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137 Fang Nan’s Lackey

Chapter 137: Fang Nan’s Lackey

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Ye Mo wasn’t someone who liked to spend money and was even very conservative. But for places that he should spend money on, he wasn’t stingy. Although there were a lot of high star hotels in Beijing, the prices were too high. He only had $20k and that wasn’t enough for two nights.

So, the first thing Ye Mo did after getting off the plane wasn’t to find a place to live but to buy a phone. It was too inconvenient to call Li Hu using public payphones, plus a phone didn’t cost that much. He didn’t buy it before because he didn’t need it, but now that he did, he would go buy one.

Ye Mo didn’t have much requirements for a phone; as long as it could be used to call, he didn’t mind if it had other functions. But when he walked into a phone shop, he was dazzled by the variety of phones.

He really didn’t want to spend time picking a phone or brand.

“Handsome, what phone do you want?” Ye Mo looked around, and just when he didn’t know what to do, the counter girl greeted him.

Ye Mo looked at this sweet looking girl and thought these business people really knew how to talk. No matter how the person looked, the male would be handsome, and the female would be beautiful.

“Help me get a phone.”As soon as Ye Mo spoke, he found that not only the girl held her mouth with her hand, but even the people on the side looked at him in surprise. Some of them wanted to laugh.

But the counter girl immediately resisted and asked, “What brand do you what? What style?”

Ye Mo knew what they were laughing about, but he didn’t know a thing about phones and could only say, “I don’t have a requirement for brand; as long as it can call clearly, then it would be fine.”

It was a hillbilly, the people around understood. This ordinary looking youth was a hillbilly. People who bought phones now cared least about calling capabilities. People sought after high pixels, internet speed and looks.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, the girl no longer had her previous enthusiasm. Any phone could call; there were ones for 2 or 3 hundred dollars, but she wouldn’t be able to earn off that.

Ye Mo knew what she was thinking just by looking at her but didn’t care. Who didn’t want to earn money?

However, Ye Mo didn’t notice that someone at the corner of the shop stared at him for a while before mumbling, “It’s Ye Mo, he came to Beijing.” Then, the person ran out of the shop quickly.

The girl took an old styled Nokia from behind the counter and said to Ye Mo, “This Nokia is quite clear for calls and it’s cheap. It’s just that the appearance and other functions are a bit worse off. This one is $550.”

Although there were 2 to 3 hundreds, but the girl still wanted to earn some money. She would see if Ye Mo would take it; if he thought that was expensive, she would lower the price.

Ye Mo nodded, took out $1000 and presented it to the girl, “I’ll have this one. Use the rest to get a card for me and charge it up.

The girl couldn’t react for a long time, she didn’t expect this young man to have some money. If she knew this, she would’ve gave him a more expensive model.

Thinking about this, the girl quickly said, “Sir, there are better phones, do you want…?”

Before she could say more, Ye Mo interrupted and said, “Hurry up and do it, I’m busy.”

“Stop, don’t leave.” A voice beside Ye Mo called out. Ye Mo turned around and saw a shop personnel pulling a youth in his twenties. The youth had a face full of worry with one hand holding a water bottle.

Ye Mo fazed because he knew this youth. When he was at Flowing Snake, he saw this youth behind Fang Nan. He should be Fang Nan’s lackey, so why did he appear at Beijing’s shop.

“Brother Ye.” This youth obviously knew Ye Mo and stopped struggling.

Ye Mo walked over and looked at the personnel. “What’s going on?”

Although Ye Mo didn’t wear famous brands, he had his temperament. The personnel saw that the youth knew Ye Mo, so he let the youth go and pointed at him. “He broke our TV and I’m making him pay. He says he didn’t do it.”

“I…” The youth didn’t rebuke.

“Just then, he poured his water into the TV ,and the TV got short circuited. I saw it with my own eyes,” The worker immediately said.

Ye Mo looked at the youth’s pale face and knew the worker was telling the truth. He didn’t know what the youth was doing in Beijing, but if he was doing errands for Fang Nan, then he didn’t mind helping him solve the problem. After all, Fang Nan also helped Ning Qingxue last time.

“What are you doing here?” Ye Mo asked.

The youth showed hesitance and looked around as though saying this wasn’t the place to talk.

Ye Mo looked at the worker and said, “How much is the TV, I’ll pay you.”

“$5.3k.” The worker pointed at the sign.

Ye Mo didn’t even bother to argue and just gave the worker $5.3k and took the phone. He didn’t even take the receipt and said to the youth, “Let’s go.”

He took the youth to a fast food restaurant and ordered two coffees as he signalled the youth to sit down. He didn’t know the youth’s name.

The youth seemed to know this and said as soon as he sat down, “Brother Ye, I’m Xiao Huo. I’ve been following Brother Nan, you should’ve seen me.”

Ye Mo saw this Xiao Huo was over 20 and couldn’t understand why he did something so immature.

“What’s going on? Did Fang Nan send you?” Ye Mo asked. He saw that Xiao Huo hadn’t washed his clothes for a long time. It seemed that he didn’t have a good time in Beijing.

Xiao Huo’s eyes were red and said, “I wasn’t sent by Brother Nan. Brother Nan was almost killed and his legs are injured. He can’t get up. He’s no longer in Flowing Snake but hiding in a small town at the border of Vietnam. I snuck to Beijing. I brought something to Beijing to sell, but I was caught and lost everything.

“The person who took my things seemed to want to keep it for himself and didn’t investigate my origins and just let me go.”

Ye Mo understood why Xiao Huo was so worried when he was caught by the shop worker. If the police came and his origins were investigated, then he would probably go to jail. Who would have a clean record coming from Flowing Snake?

But Fang Nan almost being killed and getting kicked out of Flowing Snake took Ye Mo by surprise. He had already paved the way in Flowing Snake, and there were basically no strong power factions. Why would Fang Nan still be kicked out? And last time, when Ning Qingxue went to Flowing Snake, he still seemed to be the big boss in Flowing Snake.

Seeing Ye Mo’s confused expression, Xiao Huo hurried and said, “Last time when your wife went to Flowing Snake, Brother Nan had a conflict due to her things and broke Shi Wei’s legs and kicked him out of Flowing Snake. Brother Nan thought that although Shi Wei was from the Amphibious Gang, he only needed to pay some money. But this Shi Wei was influential and made the Amphibious Gang annihilate our Pu Dao Gang.

“Brother Nan was almost killed. We lost a lot of brothers in that battle, Brother Nan was heavily injured and taken out of Flowing Snake by us. Now, we’re hiding in a small town by the border. Because we didn’t have much money and didn’t dare to do any business, I brought something to Beijing to sell but my thing was confiscated and I was almost caught,”

Ye Mo curiously asked, “Why do you have to come to Beijing to sell? And why did you look for trouble in the shop.”

Xiao Huo looked down for a while before saying, “Because I didn’t have money and felt depressed. I’ve been wandering around the shop, but the TV was talking about amphibians. I hate the word amphibians. I saw there was no one on the side, so I tipped the water into the TV, but I was still seen.”

Ye Mo was speechless. This Xiao Huo was indeed from Flowing Snake; he could find such an absurd reason. However, since Fang Nan helped Ning Qingxue and was almost killed due to her, Ye Mo had to help him no matter what.

He just didn’t know where this Amphibious Gang popped out from. But since he wasn’t even afraid of Nan Qing, he wouldn’t be afraid of this Amphibious Gang. Thinking about this, he gave 1$0k to Xiao Huo and said, “Go back first, tell Fang Nan to heal up. This thing started because of me, so I will go back and avenge him. When I’m done with the things in Beijing, I will go there.”

Xiao Huo stood up in joy. If Ye Mo said he was going to help, then things would be all good. Although he wanted to reject the $10k, but he really didn’t have any money, so he could only take it.

Ye Mo sent Xiao Huo away and walked out of the shop and just realized the sky was dark.

He only had a few thousand dollars on him now, but he didn’t mind because he was soon going to take back the $500k of debt. However, he didn’t expect Fang Nan to be kicked out by the Amphibious Gang, this gang seemed quite big.

He shook his head and took out the phone. He wanted to call Li Hu.