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134 Change of Mind

Chapter 134: Change of Mind

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Wu Qiang was more shocked; when he was kicked away by Ye Mo, he kept his attention on whether Ye Mo would shoot out the nail. He had already seen it once when Ye Mo attacked Qian Longtou.

Even if he focused all of his attention, that metal nail still almost hit him. If he didn’t have that killing move, then he would perhaps be dead.

He didn’t think his killing move was just to block one nail from him. He didn’t even have time to attack Ye Mo. This Ye Mo was absurdly strong—so much stronger than he expected. Although he hadn’t even used 10% of his leg power, but he knew he was no match for Ye Mo.

If things continued like this, death would be the only thing that awaited him. Leave, he had to leave now.

Ye Mo saw that his metal nail was actually blocked by Wu Qiang and felt surprised. Although it wasn’t as fast as a bullet, but it wasn’t too far off. However, it was still blocked by Wu Qiang! Suddenly, the white light from Wu Qiang’s sleeve flashed once again.

The white light split into more than ten rays which converged towards Ye Mo. Even Ye Mo felt a little threatened.

Although Wu Qiang’s white light was very fast, it had nowhere to hide under Ye Mo’s spirit sense. It was a small knife. He didn’t think the knife could split into so many white blades. It seemed the knife was specifically made. Perhaps this was his killing move.

Ye Mo raised both his hands as his chi surged. These white blades were all covered by his chi in front of him.

Bang, at the same time, Wu Qiang had ran to the window place. He didn’t even have the time to kick and just rammed with his head.

Ye Mo sneered, and the white light in his hands were thrown back to Wu Qiang.

Wu Qiang coughed but soon disappeared. However, Ye Mo wasn’t worried. He knew that the blades he threw back had struck Wu Qiang’s leg in a few places. No matter how strong Wu Qiang’s leg was, the blades would still break his tendons. Although Wu Qiang had escaped outside of the range of his spirit sense, Ye Mo didn’t care.

The blades that Ye Mo shot back not only severed Wu Qiang’s leg tendons, but they would also gradually dissipate the life force on his legs. In other words, although Wu Qiang escaped, his legs would be disabled.

For someone who had all his power on his legs, Ye Mo couldn’t be bothered to care after his legs were debilitated. He just stared at Qian Longtou. Qian Longtou didn’t have Wu Qiang’s power to run through windows.

Lang Ji had already beaten Li Sandao to the ground but didn’t kill him. At this moment, Lang Ji wanted to kill Qian Longtou more than Ye Mo. Even the other few members of Nan Qing in the meeting were also killed by Lang Ji.

Qian Longtou stared at Ye Mo with a pale face and said after a while, “If it wasn’t for Lang Ji, this traitor, I have an army of a few thousand. Would I be scared of you?”

Ye Mo walked a few steps and sat down. “It is useless to mobilize your army against me. That would just cause more death. Did you think you could trap me in the sea? You overestimate yourself. To me, your army is no different to a few chickens and dogs. I originally planned for you to live a few days extra, but I didn’t expect you to seek death. You dare to look for trouble with me again.”

Then Ye Mo shook his head.

Lang Ji stared at Qian Longtou with hatred. If Ye Mo wasn’t here, he would’ve have already charged on him already. But for Ye Mo, he had a deep fear. He knew no matter who he was, Ye Mo could kill him as easy as killing an ant.

Qian Longtou gasped and suddenly felt like he had met the end of his road. Perhaps he looked glorious, but the person who really did what he want in Nan Qing was Dongfang Xi. He did many things after listening to Dongfang Xi’s words. If it wasn’t for his plans, then perhaps he really would’ve been scared by the news Lang Ji brought back.

Or perhaps even if Dongfang Xi persuaded him to run, he wouldn’t believe his words. Qian Longtou had regretted challenging Ye Mo, but everything was too late now.

At this moment, he wanted kill Dongfang Xi more than Ye Mo, but he knew Ye Mo wouldn’t let him go.

“If you let me go, I’m willing to satisfy you with all my wealth. I was blinded and dared to challenge you. I just want to kill Dongfang Xi who betrayed me and left.” If there was a regretting medicine, Qian Longtou would rather be a turtle than act against Ye Mo. He never expected the world to have someone as horrifying as Ye Mo. Even people from the ancient martial arts wouldn’t be so arrogant when facing his army.

Xian Taoist was pretty strong and perhaps even on par with Ye Mo, but he didn’t dare to do anything to him. Although he couldn’t do anything to Xian Daoist either, he still had the power to fend him off. But facing Ye Mo, he realized perhaps even Xian Daoist was no match for him unless Xian Daoist could breakthrough.

Hearing Qian Longtou’s words, Ye Mo’s heart moved. He wasn’t going to let Qian Longtou go, but he thought of something else. This Nan Qing had great power and wealth. If he could use it to help him find spirit grass, that would be great. Moreover, the people he could use right now was only Lang Ji.

Thinking about this, he looked at Lang Ji and said, “Do what you need to do, after that, I need to have a talk with you.”

Lang Ji had been waiting for a long time. Now that Ye Mo made the call, he didn’t hesitate at all and kicked. Qian Longtou would’ve never thought that he would die under the foot of his trusted man, Lang Ji. Before he died, even the person he thought he could trust the most, Dongfang Xi, betrayed him.

Seeing Lang Ji kill Qian Longtou, Ye Mo looked at Li Sandao. He didn’t ask Lang Ji how to deal with him. Although Lang Ji was accepted by Ye Mo and he was also one of the powerhouses of Nan Qing, it wouldn’t be so easy for him to stabilize his rule.

In Ye Mo’s opinion, Lang Ji shouldn’t have killed these few old men in the meeting. Instead, he should’ve made them surrender. But since Lang Ji killed them, Ye Mo didn’t care. How to grasp power was Lang Ji’s problem, not Ye Mo’s.

As for the internal battle, it didn’t concern him if Lang Ji was killed. Nan Qing including Lang Ji weren’t good people. So what if they died. The more they fought, the more died, the better. But no matter what they did, as long as they didn’t annoy him, he wouldn’t care about them.

“Brother Ye, please give me orders, my life is yours from now on.” After killing Qian Longtou, Lang Ji suddenly felt the gloominess in his heart dissipate.

Of course, Ye Mo wouldn’t believe Lang Ji’s words. For people like him, their own lives mattered the most. Ye Mo just sneered inside when Lang Ji said those words. However, he believed that Lang Ji no longer dared to hunt him or anything. If he did, then he would come back and send him to hell.

“After you are done dealing with these things, I have some things I need you to do, but I haven’t cleared them out yet. I’m going to Beijing immediately. When I come back, we’ll go to that house and tell you the things I need you to do. If you can do it well, I don’t mind curing your hands. If I’m unsatisfied, then don’t expect me to treat you,” Ye Mo blandly said. He wouldn’t help Lang Ji up his power and treat his hands for no reason. Even if he were to treat his hand, that would depend on how much help Lang Ji is to him.

Lang Ji could only nod to agree.

“Okay, you need to organize Nan Qing now, I won’t manage it. Do what you like, I’m going.” Afterwards, Ye Mo turned and left. As for whether Lang Ji could really control Nan Qing, that was his business.

Of course, Lang Ji knew Ye Mo was testing his ability. If he really couldn’t take control of Nan Qing, then to Ye Mo, he would have no value.

Although he knew Ye Mo’s idea, Lang Ji didn’t dare to disagree. He quickly told Black Snake to send Ye Mo to the airport.


Of course, Chi Youjun didn’t get any result in the investigation at Luo Cang. Not only did Nan Qing’s men disappear, even Metal River’s men seemed to know something was happening at Luo Cang and left.

But unexpectedly, Ning Qingxue, who was originally planning to leave, stayed. Although Chi Wanqing didn’t know for what reason, she didn’t want Ning Qingxue to leave. If she was by herself, she could only go back to the military. This life was too much of a torture for her.

“Qingxue, who do you think is trying to capture us two?” Chi Wanqing believed it could be related to Ye Mo, but she wasn’t too sure.

Ning Qingxue thought and said with certainty, “It should be due to Ye Mo because both of us are related to him. These people probably want to capture us to threaten him.”

“So you don’t want to leave Luo Cang because you’re afraid you would be captured by these people and be used to threaten Brother Ye?” Chi Wanqing wasn’t stupid. Seeing Ning Qingxue say with such certainty their abduction was related to Ye Mo, she could think of why Ning Qingxue wanted to stay.

“Mhm.” Ning Qingxue nodded. “I owe him too much, and I’ve been dragging him down. Even the Song Family’s hunt on him was due to me, and he almost lost his life. If I’m captured by his enemies again, he would definitely be affected. When I go back to Yu State, I would be living with my mother. It won’t be as safe as with you. At least there’s Little Wolf’s protection here. I can’t burden him anymore. Past mistakes are in the past, but if I’m still going to make mistakes, then even I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.” Ning Qingxue’s tone seemed distant.

Seeing Chi Wanqing look at her in surprise, Ning Qingxue continued, “He’s a man with great abilities. I just didn’t know before. I’m thinking if those people are targeting him due to this, but regardless, if he had no worries, it would be better.”

Ning Qingxue thought about Ye Mo’s pills and the protection beads he made as well as those runic charms. For the first time, she felt she was far from understanding Ye Mo.