguo lived and was only a few minutes walk away. Although Zhuo Yangqing looked calm when she was walking with Ye Mo, she wasn’t calm on the inside at all.

Almost everyone knew about Ye Mo in Beijing. Even the normal citizens heard about Ye Mo. Due to that reason and realization that he wasn’t of Ye Family blood, he was kicked out of the Ye Family and was the laughingstock of the people for a while.

Even Zhuo Yangqing and her roommates would often talk about it. Although she didn’t say it, her dorm mates often talked about it.

Every time she heard about it, she wanted to laugh, but she realized that the person she wanted to find was Ye Mo and almost couldn’t believe herself. At this moment, she almost thought she was looking for the wrong person and subconsciously looked at Ye Mo’s crotch.

Luckily, Ye Mo didn’t mind but she immediately felt it wasn’t right. This Ye Mo had no similarity to the Ye Mo in the stories.

The Ye Mo in front of her not only had clear eyes, his manner was also generous and very at ease. The features of his face was defined. He was nothing like the stories. With his medical skills, he was almost the perfect man. He just asked for money too much, and this was the only similar part.

After all, Zhuo Yangqing came from a big family and immediately thought of the family competition. It seemed that all those stories were fake. The main reason was to kick Ye Mo out of the Ye Family. Thinking about this, Zhuo Yangqing suddenly came to a realization and almost looked at Ye Mo’s crotch again, but luckily she resisted that urge.

It should be family competition. Ye Mo was a sacrificial goat kicked out of the Ye Family due to the competition. It seemed that every big family was the same.

“Brother Ye, you still haven’t eaten yet. There’s a canteen in our school where you can cook. I’ll cook a few dishes and we can eat together?”

Ye Mo looked at the door of the university. Indeed, he hadn’t eaten yet. Just when he wanted to agree, a voice called out before him.

“Yangqing, I was going to call you, you actually came to uni… Who is he?” The owner of the voice saw Ye Mo on the side. This was a tall handsome man, but he looked at Ye Mo with alert eyes as though feeling Ye Mo was a threat.

Zhuo Yangqing looked awkwardly at Ye Mo on the side and turned to say, “Qin Xun, what do you want?”

Qin Xun seemed to forget what he was going to say and stared at them in shock. Hearing Zhuo Yangqing’s words, he reacted and immediately said, “Yangqing, you still haven’t said who he is?”

Zhuo Yangqing’s face turned red and replied, “Qin Xun, who do you think you are to me, why do I need to report to you about my friend?”

“You are my girlfriend.” Qin Xun never would have thought Zhuo Yangqing would talk to him in such a manner and subconsciously said.

“You… Qin Xun, when did I say I was your girlfriend? Where did you hear that?” Zhuo Yangqing seemed to be angered by his words. Qin Xu had been chasing her fiercely recently. She also had a good impression of him, but although she was interested, she never agreed to be his girlfriend. Although she knew that if this continued, then perhaps one day, she would be his girlfriend. But now that he said it, she was very angry.

Qin Xun seemed to not expect Zhuo Yangqing would say this. Although they haven’t had any solid development, she would rarely reject when he asked her out for food or a walk. Now, she brought a guy into the school and talked to her in this tone. Qin Xun was very sensitive to this, and his face was immediately bright red.

Looking at Qin Xun who acted like an angry rooster, Zhuo Yangqing sighed and lost all good impression of him.

“Zhuo Yangqing, you... Then why do you not reject every time I asked you out? And…” Qin Xun’s words attracted the gaze of the other students.

Zhuo Yangqing’s face was flustered. She didn’t think Qin Xun was someone so impetuous. Looking at how more and more people were spectating, Zhuo Yangqing said apologetically to Ye Mo, “Brother Ye, wait for me a bit, I’ll deal with this issue.”

She didn’t wait for Ye Mo’s reply and said to Qin Xun, “Qin Xun, come with me.”

Ye Mo smiled; he found that most of the students spent their time on this. He thought about himself. He was about the same age as him, but he didn’t even have enough time for cultivation. Perhaps different pursuit led to a different view on life.

He didn’t have the same pursuit as them. He thought about his pursuit and thought that perhaps he was the only one who had this pursuit in this world. At this instance, Ye Mo felt loneliness.

Zhuo Yangqing worriedly looked back at Ye Mo and found that Ye Mo was still there waiting for her. Then, she gasped a sigh of relief but she immediately felt this extremely lonely and bored sense from Ye Mo that made her lose herself for a moment.

Seeing Zhuo Yangqing still look back after leaving with him, Qin Xun’s face got worse.

Although Ye Mo was very famous in Beijing, no one could really recognize him standing at the door of the uni.

A high heeled girl walked from the campus to a Porsche parked outside the gate. Just when she walked to it, a young man got off and helped her open the door.

The moment the girl walked into the car, Ye Mo felt this girl was familiar.

“The car picking up Ye Ling today changed again, it’s really good to be rich,” a voice sounded beside Ye Mo and Ye Mo immediately realized that this girl was Ye Ling.

At this moment, the Porsche had started. Ye Mo followed it without hesitation. The Porsche didn’t go far off and stopped at an entertainment center ten minutes later.

Ye Mo frowned, why did Ye Ling come there? Although Ye Mo didn’t like Ye Ling that much, Ye Ling was still related to him by blood and he felt uncomfortable seeing her come here. He felt that a girl going to this sort of place didn’t know self-love.

Ye Mo followed but saw that people needed VIP cards at the door. Ye Mo knew he didn’t have this. Seeing Ye Ling disappear in the stairway, Ye Mo used invisibility and went inside.

Ye Ling and two men went into room 409 and the door was immediately closed. Ye Mo didn’t go in and just followed with his spirit sense. There was already two men inside. Seeing Ye Ling come in, the man in the middle threw his cigarette into the ashtray and smiled, “Ms. Ye is really gorgeous.”

Ye Ling sat down and looked at the man who spoke; she spoke after a while, “Speak, what do you want this time.”

The man lit up another cigarette and said slowly, “First, stay with me one night, and of course, you also need to stay with Brother Cheng one night. Second, there’s a jade necklace in your house, I want…”

Before the man finished talking, Ye Ling stood up and said, “Keep dreaming.” And she turned to leave.

The man didn’t stop her seeing her get up to leave and just said, “You know that the Ye Family hopes your two brothers to die. Do you think there’s a point going back to tell your family? I, Gu Luo, am credible in my business. I’ll tell you that if it wasn’t for me, then that Ye Mo would’ve been killed ages ago. If you don’t agree to my conditions, then that Ye Zifeng will be killed too. Oh perhaps not killed, but that consequence, I believe you would understand.”

“Bullsh*t, even if I die, I won’t agree to your conditions.” Ye Ling’s face was looked bad.

*Clap clap* “Okay, okay, not bad. I love a little chilly like you. Ye Mo, that bastard, killed people from the Song Family, so I’ll make his little sister pay under my crotch, haha.”

“Young Master Cheng, you’re here?” Gu Luo saw the clapping youth and immediately stood up as though not expecting he would suddenly appear.

“Song Shaocheng, it’s you.” Ye Ling saw the person who just walked in was Song Shaocheng and was shocked. She didn’t think that Gu Luo she went for help with was related to the Song Family.

But soon, Ye Ling quickly reacted and stared at Gu Luo with hatred. “Gu Luo, you knew Ye Lu, how are you the Song Family’s man? You cheated me and Ye Lu.”

Gu Luo laughed and said, “Ye Lu, hmph, you overestimate him. Is he worth me cheating? He’s quick to suck up to me. I’ll tell you, I’ve always been Young Master Chen’s men. Ye Lu, of course, knew it. Ye Mo, that useless trash, is not worth us killing. But of course, when I was going to make a move, he had ran, otherwise, did you still think there would be still be a Ye Mo in this world.”