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Chapter 138: Eye

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Li Hu’s phone was off. Ye Mo didn’t know if he came back from the desert or went on another mission. Ye Mo could only get out the phone and call Zhuo Aiguo, but he couldn’t reach through as well.

Luckily, Ye Mo knew where Zhuo Aiguo lived and called a taxi to there.

As soon as Ye Mo reached that small region, Zhuo Aiguo’s phone called back. When he heard it was Ye Mo calling, he was excited. However, he wasn’t in Beijing now and took his son and wife to America. He promised Ye Mo that he would be able to come back tomorrow.

Ye Mo hung up the phone in disappointment. It seemed that he should’ve called them before he came. Li Hu could just transfer the money, but how was he going to treat Zhuo Aiguo’s son if he didn’t see him.

Since Zhuo Aiguo could only come back tomorrow, Ye Mo could only find a place to live first for the night. At the same time, Ye Mo wondered if he should go see Ye Zifeng.

A few people looking like students walked over, and Ye Mo didn’t notice them. He walked up to a vending machine and wanted to buy a bottle of water. He felt his pocket and realized he had no coins. This machine seemed to only take coins. Ye Mo could only shake his head and go to a nearby supermarket.

But at this moment, an arm blocked Ye Mo’s way. Ye Mo reacted and grabbed that wrist, but before he used much force, the owner of the wrist yelled out.

The students surrounded him immediately.

Ye Mo calmed down and noticed that the one stopping him was a girl, so he quickly let go her. He looked closely at the girl only to realize that he had actually seen her before.

“Hey, what the hell? I just wanted to ask you something.” The girl had tears circulating in her eyes and was obviously not happy with Ye Mo’s reaction. The few male students had come up, and by the looks of it, if Ye Mo said anything wrong, they would attack him immediately.

Ye Mo smiled and said, “You’re asking the wrong person, I just came to Beijing.”

The girl rubbed her wrist before looking at Ye Mo again and saying, “I’ve definitely seen you before, your eyes are too familiar. Your eyes are very beautiful, it’s definitely you, right…”

Ye Mo was speechless; the girl’s friends were also speechless. She’s been rambling for so long but still didn’t say who Ye Mo was. However, she kept talking about his eye.

However, Ye Mo knew that this girl recognized him. He didn’t think he would still be recognized even when he wore a face mask. This girl was the Qing Er he met at Li Kang hospital. She and her grandpa came to the hospital, and her grandpa was poisoned by purple coral. However, Ye Mo just saved his life for three years and didn’t cure it completely.

“Yang Qing, are you infatuated? What eyes? Do you think this is a drama?” a girl beside Zhuo Yangqing said.

Zhuo Yangqing was already sure that this young man was the person who cured her grandpa at the hospital and even took her $50k. It has been a year and according to what Ye Mo said, her grandpa only had 3 years to live. She dreamed day and night to see Ye Mo again.

She had been to Ning Hai and Li Kang countless times. She even got to know everyone who worked there but still couldn’t find Ye Mo. It was because before, Ye Mo had a face mask, so his eyes were set in more and more in Zhuo Yangqing’s head. She would even dream of that bright pair of eyes. She was confident that as soon as he saw those eyes, she would be able to recognize him. And, she really did see him today.

Zhuo Yangqing was clueless in her speech and grabbed Ye Mo’s sleeve; she was afraid Ye Mo would suddenly disappear again. She desperately asked, “Tell me, are you the doctor who helped me grandpa at Li Kang hospital?”

Ye Mo nodded helplessly and said, “Yes, I believe you grandpa is fine right?”

Ye Mo was quite confident in his medical skills. He did not believe that something happened to the girl’s grandpa in less than 3 years.

“No, no, my grandpa is fine. I’ve been looking for you at Ning Hai countless times and I actually found you. I’m so happy, so happy…” Zhuo Yangqing’s expression was getting chaotic. In her heart, if she found Ye Mo, then it meant her grandpa would be saved.

“Then can you let go first.” Ye Mo looked speechlessly at Zhuo Yangqing.

“Oh, okay, okay…” Zhuo Yangqing still nervously stared at Ye Mo after letting go. She was scared that Ye Mo would disappear as soon as she didn’t pay attention.

“Yangqing, do you still want me to go to live with you at your third uncle’s house. If not, I’m going back to school with Wang Fei and them,” a short girl reminded Zhuo Yangqing.

Zhuo Yangqing had calmed down now and quickly said, “No need, thank you, Fang Fang, I have things to do now.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Those youth looked at Ye Mo a few times and bid Yangqing farewell.

Ye Mo knew this girl wanted him to go cure her grandpa’s disease, and he was 3rd Stage Chi Gathering now, so it was very easy to cure her grandpa.

“Hello doctor, I’m Zhuo Yangqing, you should know why I wanted to find you so desperately. After you treated my grandpa last time, my grandpa had been well and is still very healthy. My whole family is looking for you, but we couldn’t find you. Now that I met you, this is really luck amongst luck.” Although Zhuo Yangqing had calmed down, she was still excited.

Ye Mo estimated that it was 6-7pm now, and he didn’t have any medical equipment. He originally planned to go buy it after getting the money from Li Hu, but he couldn’t reach him.

Seeing Ye Mo didn’t talk, Zhuo Yangqing worriedly said, “Doctor, this time, my aunties are all at home, so you can have as much money as you want. As long as you cure my grandpa.”

In Zhuo Yangqing’s eyes, Ye Mo was a doctor who only looked at money. In other words, he had no medical ethics. He would cure as long as there was money.

Ye Mo smiled and didn’t argue. Before, he asked for money so vigorously because he really had nothing on him and he needed money desperately for cultivation. Now, he wasn’t so worried, but it was natural to be paid for treating diseases. If he was going to help the girl’s grandpa, of course he would charge money.

“Okay, give me your number. After I’m done with my errands tomorrow, I’ll call you. I’m busy today.” Ye Mo had decided to go visit Ye Zifeng. After all, when he was at school, Wang Ying gave him quite a lot of help. Not that he thought about it, Wang Ying probably helped him due to Ye Zifeng.

Indeed, the only person who didn’t hate him in the Ye Family was Ye Zifeng.

“Huh, what if you disappear again, then I would regret it my whole life. I don’t know what your name is,” Zhuo Yangqing subconsciously said.

Ye Mo frowned/ “I’m busy now, are you going to follow me?”

Zhuo Yangqing fearfully looked at Ye Mo. She was scared that Ye Mo was just going to leave, and she would never find him again. Seeing that Ye Mo was about to turn and leave, she quickly said once again, “Didn’t you say you just got to Beijing? I’m familiar with the place, so I can take you wherever you want to go.” Then, Zhuo Yangqing seemed to feel this was a good idea and said, “Yes, I’ll be your guide.”

Ye Mo thought that he indeed wasn’t familiar with Beijing and didn’t even know where the Ye Family was. Zhuo Yangqing’s suggestion was good.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo nodded and said, “Okay, do you know how to get to the Ye Family. I’m looking for Ye Zifeng. If you don’t know it, then don’t worry.”

“Ye Zifeng, I’ve heard of him, but I only know where his sister is,” Zhuo Yangqing immediately said.

Ye Zifeng’s sister, wasn’t she Ye Ling? She was his sister too. Although her attitude to him was bad, but Wang Ying helped him due to her. If he could find Ye Ling, he could be able to see Ye Zifeng.

Although Ye Mo didn’t know the exact reason he was kicked out of the Ye Family, if he could be framed, so could Ye Zifeng. If Ye Zifeng needed his help, he could bring him to Luo Cang and learn medicine with him.

“You know Ye Ling?” Ye Mo casually asked.

Zhuo Yangqing immediately said, “You know her name, so that means you really know her. Ye Ling is the school queen of our uni. Of course I know her.” She didn’t say she was one of the school queens and was ranked higher.

Ye Mo nodded. “Okay, then take me to your uni and find Ye Ling.”

Ye Mo thought that if could find Ye Ling, he could find Ye Zifeng.

Zhuo Yangqing didn’t mind and said, “Okay, let’s go. I’ll take you to her. By the way, I don’t know your name yet.”

“I’m Ye Mo,” after Ye Mo said that, he realized Zhuo Yangqing stared at him for a long time, and then she looked at Ye Mo’s under part.

Ye Mo couldn’t help but touch his nose and feel speechless. Zhuo Yanqing’s cute and innocent impression in his mind was lost. The girls nowadays were really bold.

Obviously, Zhuo Yangqing also heard of Ye Mo’s name and knew he was impotent, but probably no one knew that ever since Ye Mo came back from the desert, he was no longer impotent. His meridian was cleared as soon as he reached stage 3. Now, he was strong as ever.

Zhuo Yangqing seemed to notice her impoliteness and quickly looked up with a blushed face.